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Right? --A Fourtris/Tris Pedrad Story by olympus_writes
Right? --A Fourtris/Tris Pedrad Olympus
Forget Beatrice Prior. Here comes Tris Pedrad. She has a twin named Uriah and an older brother, Zeke. He is two years older. She has been a prodigy since age six along w...
Divergent: Reunited by Tobias_46_Tris
Divergent: Reunitedby Taylor
IN PROGRESS Tobias, Tris, Uriah, and Zeke are all best friends until one day, Tris moves away without telling them. They three pretend they barely know each other until...
Met in Abnegation by percabethwisher
Met in Abnegationby Hannah!!!!
This is a story where Tris and Tobias met in Abnegation, and transferred to Dauntless together. VERONICA ROTH THE AMAZING MURDERER OWNS THE DIVERGENT TRILOGY, I CLEARLY...
Protection by xtrisandfourx
Protectionby trisandfour64
Beatrice Prior has it all: money, beauty, friends, fame. Her parents are powerful, influential politicians, but unfortunately this makes her and her family targets. Out...
Divergent Powers High by Lauren_is_Divergent
Divergent Powers Highby Lauren
Six Prior. The rumors were going around that she was coming to the school, and everybody was buzzing with excitement. The legendary Six was going to be here, at Divergen...
Divergent - True Love Knows No Limits by gerardmalouf
Divergent - True Love Knows No KealieJohnson
*warning18+* There will be sex, violence, possibly rape triggers, basically pretty unfiltered. I will also put a warning at the beginning of chapters that have explicit...
On The Edge (Divergent High) EDITING by Cunning_Bekah
On The Edge (Divergent High) Cunning_Bekah
She walks in the wrong crowds, she dares life to try and hurt her. She will never show her true colors and will walk on the edge of life. Abused, Used and Dangerous are...
Divergent - FourTris (No war) by DivergentInspired
Divergent - FourTris (No war)by DivergentInspired
Tris and Tobias's love grows stronger, they get through everything. Things change, things stay the same and things move on. Fear are faced and fears are changed. Tris an...
Unwelcome: Divergent by Emberlyn07
Unwelcome: Divergentby Emberlyn Sky
Hey guys, This is a Divergent Fanfiction! Its takes place when Tris is 16 a few weeks before the choosing ceremony! Andrew ( Tris's father) is abusive and killed her mot...
Divergent High: Fire And Ice by cameronmt
Divergent High: Fire And Iceby Cameron
"I would still risk my life for him. I would do anything for him just like I know he would anything for me." *COMPLETED*
These wings are made to fly - a divergent fanfiction by lolakitten123
These wings are made to fly - a Elizabeth
A no war, Fourtris fanfic. Tris becomes a initiate transfer trainer with Tobias and ends up having to fight for what she believes in - even if it costs her life. This fa...
Dying Flames by Slushie260
Dying Flamesby Slushie260
*Rewrite* Tris- A broken servant girl who continues to be auctioned from person to person. With no individuality or freedom, she is devoted to a life with abusive maste...
Not Giving up : ADFF sequel by nicole080712
Not Giving up : ADFF sequelby Nicole {takii}
It's the summer before Tris's senior year. With Tobias gone and her being pregnant senior year becomes to difficult for her to handle with the appointments and work and...
Perfect by theywereblue
Perfectby t
Ever heard of a queen bee? You know, that one cliché, blonde popular girl? The type of chick that's mean to everyone, breaks hearts and doesn't know how to stop? Well th...
Divergent: Without the War by FourtrisFourever
Divergent: Without the Warby Ella W.
After becoming official Dauntless members, Tris and the rest of her gang are having more fun then ever before. Though, problems and drama are still brewing in their pr...
Divergent Hollywood by Lauren_is_Divergent
Divergent Hollywoodby Lauren
It's me again! With another divergent fanfic!(Movies and other actors are all made up for the most part) I AM EDITING RIGHT NOW Tris Prior was by far the most famous act...
Dauntless High by Lauren_is_Divergent
Dauntless Highby Lauren
(Yes I know I have done one before but it wasn't very good.) Tris has just moved to Chicago after a terrible accident in her old town. She knows being the small, fragil...
Divergent: If Tris Were Attractive by marshmellow501
Divergent: If Tris Were Attractiveby marshmellow501
The story line and most of the story is general belong to Veronica Roth, and I would strongly suggest reading the trilogy first. This book takes place from the Choosing...
Divergent ~ Initiate Instructors by liz_older
Divergent ~ Initiate Instructorsby Florence Singer
The war is over, but it was nowhere near as catastrophic as everyone expected- Jeanine was stopped and put in her place before things got nasty. Now, though things is al...
The Legend of Fourtris by percabethwisher
The Legend of Fourtrisby Hannah!!!!
This is a story about Tris and Tobias. Tris lived after being shot by David... and my heart wasn't smashed into a million pieces... enjoy Disclaimer I don't own the Dive...