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Hidden Beauty [ A Fem-Natsu x Gray Story] by Doms_Knightwalker
Hidden Beauty [ A Fem-Natsu x 🌹YEON🌹
Natsu was a beautiful girl who leaved with her brother Zeref in their mansion she was forced to cross dress as a boy because she is going to study in Fairy Tail Academy ...
Behind The Scenes ~ A Gratsu fanfic by KawaiiSugarPanda
Behind The Scenes ~ A Gratsu fanficby Vol...tron?
" Rаіn falls because the clouds can no longer handle the weight Tears fall because the heart cannot handle the pain." ...
Killer Love  by GalaxyQueenAquarius
Killer Love by Blip
Gang Au/Assassin au Gray Fullbuster, FairyTail's greatest Assassin. He stumbled across a file about a pink haired bad-ass. Mild use of powers FairyTail doesn't belong to...
Since we were kids (gratsu) by natsudragneel125
Since we were kids (gratsu)by Koradragneel
Gray and nastu have been in a secret Relationship since they were kids. It was love at first sight for them. But how are they ever gonna tell the guild about there relat...
Gratsu - Fluff x Smut by IL0veFairyTail
Gratsu - Fluff x Smutby Alex
A Gratsu FanFiction
Singing the past (discontinued) by ShiroKazegame
Singing the past (discontinued)by ShiroKazegame
Fairy is having a singing contest. Lets see how our favourite Slayers cope and who knew they were in a band (apparently only Makarov). Lets just hope a certain Pyro can...
Fairy Hearts (A Collection of Fairy Tail One-shots) by CatzRKewl
Fairy Hearts (A Collection of Cat Fullbuster
A collection of one-shots and rambles about couples I enjoy. Requests are closed for now, but that might change soon! Mostly Gratsu and Stingue, although I do have a var...
Jealousy by MightMore
Jealousyby #PowerBottomNatsu
Gray and Natsu have been broken up for a couple of months now, and let's just say, their relationship ended on "bad terms". But when Natsu starts to go out wit...
Unity by __lp__
Unityby LP
Natsu Dragneel meets a stranger during a horrible storm. His brother's grudge against the other teenager seems to die down after he realizes how happy Natsu has became...
Natsus heat~ AND SOME GRATSU ONE-SHOTS! by hallo180777e8e8887o
Natsus heat~ AND SOME GRATSU hallo180777e8e8887o
Natsu is in heat but he don't know it yet. But what if natsu mate is the ice princess?and what if they gonna find out that natsu is a submissive after they had se-whoops...
A Fairy Secret  (Fairy Tail) by Rayneix
A Fairy Secret (Fairy Tail)by Rayneix
Natsu's past is a mystery to all except Happy and Makarov. Everyone at the guild has questioned it before. He was always so scared and timid that they could only wonder...
Gratsu One-Shots by Kenny-McWhoreDick
Gratsu One-Shotsby DevineBakuShima
Just one shot smut each chapter is different
Natsu's secrets and secret talents/Drabbles by Yaoi_AnimeLover5600
Natsu's secrets and secret Yaoi_AnimeLover5600
A collection of short stories about Natsu's secret talents.
You're Gay?! by islanddude2005
You're Gay?!by Erlu_Gratsu_Chendy4life
Hey everyone! This is only my second story, so plz no hater comments! When everyone ships Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza, and Rowen in the guild and thinks nothing can go wrong wi...
Love Story (Gratsu lemons) by Angelina_Dragneel
Love Story (Gratsu lemons)by Angelina_Dragneel
When Gray tells Natsu that he likes him everything changes. Does Natsu like him like Gray or does he hate him?
Surprise (Fraxus Lemon) by YaoiShipsMaster
Surprise (Fraxus Lemon)by Yaoi_is_my_life
It's almost Laxus's birthday and Freed is excited to plan everything out. Laxus insists on having the day for only the two of them. How will Freed plan the day out?
The Pink Flames (fem!natsu x Gray) by SkootSkeet
The Pink Flames (fem!natsu x Gray)by SkootSkeet
What if Natsu was turned into a girl? A/N: my other story is alive, I'm just having a serious case of writer's block.
As if It Wasn't Enough [GraTsu Fanfiction] by KaneTheGreat
As if It Wasn't Enough [GraTsu Kane-Chi
Natsu Dragneel is your average Sophomore that has never been to a party, has a cat as his BFFL, and is unexplainably in love with his best friend who he's pretty sure is...
Dragon mating season by YellowMeerkat
Dragon mating seasonby YellowMeerkat
Natsu, Laxus, Sting and Rogue are going through mating season. Luckily Wendy is to young to experience mating season as for Gajeel and Cobra they have already found ther...
Hidden Talent by HakuTheByako220
Hidden Talentby KuramaTheDemonFox
Gray cheat. Natsu is heart broken. Natsu went missing. Will the guild be able to find Natsu after his disappearance? In this story I'm gonna put two of my OC Kurama and...