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He Changed [Rewrite On Another Account] by LonelyFujoshi3984
He Changed [Rewrite On Another FlilyOtaku(Hiatus)
I moved to my other account. Go to the last update on this book to find more information. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Error was a victim of no touch torture. Living in t...
Forbidden Experiments by TheKittenWhisperer
Forbidden Experimentsby TheKittenWhisperer
From what anyone could tell, the Multiverse was at its most peaceful time from what they could remember. There was only one threat to worry about, and it was not as dest...
Daughter of Error *Rewrite* by Wow_a_blue_cloud
Daughter of Error *Rewrite*by Wow a blue cloud!
You are the daughter of Error and you append in the anti-void one day with your brothers you being the youngest out of them all. What will you do when Ink finds about yo...
Strings Moon by EAT_POTATOES
Strings Moonby POTATO GIRL!!!
This is the continuation of the Killermare story... the ships are still the same, but now you guys get to ship the kids! Crescent was born before a long lasting war whic...
do i like guys?||crescent x gradient(bluemoon)|| fanfic by multi_ship_join
do i like guys?||crescent x Itzkiller! sans playz
gradient was a quiet boy how always kept to him self, he was the older brother but was this younger brother pj was way more popular and well known, which gradient didn'...
A New Future For Me | BNHA x FGoD | Book 2 of ' The Misunderstood Glitch ' by ZaryasTales
A New Future For Me | BNHA x Zaryas Tales
Please read my first book before this one As Error and his companion has arrived in the new world, they live happily in the new world fitting in perfectly with the socie...
Soul mates | Error x Ink | by Girlrachael
Soul mates | Error x Ink |by The_Fluff_Queen ;P
When the new kid moves into the neighborhood Error and his brothers are curious if the new people have a kid, and they meet Ink and since then life is never boring. Join...
He changed (Rewrite) by Bonbon3984
He changed (Rewrite)by Uncaring lover
Rewrite version Old version is here -> @LonelyFujoshi3984 Error's been missing. Finding him with two kids, others might think he kidnapped them. Well, he was welcomed...
Bluemoon (Crescent X Gradient) Oneshot/ Request by multi_ship_join
Bluemoon (Crescent X Gradient) Itzkiller! sans playz
This book is a bluemoon book So crescent x gradient book... This ship is the main ship here so don't request something else- only bluemoon. Request anything I'm open to...
Without you •<PJ's Daycare>• by LV-izMeh
Without you ••by MehItz'LV
PJ's Daycare belongs to their rightful owner MyTerri-Story Tag is Addressed to Me/The Author Hi Everyone This Story is based on [Y/N]'s Days in PJ's Daycare. Hewwo! I'm...
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Faking the Fall (errorink) by Stargamerxox
Faking the Fall (errorink)by Star Gamer
(cover is only temp and not my photo, if you know the creator please tell me so I can credit them) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Error had been there since what fe...
Error's Little Girl by snowowl52
Error's Little Girlby snowowl52
This is the story about a small skeleton name is Patch. She is the youngest daughter of Ink and Error. She lives in a small house in the Anti-void with her mom dad Ink a...
Parable! Ink & Exemplum! Error || Tłumaczenie PL || by Lischadrii_Lian
Parable! Ink & Exemplum! Error || Lischadrii_Lian
Hej! Witam Was w tłumaczeniu komiksów/Opisów postaci z instragrama, nie znajdziecie tutaj tylko Parable! Inka i Exemplum! Errora, żeby się dowiedzieć, zajrzyj do k...
Forgot or forgiven by Inksans-chan
Forgot or forgivenby Ink
After under verse . . . Includes self harm and the urge to punch people in the face -_-, MY AU . . crink my first book don't judge
Уже прошла мода на любовь до гроба by Nightmare_Cat23
Уже прошла мода на любовь до гробаby Nightmare_Cat23
Инк спокойно спал, мурча от тепла, обнимая кусочек одеяла и укутавшись в него. Рядом с ним лежал Эррор, он не спал в отличии от Инка, а давно проснулся и думал о том что...
Bad Girl 4 by Skully-The-Author
Bad Girl 4by Scully
Pj and Gradient now have a baby sister! Her name is Quill. Ink is still struggling with her emotions and thoughts as Error tries to help her. Somehow though, they'll hav...
He's my best friend!(Crescent x Gradient)NOT DONE by Riatheravenclaw1
He's my best friend!(Crescent x Sia The Grrifenclaw
Crescent (Killer x Nightmare ship child) and Gradient (Error and Ink ship child) have been friends since they were 6, They only really understand each other and most peo...
Lassitude (Gradient x Crescent) by RR_Yourboat
Lassitude (Gradient x Crescent)by RøRø_Yourbøat
Lassitude: Suffering from a lack of energy. Describe your tiredness-whether it's in your body, your mind, or both. Being part of the new Skeleton generation and being ra...
Vials [Errorink] by trixielovesick
Vials [Errorink]by Kesh
Ink, he's weird. Error, hes.... Also weird. Gray is a clingy bitch. Pj, hes a basterd.