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Sat on and Farted on by Gassy boyfriend by xxkinkwriterxx
Sat on and Farted on by Gassy boyf...by xxkinkwriterxx
Bruno is a nasty man and won't stop farting. Lets just see how far this goes!
Nick's First Session  by fartloverz
Nick's First Session by fartloverz
warning: contains fart and torture
Stinky secret  by fartloverrr
Stinky secret by fartloverrr
The most popular girls at school have some stinky pleasures. They decide to keep their fetishes a secret. ⚠️ WARNING FART FETISH CONTENT ⚠️
Pandora The Heartless Babysitter 🤢 by doubtedbraps
Pandora The Heartless Babysitter 🤢by 🪼 DoubtedReality .
Pandora is a girl who always store's big gas in her stomach , she can let it out on anyone and she can also shit on your face , she also stores alot of shit. Her family...
Borutos gassy fun by nasmith69
Borutos gassy funby hillo99
Boruto has a lot of fun with his new friend I'm making a part 2 with naruto haha
Stinky bet (boy x girl) by verystinkystories
Stinky bet (boy x girl)by stinkystories
About a bet between two friends which gets extremely stinky
Denki's Degenerative Duet (Kamijirou And Denki Fart Harem) by TimothyQueen
Denki's Degenerative Duet (Kamijir...by Timothy Queen
Denki Kaminari and Kyoka Jirou had a crush on each other, Denki and Jirou want to improve their relationship even more. But what Jirou doesn't know is that, Denki has a...
PJ's Wet Dream (PaRappa X PJ Oneshot 18+) by PeachyTheArtist
PJ's Wet Dream (PaRappa X PJ Onesh...by Peachy Rose
Disclaimer: Parappa and PJ are actually skunks in this fanfic. Because why the fuck not >:3 When PJ has a dream about his crush that makes him extremely wet as soon a...
Gassy Hex Maniac by Emp_Crimsona
Gassy Hex Maniacby Empress
Its a story about hex maniac but gassy ig. also i know nothing about hex maniac so ima just go off my instinct
Depressurization sensation by ohyeaaaaaa453
Depressurization sensationby ohyeaaaaaa453
A blonde teenager by the Madison decided on the idea to eat Three plates of bean and she now feels gassy
Double Trouble ! ( im back ! ) by doubtedbraps
Double Trouble ! ( im back ! )by 🪼 DoubtedReality .
hey guys, sorry for not updating and making new stories.
The dutchoven by MehaTheGummyGirl
The dutchovenby 🥴
Tyiana and Arabelle's dutchoven
2 Adults, 1 Diaper by shittinandpissin
2 Adults, 1 Diaperby shittinandpissin
Jessica and Maya are offered £10,000 to partake in a social experiment. Little did they know how vile this experiment would turn out to be
The Fart Fic (Gross Dan and Phil Fanfiction) by TrashyBoy101
The Fart Fic (Gross Dan and Phil F...by Alfie
Here was have another short gross fanfiction because I can and because it's funny and this is what this account is all about. Ahahaha. Here go. ...
crazy noisy mpreg  jojo au (highschool edition) by zeppelicummies
crazy noisy mpreg jojo au (highsc...by zeppelicummies
the insane adventures of goth josuke, preppy giorno and his friend jock okuyasu as they deal with their gay dads, stand users and tackle a high school life
oc lore :3 by EmmyBlubonic
oc lore :3by Emmy
this app is ass so here's my oc lore if any of you care lmfao
Fart RP by Lol69420xD
Fart RPby Danielle Rose
Looking for a Fart RP in Discord