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DEATH BATTLE: Galactus VS Unicron by Elemental_Avenger
DEATH BATTLE: Galactus VS Unicronby ChoyTheElementalChampion
Marvel Comics vs Transformers Two humongous, near-omnipotent beings with an insatiable hunger for planets will devour not just Earth, but also the other.
BoBoiBoy Crossover Challenge Book by Elemental_Avenger
BoBoiBoy Crossover Challenge Bookby ChoyTheElementalChampion
Crossover Challenges for my favorite childhood show: BoBoiBoy. Leave a comment or PM me if you want to accept my challenges.
DEATH BATTLE: James Bond VS John Wick by Elemental_Avenger
DEATH BATTLE: James Bond VS John W...by ChoyTheElementalChampion
Daniel Craig vs Keanu Reeves Two agents with blood spilled on their hands will assassinate the other.
Death Battle Ideas by Elemental_Avenger
Death Battle Ideasby ChoyTheElementalChampion
Since I pretty much lost all inspiration to do battle books, I've decided to do this instead.
Winx Club Crossover Challenge Book by Elemental_Avenger
Winx Club Crossover Challenge Bookby ChoyTheElementalChampion
You know the drill: Leave a comment or PM me if you wanna accept a challenge
My OC Book by Elemental_Avenger
My OC Bookby ChoyTheElementalChampion
I've revamped all of my OCs since when I first made them, they're incredibly overpowered.
I'm A Badass Sweetheart by mena-void2020
I'm A Badass Sweetheartby mena-void2020
its always the first step that changes everything for us the first fuck-ups we all do. The first choices, and the The first leaps that are out of our comfort zones that...
Façade 🎈 by 1234reggaetonlento
Façade 🎈by SNAF
"Come with me." Alex held out his hand to me. "Where?" I whispered to him, afraid that mom and dad would wake up to see a random teenage boy on my wi...
Sailor Moon Crossover Challenge Book by Elemental_Avenger
Sailor Moon Crossover Challenge Bo...by ChoyTheElementalChampion
Same as my BoBoiBoy Crossover Challenge Book. Leave a comment or PM if you want accept my challenges.
Book Of Anime Music With Lyrics 🎶🎶🎶 by Elemental_Avenger
Book Of Anime Music With Lyrics 🎶...by ChoyTheElementalChampion
Wanna know the lyrics to your favorite anime music? You've come to the right place.
Behind Closed Doors by bri_sees_you_pee
Behind Closed Doorsby OMWTFYB
Do you really know Fifth Harmony? Did you know that the happy, holy Ally Brooke would be fighting cancer while under the stress of work? Or the mysterious Lauren Jauregu...
To Build a Spaceship (The Lego movie fan-fic) by UnknownDragon
To Build a Spaceship (The Lego mov...by Now UnknownIsThatFox
Berya was trained by Benny to become a Master Builder. Her only problem: She can't build a spaceship. (NUUUU) When Benny left to go meet the Spiecal, Emmet, she flies to...
Ships-As Told by the Unique Perspective of a Fangirl who Ships Everyone by Lilly_Fleming
Ships-As Told by the Unique Perspe...by Lilly *SUSPENDED*
*CURRENTLY SUSPENDED* WARNING! You are entering the dangerous domain of an extreme fangirl!!! Hi my unicorn cupcakes! I made this book because Wattpad desperately needs...
My Story by Ariel_Wild
My Storyby Ali
Writing was something I adore. Something I was good at. When it came to writing activities I would face them with a smile and no complaints. Wherever or whenever you wou...
Another Admin Book! by Fliffy_Girl
Another Admin Book!by kay
hola this is my book of randomness
Obsessed by ZiggyMcA
Obsessedby Zemmy
Meet Katie a girl just starting life at a new school. At first she feels lonely, her being the of one out but she is soon swept off her feet by the eligible bachelor Ke...
It's not about giving up it's about trying: Haiku by KeithDamian8
It's not about giving up it's abou...by Keith Damian
In this Haiku book you will read about how easy it is to give up on something, and find out how much you regret giving up. Many of us think that giving up is easy, Ye...