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dumb skeletons in a dumber highschool by Friskk
dumb skeletons in a dumber Inkberry
this is prob cringe but I think im funny lol ships are in tags none of these characters belong to me this might be funny might be triggering, be warned characters belon...
What I want by fallenmemes
What I wantby Undertale dead memes
Color took Killer and gave him his emotions, everything was fine at first but then he got bored and to think of it he missed killing other's, would he spend his day's ki...
𝐻𝑜𝑚𝑒 𝑜𝑟 𝐻𝑒𝑙𝑙 ☹︎☻︎ (Nightkiller ship) by MyChaosRobin
𝐻𝑜𝑚𝑒 𝑜𝑟 𝐻𝑒𝑙𝑙 ☹︎☻︎ ( 𝔸𝕟𝕘𝕤𝕥_<3
This is a story about the life of the children from Killer!Sans and Nightmare!Sans. How they live under the condition of Nightmare as the pure negative. How they struggl...
Break the cycle by FKathleen19
Break the cycleby FKathleen
The Multiverse for a long time has been an endless loop. Both inside the AUs and in itself. Error and Ink making a truce then breaking it in any possible way. The Dreamt...
Bitter Taste by SairenBlade
Bitter Tasteby W.D Sairen
The bad sanses and the stars were fighting for many's the time to stop these useless battles and make a treaty for the two team. Both of the team...
Papa Nightmare? [Nightkiller] [English Version] by soyunaotaku0512
Papa Nightmare? [Nightkiller] [ soyunaotaku0512
Killer ends up in a small trouble, I said small? I don't think having a baby of the Nightmare is just a little problem. How will killer solve this? Will he be able to hi...
Nightkiller Oneshots 2 by MonsterlyricsMYL
Nightkiller Oneshots 2by •Łyrıcs Mønstər07•
Hello, welcome to my book. The cover picture on the book doesn't belong to me and also, I don't do bottom Nightmare. Symbols: 💫Fluff 🍋Lemon 🟩🍋Lime ☣Toxicity 👁👄👁F...
Emotions (Nightkiller) by aloevera427
Emotions (Nightkiller)by A sad prince
Nightmare and Killer are part of the bad Sans but killer suddenly gets sick and only Nightmare can help him.
Night Killer. Life is a slow race. by TheSS_Stampy
Night Killer. Life is a slow TheSS_Stampy
A slow burn between Nightmare and Killer. Edit* like, really fucking slow. Ships Nightkiller Cream Errorink Life is a Ride. The picture is not mine. I have no clue who...
I Dont Care... (nightkiller love story) by Aron-Might
I Dont Care... (nightkiller love Aron lives with me
i never could feel anything as long as i remeber, everything i do is because im forsed to but... one day i met someone who could free me! make me happy!? but why do you...
urs. nightkiller by korriko
urs. nightkillerby -RIKO.
in which - killer is loyal to nightmare. but perhaps, too loyal?
I Lost My Chance... by summ3rw00ds
I Lost My the mixtape 📼
Nightmare recruits a pitiful Sans who is now called "Killer". Upon their first meeting, Nightmare grew to like Killer, but forced himself to hate him until it...
Bad guy Sans's  by NotATeenDemon
Bad guy Sans's by NotaTeenDemon
Dust's fiance is Blueberry Cross's husband(/wife) is Dream Nightmares boyfriend is Killer Horrors boyfriend is Lust Errors husband(/wife) is Ink Samuel, Scrooge, and Dar...
Yanderes : A Multiship Sanscest Book by WishKaz
Yanderes : A Multiship Sanscest ༒︎Wish༒︎
Collab with @TheKawaiiShipperHB23 (My sister-) This wasn't actually supposed to be a book- This actually started out as a Roleplay with my sister- But here we are! ⚠️War...
I don't believe in love [ Nightkiller ] by IWillEatYourKnifes
I don't believe in love [ IWillEatYourKnifes
It was all darkness. The consuming void of darkness with voices echoing in my skull. That's when I saw you. Standing there, in the middle of the darkness. One piercing t...
Nightkiller/Killermare Lemon Or Oneshot by Aron-Might
Nightkiller/Killermare Lemon Or Aron lives with me
Nightmare and killer have sex why idk? get your sins here since its all that... as the title says.
Smut! Christmas Stories! by sundrxp3
Smut! Christmas Stories!by ShitTalker lol
Request any ships you want and I'll make smut of them! (This is a book for all different fandoms by the way there can be) Fnaf= 💚 Afton family/fnaf= 🖤/💚 Undertale= 💝...
Sans vore Sans by April_Gianttale
Sans vore Sansby April_Gianttale
Title says it all! Request are open!
Kidnapping (A Sanscest Story) by __Bizzy__
Kidnapping (A Sanscest Story)by busy Izzy
Star Sanses and Bad Guys fighting to either destroy the multiverse or save It. The Star Sanses want to save and protect everyone they can In the multiverse from The Bad...
..... | NaJ! Paperfresh [ON HIATUS] by wordsmith_forges
..... | NaJ! Paperfresh [ON HIATUS]by Maalaakha
Fresh was just, you know, 01011000==-- another t̴͕͖͓̀y̯̤͑́́̓́p̶̸̨̺͊̍̒̓̀i̵͓͙̱͚̎͟c̷̹͖͋́̃ă̶̸̝ͦ͊̿͋͞ḻ̸͈ͧ͑̓̓̀͡ nerdy skeleton Monster (because of course it's something you s...