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My Gassy King (Kellic) (Fart Fic) by Gay_Sassygay
My Gassy King (Kellic) (Fart Fic)by Smellin Kellin
Vic meets this really cute guy at a bar and wants to be with him. Vic notices he has some stomach issues however. Later on they find out that they're into some gross thi...
Discovery of a Fetish by Fetishes101
Discovery of a Fetishby Fetishes101
Discovering your fetish is always funny. You might be single, in a relationship or even married. You might be 13 or 18 or older. But its always funny because you always...
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My Wedgie Filled Life by kinklover69
My Wedgie Filled Lifeby kinklover69
I'm a 16 year old in high school and I get wedgies and spankings everyday from my family, friends, and even teachers.
Loud Farts by YoshizillaFan
Loud Fartsby Yoshizilla-Fan
When you can't think of a less lazy title or a a relatively irregular plot. All the girls in the Loud House get farting problems...
Laito's Gassy Day by DiabolikFetishist
Laito's Gassy Dayby Kanato Sakamaki
Laito Sakamaki just got finished with a big breakfast...Will Yui be able to withstand the power of his ass? *All characters belong to Rejet
Dave tootie butt by FartWaterLol
Dave tootie buttby Your Mom
Gassy gassy boy.... in a gassy gassy world...
What is it like to live with a Centaur Girl? by OlaTheBae
What is it like to live with a Cen...by Ola Lova~
!WARNING! Mass amount of Fart fetish, may contain scat. A lot of centaur girls.
Two Dirty Boys~ [Scat, Fart Fetish] by AmanaJaku
Two Dirty Boys~ [Scat, Fart Fetish]by AmanaJaku
One boy is name "Jaro" the other boy is named "Jacos" They both discover their kinks as they play a game of Truth or Dare
Hilda's Smelly Defeat by CutezieOne
Hilda's Smelly Defeatby CutezieOne
After Hilda loses in a gym battle against Elesa, she has to take some kind of punishment other than the sting of loss. (Art belongs to Keijix)
The gassy babysitter by Neverkid
The gassy babysitterby Micheal neveren
Your parents have left for a party in Germany. You live in the USA spand you're trapped with your annoying babysitter
Borutos gassy fun by nasmith69
Borutos gassy funby hillo99
Boruto has a lot of fun with his new friend I'm making a part 2 with naruto haha
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metal/grunge/rock oneshots bc why not by aprettyweirduser
metal/grunge/rock oneshots bc why...by poop
hi fam, send requests through any request or suggestion chapters I have!!! please also look at what I won't do for requests 😋🙏 grrrr hi im jenny and I write silly litt...
Poo and Pee Stories!! :) by -SxmpppplySxtries
Poo and Pee Stories!! :)by poop-xxxxgamin:)
please comment ideas enjoy :)
Brother Sister Accident by Throwaway2424
Brother Sister Accidentby Throwaway2424
A brother and a Sister returns from a mall as they return they get experimental with one another and it gets messy
my life with a super gassy boyfriend~ by Sunwukongsleftarmpit
my life with a super gassy boyfrie...by leonnnn <3
kind of a fetish story? idk, you'll see..
Tales from the Toilet by SirShadowSexy
Tales from the Toiletby Some Body
Another collection of stories about girls and their bathroom escapades. Don't know how much I'm actually gonna post. If I feel like it, I'll add more. All characters in...
How 2 Slob by Peacebabye
How 2 Slobby Your B00$
Ever'one been wonderin' how I done gone an' did it, turnin' myself into the human example of a pig stench and all fer years now so I reckoned I oughta do what I love an'...
Brock × Y/N × Mater by brockpiglover
Brock × Y/N × Materby brockpiglover
Hot, young pig from your favorite band 'The Baconers' falls in love with you and seduces you with his charming body and mad gutair skills.He knows his way with his hoove...