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Mr. Sergey Balmer by fetish2
Mr. Sergey Balmerby fetish2
A young girl, 17 Years old Taylor who meets a mysterious handsome man in a bar, Sergey Balmer, a sex addict who has diarrhea fetish. On their first date, Sergey put som...
The Stinky Pokemon Adventures Part 1 by Salacus1
The Stinky Pokemon Adventures Ninji The Greninja.exe
Lots of pokemon who LOVE stink gathered here to stay. there are lots of tornaments, and looooots of gross and stinky fun. WARNING THIS STORY CONTAINS LOTS OF: BELCHING ...
Fecal Matter of the Monkey Variety by ilovejojopenis64
Fecal Matter of the Monkey Varietyby cool jojo fanfiction writer
Lisa Lisa should know better than to leave two angry, sexy, aggressive, massive men locked in a room together.
2 Mysteries 1 Cup by saltizard
2 Mysteries 1 Cupby uhghughhu
thank you to everyone who read this... making people uncomfortable is my only talent