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Dauntless life by betho1140
Dauntless lifeby Beth
What if the war didn't happen? What if Tris, Tobias and the gang lived and stayed in Dauntless? What if - two simple words that become reality in this story. This is my...
Divergent No War by TheMoWriter
Divergent No Warby Mo
An exploration into my imagination's recreation of the ending of Divergent by Veronica Roth.
An Initiates Baby by d3athbeds
An Initiates Babyby ♡
*some sh*t don't add up because i started to edit, then stopped, then couldn't be bothered to continue and left it with missing paragraphs and plot-holes.* After a one-n...
Divergent: No War by Divergent_Disney
Divergent: No Warby Divergent_Disney
Assume that the injection was actually a tracking device and there was no war. Tris will be training initiates with Tobias. The story will be better than the summary. th...
What If? (Divergent No War) by fandomvibess_
What If? (Divergent No War)by emilyy✌
What if the war never happened? What if everyone except Al was alive? This fanfiction is about Tris, Tobias, and all their friends lives in Dauntless. (Story hopefully b...
Love With No Limits: A Peter Hayes Fanfic  by mgp1616
Love With No Limits: A Peter Morgan
Caroline Evelyn Eaton is originally the daughter of Marcus and Evelyn Eaton, and sister to Tobias Eaton. Tobias and Carol were very close as children until she was adopt...
Divergent no-war. by hgrier13
Divergent hgrier13
This is my first fan fiction. I know the no war idea is used a lot but this is my take on what should have happened. Please comment what you think!!!!!!!!! ...
Tris and Four by fourtrisobsessed
Tris and Fourby Fourtris babies
Tris has been in Dauntless for 3 years now and there is no war. There's no Al, but the rest are there. So I hope you like this
Divergent: No War by sokki09
Divergent: No Warby e m i l y
Life in Dauntless without the war. Its hard to explain without spoilers, but this has many different things from other fanfics. Including Tris sharing an apartment with...
Dauntless. by nicole080712
#10 Nicole {takii}
No war. takes place after rankings of the final stage. Divergents aren't a threat.
Finally Dauntless by TheMoWriter
Finally Dauntlessby Mo
This is a sequel to my fanfic Divergent No War! Go read my other one before this! So glad I have all my amazing readers to support my writing! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!
From abnegation to dauntless (FATD) || ✓ Completed by tonystarkisirondad
From abnegation to dauntless ( ily 300
A Divergent fanficion In this fanfiction, Tris and Tobias meet in Abnegation. The basic plot of Divergent, Tris transferring to Dauntless and her and Four falling in lov...
Eric and tris ||RE-WRITING|| by yourbabytiger
Eric and tris ||RE-WRITING||by Millie woods
One unplanned pregnancy One cheating Boyfriend One destroyed cake. Tris prior finds out she's pregnant on her best friends bathroom floor, tears were flowing with fear...
The Harm They Caused Him by _StxrsAllAround_
The Harm They Caused Himby _StxrsAllAround_
The students at Hogwarts are going back "home" after their 7th year (yes I know that there was a war but imma just forget about that for now. I don't wanna dea...
Twin Image (A Divergent Fan Fic) by Rosaceae-
Twin Image (A Divergent Fan Fic)by Rose 🌹
It is rare to grow up as a twin, but it's even more rare to grow up and have your other twin be the opposite gender. Some would say parents who are blessed with a set of...
Candor or Dauntless? by ssk_love
Candor or Dauntless?by ssk_love
The gang (Tris, Tobias, Christina, Will, Shauna, Zeke, Marlene, and Uriah) celebrate after choosing their jobs. They decide to play a game of Candor or Dauntless. (Fourt...
Divergent - FourTris (No war) by DivergentInspired
Divergent - FourTris (No war)by DivergentInspired
Tris and Tobias's love grows stronger, they get through everything. Things change, things stay the same and things move on. Fear are faced and fears are changed. Tris an...
The Legend of Fourtris by percabethwisher
The Legend of Fourtrisby percabethwisher
This is a story about Tris and Tobias. Tris lived after being shot by David... and my heart wasn't smashed into a million pieces... enjoy Disclaimer I don't own the Dive...
Unexpectedly Dauntless by Eponine564
Unexpectedly Dauntlessby Carrie Bonventre
What if Tris and Tobias were friends in Abnegation? Will they ever be more? This is my take on a no war story. Fourtris? Uris? Trizeke? Only time will tell.
The Hidden War (adopted by Existential_Human) by MiraiHolmes
The Hidden War (adopted by Mirai Holmes
adopted by Existential_Human What if Harry wasn't the boy who lived. What would happen if Lily and James had survived living with two twin boys, one a hero and the other...