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his prophecy by courtneyrush756
his prophecyby courtneyrush
15+ age due to blood. Completed! Young, and unique. Rose, is her name. She is the most loving person anyone can meet. There are those who're jealous, and those who adore...
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Adopted By Jared Padalecki by Brianna_Holton
Adopted By Jared Padaleckiby PandaBearHD
Danny Nicole Shaffer- A girl who has spent 6 years and counting in "Miss Molly's Home For Girls". That's right, an orphanage. She has completely lost any hope...
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The Stilinski Bloodline by StormStilinski24
The Stilinski Bloodlineby StormStilinski24
WARNING: SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!! Sumary: Beacon Hills is the beacon of all the supernatural creatures. At least ever since three teenagers sacrificed themselves to save the...
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the aftermath by Switcho_16
the aftermathby sel.
3:32 AM. Lauren has insomnia, and a lot else to match it. Among these things, memories of Camila. "now you're gone, and I'm here." cove...
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My Hijab Story (COMPLETED) by IcyOrchid
My Hijab Story (COMPLETED)by Wren
*Winner of The Spice Awards* *3rd Place Winner for Reach For The Stars Awards* *1st Place Winner in The Dizzy Awards* My name is Khadija and I am a Muslim girl. My...
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Double | A SpiderMan Story  by Like-A-Riddle
Double | A SpiderMan Story by FANGIRL
Gracie, SpiderMans cousin, comes along the same troubles her cousin went through. It all started when she gets into an accident. Which causes her to lose lots of blood...
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Melting Hearts {Completed} by Evelyn_IsNotHere
Melting Hearts {Completed}by no longer active
This is an aarmau story, if you don't know what aarmau is, then watch Aphmau on YouTube. This is all for her and for your enjoyment! ❤️❤️
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An open book of articles  by meemz197
An open book of articles by Shaميم 👑
Pages from my debut!
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The House Near The Creek... by skittlesarecool
The House Near The Creek...by skittlesarecool
Libbi and Tallulah Stevens are twin sisters. There curiosity gets the better of them as the venture into an abandoned house where their fate lies before them.
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Chaotic Souls by Xenia_Writes
Chaotic Soulsby X
WINNER of Gold Awards Special Winner 2017 "Monster, where are your battle scars?" Anja questioned cryptically, almost as if expecting London to answer and unde...
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Red Pandas: A Book of Random! by hazelnut_swirls
Red Pandas: A Book of Random!by hazey
Hello, and welcome to my book of randomness! Here I'll put my tags, contest entries, thoughts, and random things. If you haven't been scared off yet, read on! Cover by...
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Coral Peachtree  by skittlesarecool
Coral Peachtree by skittlesarecool
Hi, I'm Coral Andy Rylan Casey Willow Peachtree, but you can call me Cory. It's what my family calls me! Not my friends though, because well, I don't really have any \(...
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friends by _JellyBelly360_
friendsby Jelly
discontinued because it was one of my first stories on here but also it SUCKED so it has been taken down Five Wattpad friends with a storyline every chapter!
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Once the horizon ends by Evelyn_IsNotHere
Once the horizon endsby no longer active
I'm Agent J.A. and Im on a mission to kill Aaron Falconclaw. The only catch is I've know him for years and my father wants me to kill him. I love him and have since midd...
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The Warriors School Of Law by sheisnotaprincess
The Warriors School Of Lawby sheisnotaprincess
#146 in teen fiction (highest) This story is about love. About friendship. About 'fitting in'. About a lifetime of firsts. Experience it all. At The Warriors school of l...
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blood lust by courtneyrush756
blood lustby courtneyrush
She is the last of her kind. However she doesn't know that. She thinks she has her life under control, yet how can you control a mystery? Tia is a girl who is loving, ge...
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THE BOY #InternationalBookAwards #Adventure #Mystery  by jellyrainbow13
THE BOY #InternationalBookAwards #...by jellyrainbow13
This story is about an 11 years old boy who is orphan and lives with his uncle.His uncle is very rude to him.He will also try to make some friends. He will also do some...
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Seven Kingdoms by Nightblaze2657
Seven Kingdomsby Magical Fangirl
Rhianna is the Princess of Arcadia, the Seventh Kingdom in the Seven Kingdoms Alliance. But when the Alliance is taken over by the Fourth Kingdom, the Kingdom of Faustus...
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