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Skulduggery Pleasant- One-shots and Drabbles by Nicasia_Grey
Skulduggery Pleasant- One-shots CC
Just a collection of some random stuff I write. There will be some pairings but not loads, examples: Ghanith, Dexkyrie, Valitsa, Tanguine, Valguine and any others I feel...
Skulduggery Pleasant Shorts by redivysparrow
Skulduggery Pleasant Shortsby sage
Skulduggery Pleasant short stories and oneshots! Some will be from my old FFN, some entirely new! Enjoy!
Dexter Vex and Saracen Rue in: The Insane Sorcerers by Jack_Havoc
Dexter Vex and Saracen Rue in: Jack Havoc
Dexter Vex and Saracen Rue have been given the task of tracking down 19 supercharged insane sorcerers. Join them on their epic quest as this duo take on these insane ps...
Skulduggery Pleasant characters react to ships. by InTheForestPrimeval
Skulduggery Pleasant characters Evelyn Crow
All in the title. I don't own any of the characters, all rights go to Derek Landy. Warning: Spoilers from all across the series! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
The Roarhaven Institution - Skulduggery Pleasant School AU by Nicasia_Grey
The Roarhaven Institution - CC
School AU for Skulduggery Pleasant inspired by overlord-winter on Tumblr. Seriously, please go check them out. Their headcanons had me laughing for hours. Mostly crack...
The TakeOver - A Short Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction by scisetforever13
The TakeOver - A Short raindrops on roses
Valkyrie is interrupted by Darquesse. Can Skulduggery Pleasant save her??
1000 Ways To Die When You're A Teleporter by Hermazing
1000 Ways To Die When You're A Hermazing
Haha, let's watch Fletcher die in a number of unusual and amusing accidents. Just some oneshots, some of which where Fletcher and Valkyrie are together, some where it's...
Skulduggery Pleasant fanfic-The secret of an abliviouss by xstefitox13
Skulduggery Pleasant fanfic-The xstefitox13
This is a skulduggery pleasant fanfic. It is set after Kingdom of the Wicked.
Pairings off all kind by Tainguin
Pairings off all kindby Tainguin
Basically what it says in the titel, littel sories about sone characters that get together... If anyone wants they also can tell me a pairing they would like to read abo...
A Slow Dance in a Burning Room: A Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction by bubblemoon66
A Slow Dance in a Burning Room: bubblemoon66
Delicate fingertips brushed against the nape of Eliza's neck as China swept the red curls over her shoulder. Wordlessly, she traced a path along the neckline of Eliza's...
Double trouble Valkyrie Cain x female reader by wolf5621
Double trouble Valkyrie Cain x wolf5621
(Hi, I haven't seen many Skulduggery Pleasant fanfics on this app, especially Valkyrie x female reader ones soooo I'm making this. If you haven't read the books pleaseee...
Skulduggery Pleasant Competition! by ChameleonCat12
Skulduggery Pleasant Competition!by ChameleonCat
Get your character making thinking caps on!
Companions of Dawn by KimKatpro
Companions of Dawnby Mendacious_Vex
Mendacious Vex is the daughter of Dexter Vex. This is the story of how she met her closest friends and found her cruelest enemies lurking
Kingdom of the Not so Wicked by SaskatFishcakes
Kingdom of the Not so Wickedby Unicorn Countess
China, Skulduggery and Valkyrie explore another dimension. *Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction*
Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction - The Adventures Of The Not So Dead Men by lynx18717
Skulduggery Pleasant Lynx
This is a Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction set after The Dying Of The Light. Most characters are Derek Landy's.
The Treachery In Our Midst by Ali_Cynical
The Treachery In Our Midstby Ali Cynical
China and Sanguine strike a deal that triggers a series of unfortunate events. Secrets are uncovered, friends are saved and Lord Vile is back. Read this story, and witne...
The Key (A Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction) by dumbasscity
The Key (A Skulduggery Pleasant population: me
Skulduggery Pleasant fanfiction of when the characters get married and their kids. AnD nObOdY dIeS!!! *Wraps Ghastly up in a protective blanket*
China Sorrows! Lesbian by ensaddenedpessimist
China Sorrows! Lesbianby 𝙴𝚗𝚜𝚊𝚍𝚍𝚎𝚗
Since there aren't any China Sorrows stories on Wattpad and I need to satisfy my bisexual heart, heres a half assed story. Descriptions are for losers, therefore I don't...
Skulduggery Pleasant - Becoming Whole by callicantzaro
Skulduggery Pleasant - Becoming Bex
Join Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain in their quest to rid the world of the Nihilist Necromancer Knave Hallow...for the second time. On their journey, they will...