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Recondite {Malia Tate} by coyxtedesires
Recondite {Malia Tate}by 『𝒄 𝒂 𝒓 𝒍 𝒚 』
(Sporadic Updates) A boy with bad conversational skills tries to express himself to a werecoyote that doesn't understand why he's so shy... ...
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Lydia Martin's Lake House. by edgylesbian
Lydia Martin's Lake Reyes.
It was supposed to be fun. A final gathering of the pack--until heads roll. Literally. The pack goes missing, one by one, each person found either injured, or murdered.
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Delicious chips and even more delicious lips by maliastates
Delicious chips and even more Mel
Requested on tumblr {staliastaste}
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Daydream ☁ Tracy Stewart by sarahcamercn
Daydream ☁ Tracy Stewartby l.
❝In which she sees halos where horns should be.❞
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what am i supposed to do? by Stalialover
what am i supposed to do?by Stalialover
What will Stiles do now that he had lost his virginity to Malia Hale?! Will he tell his best friend Scott? What about the girl he has had a crush on since the 3rd grade...
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Love & War *Theo Raeken* by Missyfunkytail
Love & War *Theo Raeken*by Missyfunkytail
Season 5 Teen Wolf I'm Kiana Fawn Shantory and I don't know what I am. I met Allison Argent and she told me all about Beacon Hills and Scott McCall, the true Alpha. Now...
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Elysium by xoeternalflamexo
Elysiumby Alexis S.
PERCY JACKSON/STYDIA AU! "I hate Stiles Stilinski. I hate Stiles Stilinski. I friggin' hate Stiles Stilinski," Lydia chanted, fury simmering in her eyes. &quo...
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Teen Wolf by the-lonewolf-mccall
Teen Wolfby Aj Hale
Maria Antonio is the new girl in Beacon Hills. She is supernatural but a different kind. She is not a werewolf, banshee, or vampire or any other ones. She is cursed by t...
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Teen Wolf One-Shots by the_bitch_club
Teen Wolf One-Shotsby Not The Fight Club
This book will not be updated anymore, I don't write anymore but you can find me on Instagram @slythxriin and Tumblt (is either @tatcherships or) @slythxrin. I still c...
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Let Her Sleep by TwIsMoreThanATvShow
Let Her Sleepby Teen Wolf
After Hayden has a nightmare she sneaks into Liam's room and stays the night. Liam's Dad isn't as happy as they are.
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Teen Wolf - Camping Trip W/ Chimeras by Who_Knew_77
Teen Wolf - Camping Trip W/ Marshall
Scott needed a way to reunite his pack. Theo needed a way to prove he and his pack weren't the bad guys. So, after managing to speak to each other, they thought of a wa...
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Broken - A Liam Dunbar Story by no1marauder
Broken - A Liam Dunbar Storyby no1marauder
Amya is broken, she wont let anyone in and no one really knows why, her older brother Isaac has left her in Beacon Hills to fend off the supernatural all on her own. But...
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Teen Wolf imagines by JustAnotherStarkid
Teen Wolf imaginesby Laura
I write Teen Wolf Imagines, and I take requests! If you would like a request then please message me with the form below filled in: Name: Age: Eye Colour: Gender: Hair Co...
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The Return Of Jackson Whittemore by yyukheii
The Return Of Jackson Whittemoreby yyukheii
As usual everything in Beacon Hills is not what it seems... When Jackson reappears with a few 'friends', not everything is as it seems after all nobody knows what happen...
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Chanel ✧ Teen Wolf by judesphoenix
Chanel ✧ Teen Wolfby 💒💧🛁
"Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me." [ AMAZING COVER BY: @catastrophies ] [ disclaimer: I don't own any Teen Wolf character, only Ch...
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Secrets and Lies || A Teen Wolf Fanfic (L.D and S.S) DISCONTINUED by hollandftweasley
Secrets and Lies || A Teen Wolf hollandftweasley
People tell lies and people keep secrets. Some lies are just little white lies while others can dig you a giant hole. Some secrets are better of being kept while others...
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strange love | stilinski-lightwood by cap-tain
strange love | stilinski-lightwoodby cutkosky
" i remember how you laughed when you said my name and how you gripped my hips so mean, alec. it made me fall in love with you even more than i already am. " ...
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Closer ∆ Liam Dunbar by -solitadore
Closer ∆ Liam Dunbarby Luna Adorette
"Life had broken my heart into pieces. You took my hand in yours. You started breaking down my walls and you covered my heart in kisses" ∆season 4∆ Disclaimer...
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Hope {Teen Wolf} by GrungeLydia
Hope {Teen Wolf}by GrungeLydia
There was no telling Delaney Garcia she couldn't have what she wanted. But getting thrown into a mess with all sorts of supernatural scenarios and life or death situatio...
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Dark Reality ✦ 3 [on hold] by Ahsxwolf
Dark Reality ✦ 3 [on hold]by Arizona Amaya
Malia wakes up then what happens?
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