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100 Skulduggery Pleasant Head Canons by BlivArmageddon
100 Skulduggery Pleasant Head Bliv x
Here are 100 of some top Skulduggery Pleasant Headcanons spanning over the series that I've found. Contains spoilers for all the books. Enjoy! :D
Skulduggery Pleasant memes by Milo_Sebastian
Skulduggery Pleasant memesby Milo_Sebastian
Because why not, y'know? Also, kind of obvious but there are spoilers in this book. Just thought I should point that out in case no one would realise. I own none of thes...
Saracen Rue Knows Too Much by Ali_Cynical
Saracen Rue Knows Too Muchby Ali Cynical
Saracen is determined to discover Skulduggery's secret, so enlisting the help of the dead men they create a plot that goes marvellously wrong. This story is fast paced...
Beating Heart ~ Sexter by Prysm-Emery
Beating Heart ~ Sexterby Prys
Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction ~~~ For years Saracen has loved Dexter. But his power let's him know that Dexter doesn't feel the same way. With some help, will Dexter...
Trauma - Shudderkin au by Larrikin-
Trauma - Shudderkin auby Larrikin-
I mean the prologue is the description. Basically a Shudderkin au where the Dead men live in a house together except Larrikin isn't one of them and Skully died in the wa...
Skully P by Nitr0gen_
Skully Pby Sup.
Skulduggery pleasant oneshots, headcanons, and scenarios.
The Dead Men and their demented mischief - A Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfic by kali-necrosis
The Dead Men and their demented Kali Necrosis
Set in the Skulduggery Pleasant World. The Dead Men have all moved in with Valkyrie after being reformed, and they're available for hire. Will feature new and old enemie...
Incorrect SP Text Messages (ENG) by Piers-Nivans
Incorrect SP Text Messages (ENG)by Piers Nivans
This is the translation of my last "story", featuring some of the most hilarious text messages of the Skulduggery Pleasant characters :D Enjoy! (I translated i...
Skulduggery Pleasant- One-shots and Drabbles by Nicasia_Grey
Skulduggery Pleasant- One-shots CC
Just a collection of some random stuff I write. There will be some pairings but not loads, examples: Ghanith, Dexkyrie, Valitsa, Tanguine, Valguine and any others I feel...
If The Dead Men babysat-a Skulduggery Pleasant fanfiction by ultimatefan666
If The Dead Men babysat-a ultimatefan666
Valkyrie is going for dinner with her parents, and asks Skulduggery to babysit. He, however goes to a meeting with Ravel, so asks the Dead Men to do it instead. How will...
The Roarhaven Institution - Skulduggery Pleasant School AU by Nicasia_Grey
The Roarhaven Institution - CC
School AU for Skulduggery Pleasant inspired by overlord-winter on Tumblr. Seriously, please go check them out. Their headcanons had me laughing for hours. Mostly crack...
Dexter Vex and Saracen Rue in: The Insane Sorcerers by Jack_Havoc
Dexter Vex and Saracen Rue in: Jack Havoc
Dexter Vex and Saracen Rue have been given the task of tracking down 19 supercharged insane sorcerers. Join them on their epic quest as this duo take on these insane ps...
The untold tales of The Dead Men  by SourSkull2001
The untold tales of The Dead Men by Laura
A series of stories about the thrilling adventures of the Dead men, join them as they undergo deadly missions and slap death in the face. Witness as they punch their way...
The Love of a Dead Man  by ValkyrieCain1998
The Love of a Dead Man by Phoebe Pleasant
Old enemies. New enemies. Old friends. New friends. Grudges and plots. What happens when tensions between certain men become unbearable? What happens when they find they...
October  by PerrieMckenzie
October by ☽Pez☾
And She's The Good Guy...
Skulduggery Pleasant fanfic-The secret of an abliviouss by xstefitox13
Skulduggery Pleasant fanfic-The xstefitox13
This is a skulduggery pleasant fanfic. It is set after Kingdom of the Wicked.
Ask Dexter Vex by Dexter-Vex
Ask Dexter Vexby Dex
ASK ME UR QUESTIONS!!! U knw u want to... ;D x
Heartbreak - Sexter by Larrikin-
Heartbreak - Sexterby Larrikin-
My entry for the February competition.
1000 Ways To Die When You're A Teleporter by Hermazing
1000 Ways To Die When You're A Hermazing
Haha, let's watch Fletcher die in a number of unusual and amusing accidents. Just some oneshots, some of which where Fletcher and Valkyrie are together, some where it's...
Vielleicht Sogar Mehr... by Drapine
Vielleicht Sogar Drapine
Immer wieder treffen Skulduggery und Valkyrie auf die zwei britishen Bodyguards, egal ob sie wollen oder nicht. Doch das Schicksal scheint Diamond und Nuce und sie immer...