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Spend The Night by blindchannelimagines
Spend The Nightby Blind Channel Imagines
After a stressful and intense workday, Aleksi finally gets to spend the rest of the night in his studio by himself.
blue papa by Gallactic_
blue papaby {Gallactic}
steamy papa Smurf smut 😋😋
Halloween by MissNind
Halloweenby MissNind
Loki attends his first Halloween party as his female counterpart, Lola. Unexpected hook-ups with unexpected consequences.
Playing With Fire - Kaiah & Mason - Morning Shower by ashboeepisode
Playing With Fire - Kaiah & Mason...by ashboeepisode
Kaiah and Mason wake up ready for another round. This follows the events in Episode 8 - You're Playing Dirty of Playing With Fire on Episode.
Underneath the Mistletoe by ever3tt
Underneath the Mistletoeby Everett Terrester
It's Harry Potters first year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and so far he's managed to survive up until Christmas. Now the holiday season has rolled aro...
Do I get a raise? by Samuelowllover
Do I get a raise?by Sammy
In this story, Stolas is an imp/Succubus. He works at I.M.P. because he has an Asmodeus crystal helping them to travel to the human realm. Throughout the missions and me...
You Know What I Need by abanoniloni
You Know What I Needby abanoniloni
So I friend of mine really likes Billy Hargrove so she tasked me to write this short Smut story for her i hope she enjoys it.
Silent Moans by blubulletattack
Silent Moansby Blu lightning
Gon and Killua have to stay silent if they don't want Gon's aunt to catch them in what they are up to. Not sleeping Not watching tv But trying not to moan *DISCLAMER* KI...
All the Gods in Heavens by ypfhelp
All the Gods in Heavensby ypfhelp
18+. Hisoka/reader insert. Just read it. If you hate it, close your eyes. If you're here for porn, skip to chapt 4. Pls don't skip tho Honestly yes I have a sick taste...
Jotaro Kujo x Reader by hanh337
Jotaro Kujo x Readerby Hanh
you meet a mysterious man in a bar and prepare yourself for the night of your life. this is kinda short but i made it so that it could be either left alone as is or be...
Love is Blindness-why we do the things we do by fatboy1964
Love is Blindness-why we do the th...by fatboy1964
A common-sense guide to life, love, self-analysis, dating, sex, masturbation, porn, marriage, cheating & breaking up This book is dedicated to anyone who's single, but...
Arizona's Teddy Bear by Bobbiejelly
Arizona's Teddy Bearby bobbiejelly
Arizona and Teddy explore sexually with each other while they are both single. They become friends with benefits and they share stories about their pasts. Friendship...
JHS - ONE DAY STAND? by hopeful_fictions
How's J-Hope a conservative man transcends his own boundaries a shows his blue side to his fellow artist (younger than himself) Y/n. It's basically love at first sex. ...
Willdip smut shots  by Pheonix_Mason
Willdip smut shots by Phoenix
This is an attempt at smut shots so they may not be that good. As a fan myself these are hard to come by. All characters mentioned are 18 or older, I don't wanna hear ha...
Because of Love | Yoon Bum x reader | by Venulus
Because of Love | Yoon Bum x reade...by Venulus
Warning: Cursing | Slight violence | Slight nudity | *SPOILERS* If you HAVEN'T read chapter 19 then don't read this story. | You have been warned. | Read at your own ris...
Breeding Instincts | Mawlek X Tiso by HP20_RosingTea
Breeding Instincts | Mawlek X Tisoby HopedFutur20 RosingTea
Is this CrackShip being treated seriously? Yes, yes it is. And by the title itself, you should know what's in store.
Bloodlust by AnimeTrash5561
Bloodlustby EreriRiren03
Eren is a junior in highschool and it's almost Christmas Break. Eren and his best friends Mikasa & Armin are ready to start the break off with a sleepover. A sticky situ...
In the bathroom by pwbbei
In the bathroomby i like beans
a fanfic about 2 homophobic boys at my school (names changed for legal reasons but if you know you know)
Sex Slave-Justin Bieber  by FUTURESTAR16
Sex Slave-Justin Bieber by STAR⭐
What will take place while Alice is Justin's sex slave? Read to find it all out!!