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Life After Near Death by WildRhov
Life After Near Deathby Rhov
Gray nearly dies in battle. Although Natsu saves his life, Gray is left severely handicapped and may never walk again. Now Gray despises Natsu, feeling weak and indebted...
Dragon Mating Season  by Butterflyzilla
Dragon Mating Season by C.T.B. Coltrentzier
The eclipse is making the dragon slayers act weird. Now 4 people are on the run. Because they are the mates of 4 crazy dragon slayers. Jump on this train of 4 clingy and...
Gratsu~One Shots~ (BoyxBoy) (yaoi) by LegendaryHeroes
Gratsu~One Shots~ (BoyxBoy) (yaoi)by The Underclass Hero
This is Gratsu fanfic! Which means Gray x Natsu! Also means boy x boy! So it's yaoi! Don't like, don't read! I don't own fairy tail! If I did then Gratsu would be happen...
That's not me // Gratsu by Approach_with_care
That's not me // Gratsuby Max Seraph Isaac 💞
Natalie Dragneel. Sixteen year old girl, completely average in every way. Average school, average friends, Average family, average job... average me. That's what everyon...
Do you still love me? [gratsu fanfic] by 1000gayships
Do you still love me? [gratsu 1000gayships
Natsu was worried. No not only worried terrified. It seemed like Gray (the most important person in his life and boyfriend) was drifting away from him. He was desperatel...
Secrets by ashy_dashy_073
Secretsby Marie 'Maki'
(Fem. Natsu x Gray) Natsu and Gray are hiding a few things from the guild. Will the guild find out eventually? If so, what'll happen?
Dragon Mating Season...Reversed! [COMPLETED] by Cupcakes20040
Dragon Mating Season...Reversed! [ -CupcakeDoesFanFiction-
**All Rights Reserved** ~=~ Being Inspired by a fellow author...I have created this story! Shout out to @YellowMeerkat! Dragon Mating Season has emerged, effecting all t...
Mating Season (Mostly Chendy, Erlu, Canajane) by WolfTamer13
Mating Season (Mostly Chendy, WolfTamer13
I know that everyone does it, but I'd like to think mine's a bit different. Updates once a day (used to before I finished it that is), has good grammar, and long chapter...
Melted Ice {Natsu x Juvia} by galaxydeviant
Melted Ice {Natsu x Juvia}by •galaxy_deviant•
"Where was she? She struggled to move her sore limbs and heard a metallic 'clanggg'. She stiffened at such a loud noise, and attempted to bring her hands down to he...
Gratsu - Fluff x Smut by IL0veFairyTail
Gratsu - Fluff x Smutby Alex
A Gratsu FanFiction
Get Used To Me (gratsu Fanfic) by Fandoms-For-All
Get Used To Me (gratsu Fanfic)by -Luna-
Lets just say Natsu is shy. Will his new friends change that though? Read to figure out what happens. (DISCONTINUED) #10 on #grayxnatsu
Melting Gray [Gratsu] by hanlovespasta
Melting Gray [Gratsu]by han!! ☆
Senior year can mean lots of things for people. For Natsu, it simply means turning over a new leaf - not letting his past define his happiness, actually attempting to ge...
Just you and me 💋 Gratsu Natsu x Gray Omegaverse Yaoi  by Sokanii
Just you and me 💋 Gratsu Natsu Sokanii
Gray found Natsu half dead near the edge of his territory. According to Natsu, his family had abandoned and terribly wounded him since he was an Omega and not an alpha...
Good Intentions by mdelpin
Good Intentionsby mdelpin
Natsu and Gray's constant fighting causes them to mess up a job. Erza is fed up and purchases a potion to make them get along temporarily in the hopes that it will stren...
Mating Season  by Butterflyzilla
Mating Season by C.T.B. Coltrentzier
CheNdy, GraTsu, CanaJane, FrAxus, Minor GaLe and ErLu No lemons
Gay Does Not Just Mean Happy by mdelpin
Gay Does Not Just Mean Happyby mdelpin
Sometimes your perfect someone has been in front of you all along...... Master Bob's friend has been murdered by a group that has been targeting gay Blue Pegasus custome...
Gratsu Oneshots by allure-
Gratsu Oneshotsby 𝐋.𝐈𝐀 ˚۰˚☽˚
I wrote this so long ago, the writing is absolutely atrocious. Don't worry, I cringed enough for the both of us after reading these. I don't write male ships anymore. CU...
You Flaming Idiot, I Love You! by Tsurayii
You Flaming Idiot, I Love You!by Tsu
Lifelong rivals who have despised each other for as long as they can remember, Natsu and Gray are sent out on a "mission" together. How will they survive this...
How We Came To Be(Gratsu M-preg) by BlueFire-Queen1231
How We Came To Be(Gratsu M-preg)by BlueFire-Queen1231
This is a story about how natsu and gray got together and to where they are now. (M-preg)
Abuse (Gratsu) *completed* by Where_are_the_ducks
Abuse (Gratsu) *completed*by Kai
What if Natsu was in an abusive relationship...? Will anyone find out...? What is Natsu hiding...?