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Vet Tech Meets The Alpha by MommaShifter
Vet Tech Meets The Alphaby Austin Kalin
Jack's life has always been weird. With the stereotypically snobby rich parents that never pay attention to her and gave her a boy's name, to the mysterious butler that...
Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
˗ˏˋOur Differencesˊˎ˗ by ariscloud
˗ˏˋOur Differencesˊˎ˗by bitch
The authentic journey of a vulnerable teenage girl.
Busted || Oh Sehun by -CaramelaTAE
Busted || Oh Sehunby Hana_sshiii
7 people was said to be invited in a murder game. People who is said to have something in common yet something different. Who knew the murder game would gone all wrong? ...
Dying To Get Away by makepeaceken
Dying To Get Awayby ken makepeace
Carrie managed to get a job after years of trying. Then one day, while pounding the streets looking for work, she ran into her friend, Emma, and Emma told her about a jo...
Love Me When It Hurts by toiajayc
Love Me When It Hurtsby LaToia
What do you do when you've be hurt by the one you love the most. Even after your husband cheats how do you continue to love, when you feel like its all gone. Shayna goes...
I Never Asked For This!! || Claude de Alger Obelia x Reader || Slow Updates || by X_Invisible
I Never Asked For This!! || Claude...by ♥H O T C O C O♥
I never asked for this to happen... It was all just a joke. A harmless joke. Whoever did this to me... Bring me back to my original world!! *Warning* You will not be...
The Side Character by EmiWoo_Reader123
The Side Characterby Emily Woodring
My name is Maple. I have a friend named Summer. I have a rich brother, A.J. Summer is everything everyone wants to be. Pretty, adventurous, kind, smart. She seems like a...
Rise of the Guardians DAUGHTER of DARKNESS by oliviam26572
Rise of the Guardians DAUGHTER of...by Fantasy Queen
Finished. You've heard the stories of Jack Frost, Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Sandman, the Tooth Fairy and Pitch Black. But have you ever heard of Lily Flare? Find out h...
MY DREAM GIRL (JK FF) by destiny_make_us_one
MY DREAM GIRL (JK FF)by Destiny make us one
Jungkook is a man who always gets disturbed by some dreams of a girl..... he calls that girl as a dream girl.... He believes that girl exist in real life....She always l...
How the Godwit Flies by ClrBr17
How the Godwit Fliesby
After the disappearances of many families working in the Army alongside her father, Maddy and her loved ones must flee to a rebel camp where hope is found in the refuge...
Power Rangers Dino Charge: The Orange Ranger [May Discontinue] by lightstargamer
Power Rangers Dino Charge: The Ora...by [Inactive Account]
Amanda Mazuri, a 17 year old girl stumbles upon some kind of orange, glowing stone in an Archaeopteryx skull fossil is found. Always being fascinated in gadgets, science...
100+ Riddles by StarDaisyxxx21
100+ Riddlesby Hikmah 💕
"It's another level of excitement to crack your brains. And why don't you try solving riddles? " 100+ riddles available here. And these riddles are not really...
Coming Back Stronger (Completed) by PureHeartOfGold
Coming Back Stronger (Completed)by Gold
Ash lost the pokemon league of Kalos. He feels ashamed and mysteriously disappears. But when a certain event happens, he comes back down from his absence. WARNING: I don...
Can You Catch Me? by lynn2420
Can You Catch Me?by Lynn💋
The ideal life for everybody is to have a rich family, 6 brothers that adore you, a wonderful boyfriend, and have perfect life. Right? Wrong. ...
PureBlood (vampire knight x reader) by AndreaTh_03
PureBlood (vampire knight x reader)by Andrea Thelma
You are a vampire in a school with vampires and humans but you don't know what kind of a vampire you are. The other vampires aren't aware of you being a vampire and neit...
A R I A  by bradshawbooks
A R I A by bradshawbooks
Escaping a rough childhood, Aria attempts to go on with life, while facing it's trials and troubles. Along the way, she meets a well known drug dealer. Will she fall int...
Escaping Christian by Misguided
Escaping Christianby Misguided
Christian never made it easy for her and desire made it even more difficult. How does Chelsea - a woman that thrives off of freedom, fun and food - cope with her mixed f...
He's Back •(001×Reader)• by madman_marmaduke
He's Back •(001×Reader)•by ●Madison●
You're at school one day and the intruder alarm goes off....who is it? what do you do? what do they want? " Will Y/n Y/l/n please report to the office" He say...
I'm saying "I do"....but not for Love by dlp5566
I'm saying "I do"....but not for L...by dlp5566
High school senior Katy McLaughlin is getting married. But not for love, like most couples. She wants to escape from her home, and forget the memories that are associate...