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Blind in a Way (Frerard) by angeleyes-demonsoul
Blind in a Way (Frerard)by Skittles
"Only douche bags wear sunglasses inside." "If I knew what one looked like, I might agree."
The Power of Art|| Frerard by emo__rat
The Power of Art|| Frerardby Lollipops for days
I guess Fronk and Gee are teachers huh? ****NOT a teacher x student**** I hate to be a beggar and you don't have to if you don't want to but honestly voting would be ap...
lifts; will lenney by lovebuglenney
lifts; will lenneyby s c a r l e t t➳
Graveyard Games (Frerard) ~Editing~ by angeleyes-demonsoul
Graveyard Games (Frerard) ~Editing~by Skittles
Frank was just a rebellious, low level demon with eyes set on a higher throne. Nothing will be allowed to keep him from his goal...That is, until a human begins to play...
Unholy Pictures Of Gerard Way  by deathspxlls
Unholy Pictures Of Gerard Way by ☆
Finding a Way | Adopted by Gerard Way by hezitantalienz
Finding a Way | Adopted by sid
Evelyn always got by on her own. She didn't need anyone else, and when she had them it'd always end in betrayal, they'd turn their backs on her, and she was alone once a...
Watch Your Back (G. Way x Reader) by b0ne_crusher
Watch Your Back (G. Way x Reader)by ☠︎︎
Two leaders don't mix well together. Initially. On one hand, we have the bad boy himself; Gerard Way. The leader and self-proclaimed "king" of Belleville high...
message delivered {frerard} by candyflossmelanie
message delivered {frerard}by ✨gabriel✨
geebear: ummm who is this? frnk is typing...
I Think I'm OKAY by GravityGrenade
I Think I'm OKAYby Ella
Y/N and her mom have moved to Belleville. After Gerard and Y/N meet they both start to take a liking to each other. Gerard is the punk of the town along with his group o...
Memes de "My Chemical Romance" 2 by Geecornio
Memes de "My Chemical Romance" 2by Geecornio
No preguntes, solo gozalo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
🌺Beauty And The Gorilla 🦍 (SEQUEL TO THERE FOR HIM , BY: Tarah Arshaunti❤)  by TarahArshaunti
🌺Beauty And The Gorilla 🦍 ( TarahArshaunti
MUST READ 'There For Him' FIRST! (BY TARAH ARSHAUNTI) Gee and Tarah Are Back After All Of The Horrible Events That Have Happened They Still Remain Strong, But Will They...
Three Cheers by ohholyfrerard
Three Cheersby ✖️As You Were ✖️
~>Sequel to Give Him Hell, Kid<~ Frank Iero couldn't have wished for more when he became the prince of darkness- The King of Hell's right-hand man. They are insepa...
Gerard Way x Reader || Starbucks by _WhatIfIWasDead_
Gerard Way x Reader || Starbucksby Moody Maddie 🖤🤘
You're a coffee lover. It was a concert for My Chemical Romance. Before you went you met them at Starbucks. But you already know Frank apparently!
Please, Catch Me (frerard) by justemotrsh
Please, Catch Me (frerard)by mis.yu.trrbly
Another Frerard story, trigger fuckin warning my dudes
Babysitting (Frerard) by RadioArsenic
Babysitting (Frerard)by Rozalyn IeroLeto
Description: Frank goes to babysit Mikey one night. What he doesnt realise is that Mikey has a brother too. A hot older one at that... Frerard
Something's a Bit Off by GravityGrenade
Something's a Bit Offby Ella
TRIGGER WARNING'S EVEN IN THY DESCRIPTION: IF YOU GET TRIGGERED EASILY DO NOT READ! "I smell blood Gee." God dammit, this is what I get for cutting my thighs...
Who Said Skirts Dont Look Good On Guys《Frerard》 by MyMemeRomance
Who Said Skirts Dont Look Good daddy horror
Just your average Frerard where Franks a punk and Gerards a sweetheart.
Toxic {COMPLETED} EDITING by xemoballerinax
Toxic {COMPLETED} EDITINGby 《Draco is mine》
Frank is in a horrible relationship with Bert, his current, abusive boyfriend, Gerard a slightly wierd and unnoticeable bystander, notices Franks bruises and trys to hel...