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The Bad Girl That's Not Really Bad by Everlark2000
The Bad Girl That's Not Really Badby Everlark2000
"So you like cuddling with me?" she asks me "if I say yes can I cuddle you more?" I ask her "No" she says to me "Then no I don't like...
Golden Boy (EDITING) by L0veLikeHate
Golden Boy (EDITING)by L0veLikeHate
He arrived in my Uncle's Diner at midnight with fresh bruises, cuts and blood all over his face. He was carrying a young toddler and a old rucksack on his back. It was t...
Motorcycle Girl by paperandpen444
Motorcycle Girlby ~Samantha~
Love never came easily for Nathan Reed. Growing up, when his friends would get girlfriends, he would always be the single one. He would be the one third wheeling at the...
Say I hate you ✔ by Devilscrib
Say I hate you ✔by SnSn
She made a preposition. "Just say I hate you and I'll leave you alone forever. But can you?"
The Bad girl goes Good by Cerisier
The Bad girl goes Goodby Cerise
Do any of the following titles "Bad boy and miss popular" "the bad boy and the nerd" "the bad boy is my best friend" and even "the ba...
The One Without Words by destacia
The One Without Wordsby 💟 destacia 💟
"Go ahead," I said, backing up against the pink wall of the shop. "Do something other than glare at me." I waited. One, two, three seconds... and not...
His Eternal Love!  by aaakah1510Shay
His Eternal Love! by aaakah1510Shay
Zayn is a teenage guy whose family moves to a new place before the start of school. His senior year will be spent in a new environment and a new school where he knows no...
The Bad Girl Attack by shesaid_hesaid
The Bad Girl Attackby Jae
"You're mine. And I don't think you wanna go against that." Her eyes dangerously darkened. He gulped, and nodded a yes. --- Everybody has a story. And sometime...
Ryder & Chanel by baddheartt
Ryder & Chanelby ☯︎
You always hear about the Bad boy and Good girl but what about the Good boy and Bad girl? (Ain't cheesy I swear😂)
The Badboy Theory by dragonhunterthirteen
The Badboy Theoryby Magenta
[Weekly updates] The ultimate guide to ruining your life *** Junior year is fast approaching and with this, Colton Mkay decides it's time for a risky change. As the y...
The Boy Who Slayed Dragons by sicklykid
The Boy Who Slayed Dragonsby sicklykid
Luca was a quiet boy He was very quiet, almost concerningly quiet. People whispered about it, his mom worried about it since he was young. He's ok just very quiet. B...
songs to onseshots by simpingforcurls
songs to onseshotsby simpingforcurls
So basically, music is an obsession of mine. Everytime I listen to a nice song, I have a small scenario forming in my head. And these scenarios, I will try to make into...
Broken Melodies by bribannnnana
Broken Melodiesby bri
The music industry is competitive and deadly with everyone striving to make a name for themselves- to achieve perfection. But a one can only endure so much before they b...
Stuck By Mistake by YashwiniSolanki
Stuck By Mistakeby Yashwini
Shivani Dikshit an Indian girl of 18 finds herself in a situation which she never assumes to be in , she is a very bold, determined , passionate and intelligent girl . S...
Sorry, I Just Can't Fall In Love || Jung Jaehyun || NCT by jeongguk_taetae
Sorry, I Just Can't Fall In Love | jeongguk_taetae
"Stop being a coward Y/n......and love me........" *Warning* : contains smut. || Complete ||
A Little Piece of Heaven (Varian X Reader) (COMPLETE) by please_go_away_man
A Little Piece of Heaven (Varian Please_Go_Away_Man
Varian is a young alchemist who is known for his dangerous acts of Science. When he meets a young girl, he soon learns there's more to life than elements. ------ Yeah I...
My Secret Lover! (Complete✔) by cotton_blossom
My Secret Lover! (Complete✔)by Aashi💫
[COMPLETE ] A Sandhir Short Story! Sanyukta Agrawal, cutie pie of her school lived her life to the fullest... everybody in the school admired and loved her... sweet to a...
His Smile by khrisadom
His Smileby Khris Adom
Ashley Canton has always been the shy, timid , introverted girl , who tries as much as possible to stay out of trouble . She has average looks or so she thinks. She i...
Hospital Room 202 by ragini50403
Hospital Room 202by ragini50403
Ezekiel. He is perfect, truly. He is smart, intelligent, good looking and the best player that California has seen in a long long time. Boy has got scouts wrapped around...