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Chaos & Salamander by MysticalLover02
Chaos & Salamanderby MysticalLover02
Natsu Dragneel. Known with the nickname 'Chaos' and who was raised by the Chaos Dragon Acnologia is a part of the strongest guild in Fiore, Fairy Tail. While looking for...
Her Protector ~NaLu~  by Anime_Star_Shipper01
Her Protector ~NaLu~ by Shining Pearl ^u^
<< COMPLETED >> What happens when Lucy finds a golden key in her mother's room? A note that says it belongs to her? The key with the end shaped in a fire sym...
Bite me : a Nalu mating  by Emiri_Nikoru
Bite me : a Nalu mating by Shojo
His eyes grew wider and began to move against the chains as she grew to be mere inches away from him "I know you won't hurt me" she took his face in her hands...
Dragon Slayer Sekiryuutei by AlexCarrillo770
Dragon Slayer Sekiryuuteiby Alex no Kitsune
la antigua era magica se ha ido, ahora esta la era de las facciones, pero los legados de unos magos aun siguen vivos, los Dragon Slayers, y entre ellos esta Issei Dragne...
Our Little Secret (GraTsu One Shots) by Kage696
Our Little Secret (GraTsu One Snickerz-san
What happens when a certain Ice Stripper has a crush on the one and only Flame Brain? Will Natsu share the same feelings for Gray, or will their friendship be shattered...
The Tragic Hum Of A Fairy (NaLu Fanfic) by melodyelaine
The Tragic Hum Of A Fairy (NaLu Melody Elaine
Natsu and Lucy have been friends since the middle of kindergarten when Lucy moved into the town of Magnolia with her mother. They had always been in the same class and k...
Shadows Live In Heaven {Rouge x OC} by hcandy11
Shadows Live In Heaven {Rouge x OC}by White_Lotus
Enslaved, abandoned, and alone Anna seeks out a place to go. She eventually found her way to Tenro island where the nice ghost that lives there tells her what to do. Mav...
when she returned a Gray fanfiction by nerdynatsu
when she returned a Gray fanfictionby nerdynatsu
talia is a fire dragon slayer, like her brother Natsu, but she are also a Fire devil slayer, an ancient magic that only a few posses. Many years back she went on a missi...
Fairy Tail's Future by AlyssaBaxendale
Fairy Tail's Futureby A. J. Baxendale
Why are two kids following Natsu and Lucy? What are they hiding? Who is messing with the future? Will they be able to save it? Will Natsu and Lucy confess? Are Lucy and...
The Warrior of Flames (Fire Force X Male Reader) by Sparky24q
The Warrior of Flames (Fire Sparky24q
Causes of death are many and varied. Old age. Illness. Suicide. But out of that long, morbid list, there's one end that people fear above all others. Death by fire. A yo...
Ice and Fire [Gray x reader] by 0nly_ficti0ns
Ice and Fire [Gray x reader]by ♡♡♡
You're Natsu's younger twin sister, y/n. Yes, you're TWINS but You actually look pretty different. You both have fire magic. But yours is different from Natsu's. You hav...
Living with the Bad Boy || NALU *SLOW UPDATES* by sugar_xo
Living with the Bad Boy || NALU * 🍬.
"Good girls always fall for the bad boy." "Good thing I'm not a good girl." "Oh really?" he says with a smirk. ● ● ● 16 year old, Lucy Hea...
Fióre Sisters by Lucy_Dragneel_Senpai
Fióre Sistersby Lucy Heartfillia Dragneel
This is a NaLu and GruVia fanfiction guys!! This is about Lucy and Juvia. They are stepsisters but still close like real ones....Minerva is their Stepmother. The two of...
Lucy Heartfilia the Dragon Slayer by Lucy_Heartfellia
Lucy Heartfilia the Dragon Slayerby Lucy Heartfilia
One day Team Natsu had decided to take a dangerous job to fight a beast. The beast turned out to be a ton stronger than it was described as. It almost killed Lucy but Na...
Remnants of Death: Rise of Troscho by DragonWizard43
Remnants of Death: Rise of Troschoby DragonWizard43
This is the sequel to the series The Hero: Salamander! Go check that out before you read this story first! I am kinda new to this whole writing thing, but I hope that yo...
Curse of Compassion by HannahObelJorgensen2
Curse of Compassionby Hannah
Similar to the Curse of Contradiction, which was harbored by the black wizard Zeref and the fairy tactician Mavis, is the Curse of Compassion. As punishment for falling...
dragon slayer guild (Fairy tail story) by salwabprice
dragon slayer guild (Fairy tail salwabprice
Fairy Tail has to face a brand new threat. Imagine a guild entirely out of dragon slayers with 1st, 2nd and even 3rd generation dragon slayers with power you couldn't im...
A Feiry Love (Natsu x Reader Fanfic) by ShinyGoose
A Feiry Love (Natsu x Reader ThatZangoose
Yo So you/your characters magic is called Flame Phoenix. Your signature move is FlameThrower, it's more or less a dragon slayers roar but different... like not as powerf...