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Divergent: No War by soccerplayingfangirl
Divergent: No Warby soccerplayingfangirl
This is my interpretation of Divergent without the war. I've written another story about this topic, so be sure to check it out! Its called Divergent: Their World Withou...
Troublemaker (Divergent Eric ) by Blueskittles151
Troublemaker (Divergent Eric )by Blueskittles151
(CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION SO BEWARE!!!!) "Why thank you, Mr. Serious." "Mr. Serious?" "Yeah, you're all like. 'Ug, I'm so serious, I can't s...
An Initiates Baby by d3athbeds
An Initiates Babyby ♡
*some sh*t don't add up because i started to edit, then stopped, then couldn't be bothered to continue and left it with missing paragraphs and plot-holes.* After a one-n...
My Protector (Divergent No War) by VaehC3703
My Protector (Divergent No War)by VaehC3703
(Highest ranking: #89 in Divergent) This is just another one of those stories that take place if the War on Abnegation never happened. Everyone is alive except for Al...
Four and Six: No war by _Fangirlwriter_
Four and Six: No warby Beth
This is set after divergent but there is no war. Al is still dead. What job does Tris pick is she still with Four? Will their relationship survives? What happens when a...
Candor or Dauntless (Fourtris Style!) by AnaSingerReader
Candor or Dauntless (Fourtris Styl...by AnaSingerReader
When you put Four and Six, the dauntless prodigies, Christina, the living lie detector, the Pedrad brothers, Will, Shauna, Lynn and some not-so-welcome guys in a room, w...
Effulgent by myyuri_76
Effulgentby Mayuri Krithika
Hey guys! This is basically my own version of Divergent no war plot but it's gonna be pretty interesting as I have something very unique planned. Enjoy, initiates! :)
Candor Or Dauntless 2! by ChoosingAblaze
Candor Or Dauntless 2!by Bella
Again! Tris, Tobias, Chris, Will, Uri, Mar, Lynn, Shauna, and the amazing Zeke join forces to play games of C or D! The war has been "delayed"! EXCERPT FROM TO...
Divergent- No War (UNEDITED) (WILL NOT BE FINISHED) by agreatperhapse
Divergent- No War (UNEDITED) (WILL...by Maddie
(EVEN THOUGH THIS IS PUBLISHED AND "COMPLETED" IT ISN'T ACTUALLY FINISHED AND WON'T BE) Everyone who's read the Divergent series knows that sadly a war broke o...
Life as a Dauntless by dontcallmegracie
Life as a Dauntlessby dontcallmegracie
This a typical fourtris, no-war fanfic. Tobias and tris are happily married in dauntless and are training initiates together. Fourtris, sheke, willina. Will and Al are s...
Divergence. by ChoosingAblaze
Divergence.by Bella
What if war had never happened? Tris never died? Four and Tris had a daughter? Well those questions sum up my not so ordinary FourTris fan-fic! Plz read and enjoy! COMPL...
Eric and Tris by yourbabytiger
Eric and Trisby Millie woods
One unplanned pregnancy One cheating Boyfriend One destroyed cake. Tris prior finds out she's pregnant on her best friends bathroom floor, tears were flowing with fear...
Divergent no war by divergent_fanfics_
Divergent no warby divergent_fanfics_
Tris and the gang have a life at dauntless have no war and the war between erudite and abnegation never happened. However, is Tris's choice as dauntless leader a good on...
Divergent: No War by cosmopolitanvibes
Divergent: No Warby cosmopolitan vibes
in an alternate universe where there was no war, how does tris and fours romance play out differently?
Divergent: No War by nikhildns
Divergent: No Warby Nikhil Strasma
Takes place right after Tris passes initiation. What if there was no war, and Divergents were no longer hunted? What if the tracking device was really a tracking device...
Divergent~No War by Taylor_McKenna11
Divergent~No Warby Taylor_McKenna
This picks up when Tris is finding out her ranking. This is a no war story because I cried for so long after reading Allegiant so here is a no war story for all of those...
Worlds Collide *Under Editing* by Ilovetoread534
Worlds Collide *Under Editing*by Ilovetoread534
The characters from three books are all transported into our world. With the help of a girl named Myra, they try to get back. Will they be stuck there forever? Will they...
Life Without War (Divergent) by TributeInitiate
Life Without War (Divergent)by That Writing Weirdo
In the Divergent world without war, everything is going like every other year. There was no war between the factions. Yet.The system was still in order and they were all...
Divergent no war by loveforfandoms_
Divergent no warby loveforfandoms_
Divergent if the war never happened. Everyone is alive except al.
Defiance - Sequel To Divergence. by ChoosingAblaze
Defiance - Sequel To Divergence.by Bella
The second book. A sequel to Divergence, if you haven't read it, go read it now! It has been a few days since the Candor and Abnegation attack. Serena Eaton finds hersel...