Little Big Problems
By _Manjari
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Disclaimer: Contains instances of verbal bullying and fat-shaming. ****** Like any other twenty-year-old Harper Young has problems: keeping up with her college assignments, trying to figure out mixed signals that society sends about her body, and dealing with a boy who just can't stop bullying her for her weight. You know little big problems. But the last one, that goes by the name of Adrien Augustine, is now getting bigger. ****** Excerpt: "You're sick." He really is. "You know what? I am sick." "Then get help and leave me alone!" "You're my help Peppa." He steps closer and my heart thuds. He leans down, inches separating our faces. I see something feral swirling in those black eyes as they roam over my face. He really resents me. "Seeing you strut around with your swollen body makes me sick. You getting rid of that disgusting flab is what going to help me Peppa," he coos mockingly. I suppress a whimper. He's pure evil.


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Little Bi...
by _Manjari