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his prophecy by courtneyrush756
his prophecyby courtneyrush
15+ age due to blood. Completed! Young, and unique. Rose, is her name. She is the most loving person anyone can meet. There are those who're jealous, and those who adore...
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Adopted By Jared Padalecki by Brianna_Holton
Adopted By Jared Padaleckiby PandaBearHD
Danny Nicole Shaffer- A girl who has spent 6 years and counting in "Miss Molly's Home For Girls". That's right, an orphanage. She has completely lost any hope...
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The Stilinski Bloodline by StormStilinski24
The Stilinski Bloodlineby StormStilinski24
WARNING: SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!! Sumary: Beacon Hills is the beacon of all the supernatural creatures. At least ever since three teenagers sacrificed themselves to save the...
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Melting Hearts {Completed} by Evelyn_IsNotHere
Melting Hearts {Completed}by no longer active
This is an aarmau story, if you don't know what aarmau is, then watch Aphmau on YouTube. This is all for her and for your enjoyment! ❤️❤️
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Let Me Hear You Speak ~Minor Editing and Slow Updates~ by booknerd54321
Let Me Hear You Speak ~Minor Editi...by Annabelle
|| Winner of Best Female Main Character in the Giggle Awards || I want to say something I just cant Not when the entire school thinks your weird ----- Rose Lawrence ha...
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the aftermath by Switcho_16
the aftermathby sel.
3:32 AM. Lauren has insomnia, and a lot else to match it. Among these things, memories of Camila. "now you're gone, and I'm here." cove...
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My Hijab Story (COMPLETED) by IcyOrchid
My Hijab Story (COMPLETED)by Wren
*Winner of The Spice Awards* *3rd Place Winner for Reach For The Stars Awards* *1st Place Winner in The Dizzy Awards* My name is Khadija and I am a Muslim girl. My...
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THE ADOPTION by Dreamer4lyf
*NOT EDITED* Highest: #43 in horror!!! A small girl left in an orphanage when she was not even a year old. People treated her different and like a trash. The staff of th...
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Dark angel (B1 The Reaper Series)  by courtneyrush756
Dark angel (B1 The Reaper Series) by courtneyrush
-First book of the reaper series (will re- write ) Hi, my name's Tia. I always thought I was an ordinary girl like every one else in the world. But I was wrong... Dead w...
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An open book of articles  by meemz197
An open book of articles by Shaميم 👑
Pages from my debut!
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blood lust by courtneyrush756
blood lustby courtneyrush
She is the last of her kind. However she doesn't know that. She thinks she has her life under control, yet how can you control a mystery? Tia is a girl who is loving, ge...
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Quill's Chronicles 1: Her Little Feather by MLBohannan
Quill's Chronicles 1: Her Little F...by A.L. Bohannan
When the young owl spirit Quill loses his mother, he sets out to find a particular young woman who was kind to him and make a home with her. But a dangerous man who cove...
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Through Sara's Eyes by hazelnut_swirls
Through Sara's Eyesby hazey
What would you do? Sara is a young African American woman living in the 1950's American South. One day, she happens to be taking the bus home from work when Rosa Parks i...
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Coral Peachtree  by skittlesarecool
Coral Peachtree by skittlesarecool
Hi, I'm Coral Andy Rylan Casey Willow Peachtree, but you can call me Cory. It's what my family calls me! Not my friends though, because well, I don't really have any \(...
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My Photography by Evelyn_IsNotHere
My Photographyby no longer active
Random Photos for Random People
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Burned By The Pages by vxtsDEMOISELLE
Burned By The Pagesby vxtsDEMOISELLE
Danielle Williams was finally back after her sudden disappearance during her birthday party a year ago. What's worst was that, she could not remember what exactly took p...
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More than Mere Fear by illialronds
More than Mere Fearby illialronds
We have forgotten what fear really is and what fear can be. We have become desensitized to it. When an author tries to write a book of scary stories, he discovers real f...
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JOKES #InternationalBookAwards #funny #random by jellyrainbow13
JOKES #InternationalBookAwards #fu...by jellyrainbow13
so hey guys this jokes is for fun don't consider this seriously also just enjoy reading i hope u all will like these jokes❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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