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My Princes ~ Prinxiety + Logicality by atinytrashbag
My Princes ~ Prinxiety + Logicalityby Call Me Trashbag
When Logan Bennett and Roman Prince get sent off to save the kidnapped princesses, they're going to get a lot more than they bargained for. Contains blood, violence, dea...
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The Smell Of Vampires by stacielt
The Smell Of Vampiresby Stacie Thorsted
Imagine a world where super natural beings not only existed, but they lived among humans and in most cases dominated over humanity. What if every day you lived not only...
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The River's Curse by Flaming_Phoenix24
The River's Curseby Flaming_Phoenix24
Whilst Mabel and Dipper are on another monster hunt, Dipper falls into a river, but little do they know that the river has magical properties. But strange magical thing...
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Forbidden Love (Underworld) by SupernaturalGirl3191
Forbidden Love (Underworld)by Samantha Perez
David is a Vampire-Corvinus Strain Hybrid and a pure-blood Vampire. He is the son of Thomas, the leader of one of the remaining Vampire Covens, and the Vampire Elder Ame...
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Gargoyle Saga: In The Beginning by AE_KIrk
Gargoyle Saga: In The Beginningby Abigail
When a trip to a museum changes Verity's appearance, her sister Rosie comes across a website that can help her. But when Verity is visited by two guys in beanies and she...
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The Encounter by ravenwood666may
The Encounterby May Ravenwood
COVER BY: @CJIris She thought she knew human history and that she understood the world she came from but one magical encounter made her believe that she didn't know anyt...
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Die Leserin by FallenxFay
Die Leserinby FallenxFay
Sie weiß was du fühlst, sie kämpft für die Welten, doch plötzlich ist alles anders. Als Wächterin ist Amber kein normaler Mensch. Als Leserin nichtmal ein normaler Wächt...
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Gravity Falls: Monster Falls by Bill_Cipher_618
Gravity Falls: Monster Fallsby Pain is Hilarious
This isn't an original idea but I can't get monster falls out of my head so I'm writing a fanfic. Though now that I think about it, I have tried to make my Monster Fall'...
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Purple Guy!Naga x Messenger!Scott - ENG Version by _Naga_Vincent_
Purple Guy!Naga x Messenger! Naga Vincent
Scott was a 20-year-old messenger who lived in a little village in Scotland. He lived alone since his parents had been killed by a couple of Nagas, during their daily wa...
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SNAKES AND PHONES! (Naga! Vincent X Human! Scott HighSchool Fanfic) by SarahBarisas
@Pinktoria Gave me permission to continue this. From where it was left off, Mike seems..... Intent on removing any threats...... Well the reaction from Scott is really g...
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Sanctuary for the Wandering Words by eleonne
Sanctuary for the Wandering Wordsby Eleonne Moona
A collection of some shorts and unearthed poetry. Stories that dream to be written, stories that dream to be read. For the words that lose their way within the inf...
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Riverdale Stuff by thecupcakequeen121
Riverdale Stuffby thecupcakequeen121
All of the memes you could wish for on Riverdale. As well as extra to find out more
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Happenings by TheBlindOracle
Happeningsby Jasmine Bingaman
Six years after Mabel and Dipper left Gravity Falls, they return as eighteen year olds. Everything and everyone has changed. Gideon is hot , Pacifica is nice, Wendy love...
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The Eri of El Dorado by kaijarah
The Eri of El Doradoby Persephoné
Since time immemorial-unknown to mortals-is an on-going war between the forces of good and wicked vampires. Little did the humans know that the folklores told to spook t...
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Promised to a Gargoyle King but the Werewolf King wants us. by Corinder
Promised to a Gargoyle King but Corinder
A story of twins, of gargoyles, werewolves, arranged marriages and as a bonus has a really bad title and shirtless men on the cover. Hooray! Krystal de Monteacute, a swe...
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Globe Tracers 2: Fallen Angel by Torkuda
Globe Tracers 2: Fallen Angelby Torkuda
Kyle and Jessica, heroes of lost children,witness tragedy as a young boy is murdered and two girls are kidnapped. Judith and Jaden, two young friends of the Finders, mus...
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The Outcasts by Alexandra_92
The Outcastsby Alexandra
COVER MADE BY @taylorink Claire thought that being a doorkeeper with that salary was her best chance of escaping her brutal past. But the house hides more secrets than...
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Gargoyles: It Begins Again  by mercythompson91
Gargoyles: It Begins Again by Kristie
the story takes place in new York still.. what happens when a young girl by the name of Lisa stumbled upon an old building thought to be deserted, only to find out that...
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To Rise a Pine Tree by Jexxica_Jade
To Rise a Pine Treeby Jexxica_Jade
"Where are we?" "H-home." "Who are we?" "Friends." "What is your name?" "Pine, Tree." "No, it's Dipper...
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Truth or Dare (Dramione Fanfiction) by writetillyoudrop
Truth or Dare (Dramione Fanfiction)by Cassandra
The game is simple. "Truth or Dare", basically the game we are all very aware of. But this is different. When Voldemort sends a letter to Hermione Granger, wan...
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