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Mod Superhero (STUB) by RealityLocked
Mod Superhero (STUB)by Samuel Fleming
For this cyborg, power is just an upgrade away. Emmett was used to being caught between college and his engineering internship, but when he gets caught between a powerf...
Married To My Gigglemug by chandusweety4
Married To My Gigglemugby chandu sweety
DAKSH ELLI SHRAMA: An arrogant, sly & cunning handsome prodigy who is famous for his coldness for his entire university. He is a heartrobe of computer science departmen...
Little Big Problems by _Manjari
Little Big Problemsby Manjari
Disclaimer: Contains instances of verbal bullying and fat-shaming. ****** Like any other twenty-year-old Harper Young has problems: keeping up with her college assig...
My Singham by JustKrishi
My Singhamby Krishi
Join in the journey of this mismatched pair Mini and Her Singham's story in the village, where they try to set up their mismatched relationship and mismatched situations...
The Louboutin Situation {F1/Lewis Hamilton FanFiction} by justliveMJK
The Louboutin Situation {F1/ Minerva
Cassie slapped the back of Lewis' head hard enough to make him groan. "What the--" Cassie took in a deep breath. "Oh, did I hurt you? I am really not sorr...
Married To Forth Jaturapoom  by blubrrychoco_cake
Married To Forth Jaturapoom by Blubrrychoco_cake
"Just don't tell anyone we're married." "Okay" ••• "It's good to talk to you again Beam." ••• "I'm here. You can always count on me. W...
Well I just have this idea like what if VegasPete had a daughter after Venice named Venissa who was born through surrogacy using Pete's sperms and was kidnapped. the ass...
Falling For You by Azsan6
Falling For Youby Azsan6
The enjoyable trip Tee expecting for turn bad to worst. He met with bad luck since the day one at a foreign country, then he met wrong people? How his fate will be then?
MINE, TO LOVE by Azsan6
MINE, TO LOVEby Azsan6
A little connected to The King's Love but a different story if Tae and Tee in the modern world. Fate in the present bring them together but did the fate in the past inf...
Status: On-Going Date Started: September 25, 2023 Date Posted: October 29, 2023 Date Finished: DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, pla...
Until we met again by klein_unknown
Until we met againby Jaz
a story about different persons with different personalities, their path crossed and the destiny let them.
Vina Raghav by AshvinasWorld
Vina Raghavby Musafir Hum Bhi
What if it was possible to correct your choice? What if you had a chance to live a life that lies at the end of the choice you never made? In one life, Vina is an engin...
S.T.E.M. - The CoolDreamers (NOT COMPLETED) by AllanMDumarpaJr
S.T.E.M. - The CoolDreamers (NOT CoolMan
The story is all about Simeon, Tala, Econ, and Mabel as they embark on an adventure in Livland as they fend off enemies and evil forces that could cause chaos and destru...
Beyond Blueprints: Law and Order of the Heart by legendayesha
Beyond Blueprints: Law and Order Bluey
In the archipelago where the sunsets glow, A tale unfolds of love, both hidden and low. In the Philippines, where traditions stand tall, LGBTQ hearts, a struggle to enth...
Path Of Love (KenTell) by MsAurumLia
Path Of Love (KenTell)by AurumLia
[KenTell X SOTUS Fanfiction AU] Once upon a time, there lived a young man named Stell. He was the half younger brother of Kongpob, a natural-born leader admired and res...
Genius by ifeb_x
Geniusby ifeb_x
No matter how much intelligent you may think you are, there are still many things in this world that you don't understand. I consider myself like that. I excel a lot in...
From Columbia to NYC, An Unexpected Romance. by bddlao
From Columbia to NYC, An bddlao
Valeria Aguilar, a student at the University of Rochester, is studying her undergrad. Her first lecture and she's already late. Meeting eyes with her intimidatingly hand...
Just Press Ctrl Z by YllihSpice98
Just Press Ctrl Zby Yllih Spice
Not all Cinderallas wear heels, some wear boots. And most princes are just okay with that. "You're not a man," they all say and they're right. She isn't, and...
Descends Of The Free Man (SLOW UPDATE) by starlyiui
Descends Of The Free Man (SLOW Yui WP
An 14-years-old girl from Girl Volleyball Team, Stephanie Reign D. Martinez. And an 17-years-old boy from guitarist group, Sevenoah Jared Kian N. Francisco. Si Steph ay...
My cup of Joe by Mrtnee_
My cup of Joeby Mar
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Aurora (Rory) Vaughan's life was nearly perfect, I'm not even exaggerating about how go...