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The Wedding Gift by lucykevinbooks
The Wedding Giftby Lucy Kevin
After Julie Delgado's restaurant closes, she temporarily takes over the catering position at the Rose Chalet, a full-service San Francisco wedding venue. She plans to da...
Is This Love?  by fizuck
Is This Love? by fizuck
Tracy awakes and sees that Chris is still asleep. She taps him and he groans. She shakes him playfully amd he aways suddenly and rolls on top of Tracy and grabs her hand...
Roronoa Fiasco (Zoro x reader) by FangLephei
Roronoa Fiasco (Zoro x reader)by FangLephei
This is a sequel and actually the 3rd book!!! 1st Book: Zoro x reader The new girl at the school 2nd Book: I just want to see you happy,dad. (Zoro x reader) After Zoro a...
Fiasco by iamaranthe
Fiascoby insufferable
for the eyes never lie - Nadia Corinne Kho-Herrero which she preferably liked to be called as "Anya" couldn't ask for more. She has everything that anyone wo...
A group of 6 girls have been hidden deep in thew maze in another 'glade'. Just like thomas they all had something to do with wicked. But what happens when the gliders fi...
Book of Fiasco by LiesOfLei
Book of Fiascoby ぎ元 天使
Poetically unpoetic
Ten Reasons For Heartbreak by TMZoe11
Ten Reasons For Heartbreakby Zoe
Emilia Raven is left devastated when her high school sweetheart stands her up at the altar. Instead of the groom she was promised, she receives a series of notes detaili...
the strange adventures of my freinds by hannahodair
the strange adventures of my Queen Llama
me and my freinds might look normalto you but we are not.... read about our weird adventures here !!
Fiasco of the Unseen by peyfior
Fiasco of the Unseenby peyfior
Finlay Weaver hopes to go through her senior year with as little confrontation as possible. That quickly diminishes as she is introduced to Roman Matthews- the mystery b...
How My Life Turned Upside-Down by LAnonymousness
How My Life Turned Upside-Downby MAW
My life was perfect. I know that most teens would say that life sucks and yadda yadda yadda, but honestly, I was pretty much content with what I had. I had awesome frien...
The Great Pasta Fiasco by fandomgirl40
The Great Pasta Fiascoby - ̗̀ angel ̖́-
One-Shot. Based on a True Story. Enjoy!
battle scars [coming soon guise] by Alyambby
battle scars [coming soon guise]by aly and sam
✓ ❝these battle scars, don't look like they're fading don't look like they're ever going away they ani't never gonna change these battle.❞
The Fiasco by Mubeen_S
The Fiascoby SuhaanM
Crumbling down of a perfectly hoped shape.
Suppose to Be by Us-Girls
Suppose to Beby Us-Girls
"I just wish I had a second chance...To make it how its suppose to be...
A Simple Favour... by mickyhardy7
A Simple mickyhardy7
Avery and Audrey are sure this summer is going to be a complete disaster. They have to deal with possibly losing their best friends, their parent's crumbling relationsh...
Change The World by KohlerCoester
Change The Worldby Kohle
Can an inexperienced underground Rapper and his idol, Lupe Fiasco, change the world? Or will they fail, and with them, all hope for Humanity.
Raccoon fiasco by Spiderstar0303
Raccoon fiascoby Spiderstar0303
This a true story that happened to me during the halloween week. Let's just say I ended up looking pretty trashy. Haha. I'm puny