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Enigmatic | ✓ by aurorli
Enigmatic | ✓by ➳ auro
The Mafia Boss and the Billionaire. After the murder of her parents, Blisse Neves searches the world for the ones responsible, all while keeping the world's top mafia bo...
Gentleness Is The Ultimate Skill by LiannQ
Gentleness Is The Ultimate Skillby LiannQ
Title: 温柔才是必杀技 Author:六角雪 Status: Completed Description: Shen Yue is a prehistoric orphan, his mental body and genes have been sealed and preserved. Until he woke up ag...
Frost by AshleighReeds
Frostby Ashleigh Reeds
"You think you have what it takes to handle the likes of me, sweetheart?" he whispered, a sardonic smile plastered on his lips, "you don't." ...
Winter Is Here // Game Of Thrones by Audelia01
Winter Is Here // Game Of Thronesby Audelia
"You can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved" Audelia Stark of Winterfell, the beauty of the seven kingdoms, daughter of the honourable Lord Eddard Sta...
After Being The First O To Mark An A, I Became A History  by LiannQ
After Being The First O To Mark LiannQ
Title: 成为第一只标记A的我载入史册了 Author: 后夫微安 Status: Completed Description: Su Lin'an has traveled through time and transmigrated into an ABO novel with a collection of novel spe...
Her Right Mistake by Aileedales
Her Right Mistakeby Aileedales
Audrey Danler was pretty sure she could forget all memories of Vren Parkinson and that one drunken night they shared on her best friend's wedding. It was a mistake to le...
Miss Faye by Once_There
Miss Fayeby Łäđÿ PéâřŁ
"W-What are you doing sir? This is inappropriate!" Gracious! What is this man doing?! He pressed me closer in his chest that not even a needle can pass. &qu...
Kshatrani - The Warrior Princess by anaemic_ameoba
Kshatrani - The Warrior Princessby aarya
Chitra. Veer-sodari, Veer-patni, and Veer-mata. The world knows her as Princess Subhadra, the beloved sister of Lord Krishna. The pride of Dwarka. The mother of Abhiman...
Destinies Entwined:The Romantic Sagas of the Rathore heirs by Thegurlwithredhair_
Destinies Entwined:The Romantic Iffywrites_
The Rathore family, renowned as one of the most influential and affluent families in the country, possesses an unparalleled combination of prestige, wealth, power, autho...
Nyx by okay_2003
Nyxby okay_2003
A man is usually the brutal, buffed, angry all the time, mafia leader. A women is usually the nerd, don't have friends and shy. But what if the roles change. .... Nyx...
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THE ROYALTIES SARANGby underneath moon
It is the story of the times where women were just born and then married to a man who is nothing but a stranger to her . The only women who were powerful were the ones w...
Stealthily, Your Highness || BTS Fanfiction by ArmyLovesPurple
Stealthily, Your Highness || BTS Purpleee~
Book #1 of the Eternal Bonds series. [ ᎿᎻᎬ ᎷᎨᎠᎠᏝᎬ ᎬᎯᏕᎿ] ___ She had everything - except for what she desired the most. They had nothing but each other, the seven of th...
Feroz Amor (Bakugo x reader) by wanted_Mondragon
Feroz Amor (Bakugo x reader)by K.C Mondragon
Y/n has one of the most strongest quirks coming from her well-known family 'los Mondragon's' who in her dad side of the family have dragon like quirks. Y/n out of h...
ishq-e-jung || Indian Mafia story  by loverrsoft12
ishq-e-jung || Indian Mafia story by atsias
You always heard of villains killing each other but are you ever heard about villains falling in love..... "villains are not born, they are made" and this is n...
Chasing heartbeats by Islaaavi
Chasing heartbeatsby Islaaavi
Cavianna Celestial Cavalli was born and raised by the most richest and influential family. She was trained to be smart, tough and confident, to be perfect as the only gi...
Beauty and Beastly | ✓ by shimmeringfire
Beauty and Beastly | ✓by shimmer
THIS BOOK IS COMPLETED but it will be HEAVILY EDITED and have things added to it in the future. I wrote this book when I was much younger. I didn't expect it to reach th...
Destiny: The Missing Puzzle Piece _(TejRan fanfiction) (completed) by LKtejran
Destiny: The Missing Puzzle LKtejran
Life is like a puzzle... before finding the right piece to fit the incomplete part of the biggest jigsaw puzzle called life, you need to try lot of misfit ones. But onc...
Twins Fabray: Book 1 by haleyandthejets
Twins Fabray: Book 1by Jazzie Hart
Grace and Quinn, may be twins but the two girls are complete opposites. Quinn is the captain of the Cheerios and president of the celibacy club meanwhile Grace is mostly...
Sharah- A Particular Incident by Fazu_Mansuri
Sharah- A Particular Incidentby Dr. Fazu Mansuri
Hidden Marriage Series #1 Maaysa: An orphan girl who is trying to make it through in this Cruel and Ruthless world without having anyone at her back. A 20 Years old girl...
Devilish Bonds by laaxmi101
Devilish Bondsby laaxmi_1622_101
She saved them. She valued their lives more than hers. She is too young to go through so much. But will destiny allow it? Will little Zoya get what she wanted? #5 to...