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Hidden Beauty [ A Fem-Natsu x Gray Story] by Doms_Knightwalker
Hidden Beauty [ A Fem-Natsu x 🌹YEON🌹
Natsu was a beautiful girl who leaved with her brother Zeref in their mansion she was forced to cross dress as a boy because she is going to study in Fairy Tail Academy ...
(Gratsu) Beat The Dragon Out Of Me (HIATUS) by dragonecho
(Gratsu) Beat The Dragon Out Of Echo ~
(HIATUS UNTIL OCTOBER 6TH) (a Gratsu torture fanfiction) What's the point of returning back, when you could just move forward? What's the point of fighting back, when yo...
Blood Revelation by Kanra_Nakura143
Blood Revelationby Kanra Nakura
Summary: Nastu was kidnapped by a dark guild few days after Erza was declared to be the 7th guild master of Fairy tail. Three weeks after Natsu got kidnapped, Zeref, who...
My Little Dragon {Holiday Gratsu/ Natray Fanfictions} by SakaDaCocka
My Little Dragon {Holiday ❤Sasha-senpai❤
This is a little collection I am going to make that will have a few small Gratsu fanfictions. They will all be related to Halloween/Christmas/Other Holidays so if you d...
Survive | {Gratsu} by Fairytailanna
Survive | {Gratsu}by Fairytailanna
"Dammit! I wish I could but I don't wanna hurt you" he cried out with watery eyes. "Then don't!" After an accident on a job, the worst news is given...
Dragon Mating Season...Reversed! [COMPLETED] by Cupcakes20040
Dragon Mating Season...Reversed! [ -CupcakeDoesFanFiction-
**All Rights Reserved** ~=~ Being Inspired by a fellow author...I have created this story! Shout out to @YellowMeerkat! Dragon Mating Season has emerged, effecting all t...
Gray x Natsu "A Gratsu Fanfic" by Solena_Sato
Gray x Natsu "A Gratsu Fanfic"by Solena Joy
Mira's POV "Poor Natsu and Gray... Well, they should know not to make bets they can't win." An evil smile gave way on my face. "You don't think they'll ki...
You Flaming Idiot, I Love You! by Tsurayii
You Flaming Idiot, I Love You!by Tsu
Lifelong rivals who have despised each other for as long as they can remember, Natsu and Gray are sent out on a "mission" together. How will they survive this...
Fire and Ice working together. [GraTsu] by DanmakuExpress
Fire and Ice working together. [ Nick
【Completed】 Gray Fullbuster has been forced to be on a mission with Natsu Dragneel. This mission was to defeat a group, called Fairy Killer. This guild was created as t...
Gratsu Oneshots by belovababy
Gratsu Oneshotsby Goodness Gayness
I call it Gratsu one shots, but I'll sprinkle in Natray Don't worry, I cringed enough for the both of us after reading these. Completed March 9th, 2020
You're more than a slave ~ Gratsu ~ COMPLETED!! by Clear_as_jelly
You're more than a slave ~ Büssy Böp
This fic makes me want to end myself, be prepared. Highest ranking #1 in grayxnatsu COMPLETED!!! T^T Cover made by the lovely @JuliaVeronik8!!! Gray Fullbuster is the pr...
Don't let go (BoyxBoy) by Eragon_Saloman
Don't let go (BoyxBoy)by Aili Floyd
Gray and Natsu have been fighting and it ended badly. Gray now regrets his actions and wants his lovable pyro back. But will it be too late, will Gray ever say 'I love y...
Frozen Heart (Gratsu) by YellowMeerkat
Frozen Heart (Gratsu)by YellowMeerkat
Gray was captured by a group of thieves who planted a dragon slayer lacrima in him. Gray struggles to become an ice dragon slayer but thankfully Natsu wants to help him...
Gratsu/ They don't know about us  by misscupcakesx3
Gratsu/ They don't know about us by misscupcakesx3
this is a gray and natsu fanfiction Gray has been in love with natsu since they first met Contains tons of smut Daddy kink, seme gray uke natsu
Scars Left Behind [Fairy Tail Fanfiction] (Gray X Natsu) by -typical_fanboy-
Scars Left Behind [Fairy Tail -typical_fanboy-
After the war between Fiore and Alvarez Empire, things were never the same again. They've won yet the loss of some of their comrades that they couldn't save brought them...
I'm not the Natsu you knew by SalzyJamais
I'm not the Natsu you knewby Salzy
Illusions. That's what made him leave. Natsu dragneel, along with Gray fullbuster, Two of the strongest fairy tail guild members left so easily. but why? (Mostly discont...
Natsu's Fairytail Harem by GucciGurlsLight
Natsu's Fairytail Haremby Oop- Sksksksk
This is a story about how almost EVERY boy in Fairytail is in love with Natsu, what happens when things happen? It's either all or none. None of the art is mine unless I...
Do you still love me? [gratsu fanfic] by 1000gayships
Do you still love me? [gratsu 1000gayships
Natsu was worried. No not only worried terrified. It seemed like Gray (the most important person in his life and boyfriend) was drifting away from him. He was desperatel...
Gratsu//New Feelings (Gray x Natsu) by miloisnotstraight
Gratsu//New Feelings (Gray x Natsu)by I'm garbage
Gray is sent with Natsu and Happy on a mission together, but being with Natsu, the boy he loves, and Happy makes Gray frustrated because he can't do anything about his f...
The Dragon's Law by memo-ruru
The Dragon's Lawby Prince Memo
Fairy Tail: the most boisterous guild around Fiore suddenly found themselves face to face again with Acnologia along with the other guilds. They are doing everything the...