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Seeking Adventure: A Male Reader x Pokemon Story by Bluebleo
Seeking Adventure: A Male Reader Author Man
Y/n Ketchum is the brother of Ash Ketchum, and a lab assistant to Prof.Elm over the summer. He' also incredibly lazy. But hey, he tries. He's so lazy, that on his tenth...
Divergent: One Shots by TheZanyBookworm
Divergent: One Shotsby Zany
The Divergent Trilogy is a series full of adventure, dystopia, romance, and awesomeness, told from the perspective of Tris Prior. There are, however, many complex charac...
Pokémon: Alola Adventures by KatalynePCummings
Pokémon: Alola Adventuresby KatyKat1998
Serena finally wins the title of Kalos Queen., but still misses Ash terribly. So what will happen when he shows up in her dressing room? Will Serena be able to confess h...
From abnegation to dauntless (FATD) || ✓ Completed by tonystarkisirondad
From abnegation to dauntless ( ily 300
A Divergent fanficion In this fanfiction, Tris and Tobias meet in Abnegation. The basic plot of Divergent, Tris transferring to Dauntless and her and Four falling in lov...
Candor or Dauntless? - Truth or Dare - Divergent & Fourtris Fanfic by erudauntless8
Candor or Dauntless? - Truth or Amy Jay <3
Candor or Dauntless by TwEllie
Candor or Dauntlessby @prettypatheticplatypus/Insta...
When the Divergent group meet up for Uriah and Zeke's 'Candor or Dauntless' party, things get spiced up. With twists and turns, relationships and hatred, this game chang...
Secretly Famous by pretendingtofly01
Secretly Famousby Maddie
Tris is going to a new school and hopes to make friends but she doesn't want people to know her parents are rich and famous. Will she be able to keep her secret long eno...
 A Different Divergent: Everyday Love by divergence4321
A Different Divergent: Everyday divergence4321
ORIGINALLY BY MOONSHINE365 After two peaceful years in Dauntless, Tris and Tobias' happy family is once again tested by unseen forces out of their control in the fourth...
Divergent High by annapars247
Divergent Highby 𖡎
//COMPLETED //Divergent Fanfic AU //Tris Prior's father just got a job transfer from Portland, Oregon, to the big city of Chicago, Illinois, and for her, the pros and co...
Candor or Dauntless -7 Days of Truth or Dare by -Melle
Candor or Dauntless -7 Days of Morgan Elle
THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK I EVER WROTE ON WATTPAD AND IT'S ATROCIOUS. READ AT OWN RISK. ~ I know that the whole 'Candor or Dauntless' fanfic is not an original idea but I...
Divergent: Candor or Dauntless by kimpa11173789
Divergent: Candor or Dauntlessby Tris
Truth or Dare (Candor or Dauntless) with Tris and the gang!!
Roles Reversed (Divergent No War) by DauntlessSlytherBird
Roles Reversed (Divergent No War)by Jess
What if Tris was the one who was two years older and trained by Amar? What if they were together before she transfers? Will he still get his name? Caleb is the same age...
10 Seconds by GeorgiaDevlin3
10 Secondsby GeorgiaDevlin3
When Tris gets an invitation to move in with her best friend Shauna, she is given a job offer that will be more than it seems. But when she meets a blue eyed boy. What i...
I Must Be Dreaming | ✓ by saturateds-nrise
I Must Be Dreaming | ✓by 𝓵𝓸𝓾
This is my version of what COULD happen at the end of Allegiant (written long before even the name was released) All of our favorite Divergent characters are...ALIVE?! Y...
Candor or Dauntless -7 Days Later by -Melle
Candor or Dauntless -7 Days Laterby Morgan Elle
~ This is the SEQUEL to my first fanfic 'Candor or Dauntless -7 Days of Truth or Dare'. IT IS JUST AS CRAPPY. BE WARNED. In the previous book both of Tris' parents, Cale...
Divergent Love, Forever by divergence4321
Divergent Love, Foreverby divergence4321
The gang in back in high school. Junior year, Some feelings start to come to life and some drama. All this and here's the twist, they have powers. Read and find out more.
Why can't we be friends? A divergent highschool fanfiction by eatonthatcake46
Why can't we be friends? A Maddie
"I'm Four." I look at his hand carefully. It is big and looks very callused. "Ya I know who you are. I'm Beatrice. We've been in school together for 13 ye...
Divergent High: Fire v Ice by Marie__reid
Divergent High: Fire v Iceby Marie
Fours POV She won't break. She's the only one who doesn't gawk at me. I swear I'll make her fall for me. I'll break her. Tris POV He thinks he's so good when reall...
Tris Pedrad~ PLOT TWIST  by local-dumba22
Tris Pedrad~ PLOT TWIST by Ryan Ross 🍵
THIS STORY HAD A COMPLETE PLOT TWIST THAT MOST PROBABLY DONT LIKE. JUST WARNING YOU. Tris Pedrad, the sister of Ezekiel and Uriah Pedrad, is a Dauntless Prodigy. When E...
Divergent high/FBI #wattys2015 by Divergent_Legend125
Divergent high/FBI #wattys2015by Nazira N. Ali
Tris is new at Chicago High and also works in the FBI as agent Six. She wears a mask so no one recognizes her. She has 2 different lives. One hating Four and most of the...