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the subs fun day out.. by H1sM1str3ss
the subs fun day H1sM1str3ss
Please be mindful this is my first book so it may not be as interesting as others. I hope you enjoy <3 It's a story about a girl : Ellie And a guy : cal Ellie is a...
Rejected and pregnant (#1) by aidenall
Rejected and pregnant (#1)by aidenall
missing father, a whore of a mother and a brother who is emotionally abusive and angry when around her. That's tough enough right? But what happens when her soul mate r...
The Bad Girl Attack by shesaid_hesaid
The Bad Girl Attackby Jae
"You're mine. And I don't think you wanna go against that." Her eyes dangerously darkened. He gulped, and nodded a yes. --- Everybody has a story. And sometime...
Professor's good boy♡ by funkystorieslilbitch
Professor's good boy♡by funkystorieslilbitch
A bl fanfic based on the anime series "monster". The story follows the enemies to lovers relationship between Kenzo Tenma and Johan Liebert.(i have absolutely...
More, Most, Forever, & Always (COMPLETE) by Dreamy627
More, Most, Forever, & Always ( Dreamy627
Travis Swanson loved playing the guitar. He'd been doing it since he was a child, he loved acoustic for a slow and romantic feel, he loved electric when he craved the lo...
Write My Wrongs ✓ by amaraxwrites
Write My Wrongs ✓by 𝘢𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘢
[complete] #1 "I'm a goner for you smile, mi perla," He said before dipping his head to capture my lips with just as much passion as the first time. Mi perla. ...
We Are Meant to Be [Rollercoaster Series One] by wuraola_writes
We Are Meant to Be [ 𝐖𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐦𝐢★
#1 in unholy #1 in bad meets good #1 in goodboybadgirl #1 in dirtyminded #12 in romance friendship #6 in fight for love #9 in Romantic_suspense #5 in romance_ friendship...
Bad Influence - popular girl x nerd boy by mars-and-stars
Bad Influence - popular girl x marley!
Parties, sex, and popularity: the only things ever on Rome's mind. Grades, work, and graduation: the only things that matter to Lucas. Rome Mendoza is the beautiful ch...
The Wolf's Nerd by STUD247
The Wolf's Nerdby STUD247
Jordan Whitehead the nerd that no one ever payed attention to. He never was the popular type, and was always a victim when it came to bullying. And above all, he has nev...
The Bad Girl That's Not Really Bad by Everlark2000
The Bad Girl That's Not Really Badby Everlark2000
"So you like cuddling with me?" she asks me "if I say yes can I cuddle you more?" I ask her "No" she says to me "Then no I don't like...
Bánh gạo cay và mandu hấp by PATH66
Bánh gạo cay và mandu hấpby PATH66
Bánh gạo cay là nam chính.Nữ chính là mandu hấp. Ý chỉ tính cách của hai người.
The One Without Words by destacia
The One Without Wordsby 💟 sabrina prestes 💟
"Go ahead," I said, backing up against the pink wall of the shop. "Do something other than glare at me." I waited. One, two, three seconds... and not...
What's Up MX by KyOzora
What's Up MXby ᴠɪᴏʀ
Pada Zaman dahulu duduklah Xion yang termenung... Eh, langsung baca aja deh~ Alpa WUMX : 190721/411 310322/948 300923...
The Wolf in the Mist (slice-of-life cozy fantasy) by Kalyan_Writes
The Wolf in the Mist ( Kalyan
Sofia is an ex-hunter of supernatural creatures, and all she wants is to have a normal life. Then a fool of a weredog pup shows up and kills a lamb, setting hunters off...
Einron: A lifetime of Regret by Sin-namon_Stick
Einron: A lifetime of Regretby Sin-namon Stick
Ein's given a new chance at living, choosing to live a life of truth and happiness. The Tale of a homewrecker. Note: story's plot is more on an emotional level rather th...
I'm Inlove with My Fake Girlfriend by Purple_jyc
I'm Inlove with My Fake Girlfriendby Purple jyc
Masarap talaga ang mainlove lalo na't sa tamang tao mo ito madarama. Pero sa pagitan nilang dalawa na mag kaiba ang mundo, maaari pa ba itong madama?? [ Ito po ay Rate...
Bubble tea by tarobubble89
Bubble teaby Loona
Rumours can change people, sometimes their lives take 360° turn from how it was. Andres, a straight A student whose life was what everyone would say perfect, one night a...
The Bad Boy Ate My Shirt by SEES_boy3
The Bad Boy Ate My Shirtby Memento Mori
Marisa Susans may seem to be an average girl, but she's actually not your average girl. So when she meets Brad Du Bois, the bad boy who treats her just like any other gi...
lost on you | -Jikook FF by jesuisunemangue
lost on you | -Jikook FFby jesuisunemangue
"They hurt you..." "They did.... but that's okay. Now i have people who really appreciate me" "Like me?" asked Jungkook hopefully giving ji...
Best Friends With The Badboy #wattys2018 by pjjordan
Best Friends With The Badboy Pjjordan
Isabella and Mason are inseparable, with her being naive and him being the bad boy he is. He always manages to convince her to questionable things. When their friendship...