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Tamaki's Beloved Princess [ OHSHC Fanfic] -On Hold- by Hime_chan10
Tamaki's Beloved Princess [ Morinozuka Hime
12/27/2017: #739 in Fanfiction Sofia de Grantaine is the beloved cousin of Rene Tamaki Richard de Grantaine Suoh. Sofia's father is the older brother of Tamaki's mother...
Kitty cats and the color pink: OHSHC  by ZoloWrites
Kitty cats and the color pink: Spill the tea ☕️
For the past few years, Hiromi Fujioka has been in the hospital, recovering from a bad accident. But now she's finally free again. The first thing she did when she got d...
Big Sister Fujioka: Manga Edition by hostclubmanager17
Big Sister Fujioka: Manga Editionby hostclubmanager17
The Host Club was entertaining with just ONE Fujioka girl, but what would've happened if there had been TWO? Back by popular demand, come meet Jin Fujioka for a second t...
Hugs And Kisses (( Mitsukuni Haninozuka OHSHC Romance )) by MocaAngel
Hugs And Kisses (( Mitsukuni MocaAngel
Fall in love with the cute love story of Mitsukuni Haninozuka and Mimi Yuko. Both alike and different. Smile for all your favorite characters and some new ones for a new...
Haruhis sister by Mayanater
Haruhis sisterby Mymy
Your starting ouran in your second year your 17 But you have a secret You have a daughter When Haruhi brings you to the host club someone recognizes you Will you be a...
Ouran high school host club (fan fiction) by monsterm21
Ouran high school host club (fan monsterm21
Kina Aido was just neighbors with Honey and Mori, until they enrolled her in Ouran High. Where all things are crazy and weird. Not Complete UNDER CONSTRUCTION *20...
Dark humour (OHSHC- Honeyxoc) by justapassbyer
Dark humour (OHSHC- Honeyxoc)by justapassbyer
Delilah Hernandez is a 3rd year at Ouran Academy and is also Haruhis best friend of 11 years. Haruhi forced Dalilah to come to the host club to meet the host's. She quic...
Holy HostClub! How Did I Get Here?! ( OHSHC Various x modern!reader ) by AstroLeap
Holy HostClub! How Did I Get AstroLeap
(y/n)(l/n) is a fairly average girl. She is 14 years old, about to turn 15 tomorrow. She enjoys singing, drawing, and, of course, video games and anime. One of her favor...
The Words We Couldn't Say (Kyoya Ootori x Reader)  by IamAliciaSten
The Words We Couldn't Say (Kyoya AliciaSten
You are Suoh (Name), the twin sister of Suoh Tamaki. You've been hosting with your brother and some great friends for years. When a girl, Fujioka Haruhi comes in the pic...
The Manager [ OHSHC Fanfic] -On Hold- by Hime_chan10
The Manager [ OHSHC Fanfic] -On Morinozuka Hime
There is someone that helps the Host Club in the background. She isn't mention much because she doesn't want no one to know that she works for the Host Club as their man...
Lost Song | male reader insert by 101_classified
Lost Song | male reader insertby 101
F/n l/n is the heir to the l/n talent agency, one of the most popular talent agencies in Japan and one of the few that has branches in America and Canada. He's also a me...
The Waiter by SkyVeldora871
The Waiterby SkyVeldora871
You were a male with the soul of a female soldier, your older sister said. You were the mother or father of every school you went to. You were their so called Angel. In...
Big Sister Fujioka by hostclubmanager17
Big Sister Fujiokaby hostclubmanager17
3rd place winner of the 2017-18 Writer of the Year Award! The Host Club was entertaining with just ONE Fujioka girl... but what would've happened if there had been TWO...
OHSHC x male oc     (The Artistic Type) by peileen20
OHSHC x male oc (The paige
First year, Louis, recently moved to Japan in order to get away from his life in France. He gets into OHS on a scholarship in Art. Little did he know that the mischief a...
Ohshc boyfriend scenarios  by Mayanater
Ohshc boyfriend scenarios by Mymy
Lol just read My friend asked for this so here I go (You can request stuff but if I don't wanna do it I won't either it's difficult or I'm to lazy)
Ouran Highschool Host Club Preferences/Scenarios by My_Current_Obsession
Ouran Highschool Host Club Lex
Hey! I'm Ali. Also known as My_Current_Obsession! I'm the author of this book and I LOVE Ouran! It's probably one of my favorite shows :3 but anyways, this book is of a...
Ouran one shots by Mayanater
Ouran one shotsby Mymy
My friends gave me the idea so I'm doing it You can request stories
Painting the Ouran Host Club in Color (OHSHC) by kate_inspired
Painting the Ouran Host Club in Kate_inspired
Louis Alexander Mercier got expelled from all the private schools in France. His parents sent him to Japan to go to Ouran. He vowed to himself not to go through the same...
Tamaki's little sister (Ouran OHSHC fanfic) (Honey) (Completed) by kate_inspired
Tamaki's little sister (Ouran Kate_inspired
Blonde hair and blue eyes. The symbol of elegance. The Suou family is very proud about the beauty of the family. But does anyone remember Suki? The girl that's Tamaki's...