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Frerard fluff/mcr oneshots by ourladyresurrection
Frerard fluff/mcr oneshotsby Too Punk Rock 4 This
Just a bunch of cute, fluffy oneshots related to frerard and My Chem. I might do a few full length/longer stories but majority will be oneshots! :3 I take suggestions a...
Maybe You're Worth It  by McrTrashboat
Maybe You're Worth It by McrTrashboat
Gerard Way, age 25, suffering from major depression, anxiety, insomnia, and he self harms. His anxiety had gotten so back he barely leaves his home. When Mikey sees th...
Frerard OneShots  by toastinthetub
Frerard OneShots by toastinthetub
Smut and fluff. Requests are open!
Mute by ourladyresurrection
Muteby Too Punk Rock 4 This
BEFORE THE HAPPENING, my life was impossibly mundane. My universe was unfathomably small, strung together by a few measly, attenuated strings of fate ready to snap at a...
Ascent » frerard by writingismyart
Ascent » frerardby geørgiå
"What do you mean, you're different?" He smirked devilishly. "Not like anything you've ever seen before. Not like anything you'll ever see again."
Frerard Fluff Stories by gay_band_ships
Frerard Fluff Storiesby Rouge
just a bunch of random cute frerard stories that pop into my head. It will make you Awh like a freak hopefully. Without further ado
Frerard Oneshots (Smut) by geewayhascutelips
Frerard Oneshots (Smut)by blackxtears
Reserved for bottom frank specifically because we don't get enough of that.
My Only Sunshine ☆Frerard Fluff☆ by Toxic_Shock22
My Only Sunshine ☆Frerard Fluff☆by Jenna ||-//
A bunch of what I hope are really cute one shots! Pure fluff. Some swearing I want to claim that this isn't meant to hurt any one, I don't mean to be disrespectful to...
My Chemical Romance Art by ourladyresurrection
My Chemical Romance Artby Too Punk Rock 4 This
Exactly what the title says, all art mine unless I say otherwise <3
Switched Roles - Frerard FLUFF by bvlletsmcr
Switched Roles - Frerard FLUFFby caitlin ☠
A quick trip to Gerard's dressing room turns out to be slightly more than Frank is betting on when Gerard decides it's time Frank stepped down and let him be the Alpha m...
Emo Trinity Oneshots by preciousgreenghoul
Emo Trinity Oneshotsby preciousgreenghoul
May be smutty, May not. Idk. But, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the things I'm definitely going to hell for.
Frerard One Shots by GerardsSweetRevenge
Frerard One Shotsby Milly 击
A collection of little Frerard Fics I created in my spare time :))
just some good ol' frerard fluff by spookboy_alex
just some good ol' frerard fluffby alexx
yo first fanfic lets go. some frerard oneshots. this is gonna be poor quality and might get scrapped so i apologise in advance. its just gonna be fluff. maybe some rikey...
I'm Okay Now by funkmachinelester
I'm Okay Nowby Meison,,
Frank has a new band and is about to start their first concert when the band that was supposed to open the show informs them that they can't tour. Luckily, their manager...
Lazy Sunday's  by HipsterInATrilby
Lazy Sunday's by Løttie Løø
So it's a Sunday in the Way/Iero household....what could go wrong?
Take My Hand // Frerard  by _mxxnlxght1
Take My Hand // Frerard by _mxxnlxght1
Gerard Way is a senior in high school went he met Frank Iero. Gerard was unsure on how he felt about the boy, having never been in love. But the day he met Frank, everyt...
frerard one shots by coffee_king14
frerard one shotsby coffee king xx
✦ {REQUESTS OPEN} ✧ My very first published book, constructive criticism is always welcome. Expect some smut and fluff.
Love Confession (Frerard One-shot) by loveluvu
Love Confession (Frerard One-shot)by Løvely
Frank Iero is a seventeen year old who is now ready to confess his love to a certain fire truck red haired boy. How will it go?