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Lia's FartSlave by Arii_Danger
Lia's FartSlaveby Arii
Lia is a bossy 18 year old girl living with her sister in a hotel, Her sister Layla is 16 years old. Lia pays the bills and service for the hotel so she makes Layla to s...
My Gassy King (Kellic) (Fart Fic) by Gay_Sassygay
My Gassy King (Kellic) (Fart Fic)by Smellin Kellin
Vic meets this really cute guy at a bar and wants to be with him. Vic notices he has some stomach issues however. Later on they find out that they're into some gross thi...
Sat on and Farted on by Gassy boyfriend by xxkinkwriterxx
Sat on and Farted on by Gassy boyf...by xxkinkwriterxx
Bruno is a nasty man and won't stop farting. Lets just see how far this goes!
Pandora The Heartless Babysitter 🤢 by fartkinkloverkimuru
Pandora The Heartless Babysitter 🤢by 🍓 κιmυrυ .
Pandora is a girl who always store's big gas in her stomach , she can let it out on anyone and she can also shit on your face , she also stores alot of shit. Her family...
Stinky secret  by fartloverrr
Stinky secret by fartloverrr
The most popular girls at school have some stinky pleasures. They decide to keep their fetishes a secret. ⚠️ WARNING FART FETISH CONTENT ⚠️
Killua's slave by KcydlozAullik
Killua's slaveby KcydlozAullik
This is a fart fetish fanfic about Killua. Don't like don't read.
Gassy Hex Maniac by Carykioon
Gassy Hex Maniacby Carykioon
Its a story about hex maniac but gassy ig. also i know nothing about hex maniac so ima just go off my instinct
The Fart Fic (Gross Dan and Phil Fanfiction) by TrashyBoy101
The Fart Fic (Gross Dan and Phil F...by Alfie
Here was have another short gross fanfiction because I can and because it's funny and this is what this account is all about. Ahahaha. Here go. ...
Slowly becoming my Sister's Ass Slave: Part 1 by Underman10
Slowly becoming my Sister's Ass Sl...by Underman10
This is fictitious story about a young boy discovering his submissive sexuality for his older sister. This is part one of a six part story. If demand for more is there...
Gassy Love (Lesser-known Waifu Edition) by TimothyQueen
Gassy Love (Lesser-known Waifu Edi...by Timothy Queen
Inspired by Tinywaifumachine. Let me shed some light on some of the lesser known waifus of media
A Filthy Christmas with Kefla by GreenieGreens
A Filthy Christmas with Keflaby SamSpratticus
It's Christmas Eve, and Caulifla ends up drinking too much so she can't go home. She and Kale stays at your place for Christmas, but Little do you k is the surprise they...
The dutchoven by MehaTheGummyGirl
The dutchovenby 🥴
Tyiana and Arabelle's dutchoven
Mothers Fart Torture by verystinkystories
Mothers Fart Tortureby stinkystories
It was a summer day, and Maggie was supposed to do the chores while her mother was gone at work all day. Her mother comes home to a filthy house and decides to give Magg...
Chris Pratt Fart Fan Fic by fartsniffer88
Chris Pratt Fart Fan Ficby fartsniffer88
Chris Pratt makes you his fart slave for a week
What is it like to live with a Centaur Girl? by OlaTheBae
What is it like to live with a Cen...by Ola Lova~
!WARNING! Mass amount of Fart fetish, may contain scat. A lot of centaur girls.
Anime guy x Reader fart fanfics  by instanoodlesm3
Anime guy x Reader fart fanfics by Buckyownsm3
You read the title. If that's not your thing move along lol( basically all MHA guys at this point 😭 hopefully I get some other requests cause if it's up to me it'll be...
farting oneshots by nayalovefart
farting oneshotsby nayalovefart
some farting oneshots. girl oneshots only, I'm not that into boys farting.
Nick's First Session  by fartloverz
Nick's First Session by fartloverz
warning: contains fart and torture
The Mysterious Fart by chasitybby
The Mysterious Fartby chasitybby
So, in "The Mysterious Fart," Lily suddenly becomes the center of attention after accidentally letting one rip in class. As things progress, Lily starts intent...
Hot Konosuba Stories by TimothyQueen
Hot Konosuba Storiesby Timothy Queen
In this blessed World, things start to get even hotter