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Mystery x Sick!reader by skittlepup
Mystery x Sick!readerby skittlepup
(Hi so this is my first (character) x reader story so it's not gonna be that great so keep that in mind) When Y/N discovers an abandoned hospital while on an evening wal...
The Karma Chronicles - Project Mercuryum Trilogy (S01E01 - The Beginning) by FantasySci-FiArtist
The Karma Chronicles - Project Lost Gang
After 2 months of reunion and joining Mystery helping him with his job and house duty (spoiler), Skrill haves a dream about his birthday, and most strange - everything h...
Doll Eye Boyfriend/Husband Scenarios by LivingOnTragedyLane
Doll Eye Boyfriend/Husband Dr. Mortis
Hello guys! This is my first X Reader and to be very honest, I'm a bit nervous. I used to make X Reader's on Quotev, but they always sucked T^T Anyways, I'll be adding...
Mystery X Reader  by mialovesans
Mystery X Reader by miathecupcake
owo hai guys! Welcome to this book of love an
MysteryXAlfred {COMPLETED} by DysphoricSyrup
MysteryXAlfred {COMPLETED}by Vee
okk so its been a long time since I did a book and I really missed you guys so why not do another also this is for the sleepykinq fans ;) update:2 a week Fluff: average ...
Alfred X Reader. My little nightmare   by Tori_Nikolass
Alfred X Reader. My little Leafu Nikos
Finally, after graduation, you started working as a psychiatrist in a hospital, but your first patient seems different. You are plagued by constant nightmares since you...
ALSO WARNINNNG: I somewhat suck at playing Sleepykinq characters so...yay? Yeah that's a yay. Thanks to @-_Pastery_- for inspire me.
Mystery x Reader (Finished!) by TheEvilWaterbottle
Mystery x Reader (Finished!)by The Evil Water bottle
You are a 26 year old girl vlogging with your two friends at an abandoned hospital, little did you all know... someone lives there... and unexpectedly, you fall in love...
Mystery x Reader by AwkwardPotato3147
Mystery x Readerby Awkward_Potato 3147
This will start with Reader Chan meeting Mystery when she was 7 (don't worry the story won't stay that way) Updates might be inconsistent. I'm only doing this for fun so...
Mystery x Reader Lemon (old) by Spregevolexx
Mystery x Reader Lemon (old)by JOE MPREG
Die, suffer and cry. Now seriously, y/n is a girl/boy that lives in furry town and then he/she meets Mystery, a edgy furry with a edgy dad and a cute mom. He wants to...
A Book Full Of Stuff. by --the-liquid
A Book Full Of 赤 αииιє 🍺
Some Random things I have found..
Doll Eye x reader Oneshots by I_Am_The_Plant
Doll Eye x reader Oneshotsby I am the plant
Just some oneshots cause that's all I want to do. I need requests so I have something to do.
Random art by I_Am_The_Plant
Random artby I am the plant
Just some art I've made! Also you can use my art for things, just credit me! :)
It hurts so good |  Mystery x Reader by FragileDemon_
It hurts so good | Mystery x There Is Nothing In My Head
You and your friends decide to go to a city when something unexpected happens. As a way to escape the forest, you guys find a rotten building. Does this abandoned buildi...
Mystery x Kevin Hart {NSFW} by Chanky_Lanky
Mystery x Kevin Hart {NSFW}by BUCKY BOY!!
Join Kevin and his friends on a quest to fend off a threat to all celebs across Hollywood
DollEye/TWISTED-DOCTOR pictures-  by Ms_TearyEyes
DollEye/TWISTED-DOCTOR pictures- by 𝒞𝓇𝓎𝒷𝒶𝒷𝓎
I literally got so many damn pictures saved on my phone that has to do with the DollEye fandom. A lot of ship art and fan art will be in this book lmao
☆ alstery oneshots ? ☆ (re-nightmare) by fluffy-kins
☆ alstery oneshots ? ☆ ( ━ ☆゚.*・。゚
eeeeehh. i have not wrote stuff in a long time, so i present to you- this thing... im not even sure if they're oneshots. here are some things to let you know : - there'...