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Thrice Over (KHRxPJO) by light_truth
Thrice Over (KHRxPJO)by Ali
Percy Jackson is sick of everything. He is done. After going through two wars for the Gods, helping out others in the different pantheons, he gets betrayed by those clos...
A Second Chance As Skull (bleach x Katekyo Hitman Reborn)  by Zero-1307
A Second Chance As Skull (bleach Zero-1307
After Ulquiorra died in his fight against Ichigo at that moment he wanted to understand what a heart is and experience emotions Well fate has brought him back to life a...
Lackey's Little Secret (KHR X Danny Phantom) 《The Re-write Is Up!》 by Skoteino_fos1106
Lackey's Little Secret (KHR X Juniper W. Darklight
Who would've knows that Skull has so many secrets. What will happen when each of his secret started to reveal. How will this effect him and his friends. ...
Supplementary | Skull/Arcobaleno by lunafiore_
Supplementary | Skull/Arcobalenoby kyum
How Skull completes the Arcobaleno in more ways than one.
The Arcobaleno's death weapon by _Alad_
The Arcobaleno's death weaponby _Alad_
What if skull was a death weapon from DWMA and part of the eight shinigami legion. What if the arcobaleno, Vongola and others finds out about it. It takes place during t...
Skull One-shots by Soulless_Eve
Skull One-shotsby Eve
Storys about Skull de Mort I don't own anything. Most the images are picturs I founs on pintrest and changed up a bit. I will take requests.
The Jester ONE SHOT by someshithere
The Jester ONE SHOTby someshithere
skull-is-lelouch story "Please drop the act No. 036" and a blink of an eye, Skull's expression were morphed into a serious one, narrowing his eyes to the man...
Cloudy Omega by Cherep-01307
Cloudy Omegaby Cherep-01307
Basically same story but with Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics where Skull is going to be more involved with the plot line and he is also an omega in this fanfic!!!
A Dash of Misty Mystery and a Pinch of Cloudy Confusion by Katlover4123
A Dash of Misty Mystery and a Katlover4123
[COMPLETED] When he thinks back to it, Skull thinks he blames Verde (well he does, but he also blames himself, because if he didn't freeze, if he didn't hide, if he...)...
Wannabe Sociopath - Khr  by Why_DidYou_DoThat
Wannabe Sociopath - Khr by Whats_WrongWith_BeingGay?
A Wannabe sociopath is reborn into the world of Katekyo Hitman Reborn by death himself, being reborn as Skull De Mort!!! I do not own Khr only my oc. All my art except c...
Side Effects of Growing Up by ijuinpurples
Side Effects of Growing Upby ijuinpurples
Verde has created pills that will allow all the ex-arcobaleno (except Yuni and Lal) to grow into their original age within a month's time. What they didn't know is that...
A Silent Storm by Zero-1307
A Silent Stormby Zero-1307
A girl from the real world who lived her entire life blind and lived her life in a cage died at a young age being reborn in a new world with the ability to see now she t...
Scars tell no lies by RinKuroi
Scars tell no liesby Rin Kuroi
The truth will always come to light, if you like it or not. But who will tell the story? Will it be the scars? At least they can't lie...
Splatoon Manga Boys X Fem Reader  by skater_squid
Splatoon Manga Boys X Fem Reader by skater_squid
First book so who knows what could happen Splatoon manga boys as your love interests basically Enjoy :)
Lost & Found- James Conrad by Ashgirl2019
Lost & Found- James Conradby Ashgirl
Monarch thought they were the first people to explore Skull Island. Little did they know that there were others before them.
The Dragon's Aura by LoriMandle
The Dragon's Auraby LoriMandle
Skylanders fanfiction about a dragon named Vexelle, who was taken by the Skylanders from a forest fire that left her wounded. After finding more injuries than meets the...
Splatoon Manga x reader oneshots by Gnat_CO
Splatoon Manga x reader oneshotsby Gnat_TheNintendoGirl
These are just oneshots of you living in Ikopolis with other inklings like the S4, Emperor, etc. warning there's probably going to be lots of depressed reader one shots...
Until Death Do Us Part {KHR} by randomcitizen_58
Until Death Do Us Part {KHR}by :p
In a world where summons and humans make contracts with one another, not many humans had the gift. The gift was the ability to make pacts with summons and travel through...
Ask Splatoon Manga Human Girls  by Cutestpoptart
Ask Splatoon Manga Human Girls by Cutestpoptart
Behold the holy grail ask if you want to they'll answer anything 😊
A James Conrad Story (complete) by BuckysFarm
A James Conrad Story (complete)by BuckysFarm
Captain James Conrad is told that he will be working with another legendary tracker with skills that can match his. What will happen when he finds out its a girl? Grace...