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Valduggery One-Shots by spn_stole_my_life
Valduggery One-Shotsby Panic! Everywhere
[No longer updating] A collection of Valduggery One-shots that I originally started writing on an old account. But I'm now uploading them on here because I'm not using t...
Skulduggery Pleasant - Night of the Dying Rose by ChameleonCat12
Skulduggery Pleasant - Night of ChameleonCat
The time of Darquesse has passed. And now arises a new Villain that will push Skulduggery and Valkyrie to their limit. Little Rose. She's on a quest for blood and chaos...
Valduggery Love by ValkyrieRider
Valduggery Loveby ValkyrieRider
Skulduggery and Valkyrie are developing feelings for each other. They are falling in love. Will they be able to make their hearts whole?
Skulduggery Pleasant One-Shots by redivysparrow_
Skulduggery Pleasant One-Shotsby Ivy
Collection of one-shots about the Skulduggery Pleasant series. There are some spoilers so I'd only advise you read if you've finished the series. Enjoy!
Skulduggery Pleasant Chats (DISCONTINUED) by not-where-i-am
Skulduggery Pleasant Chats ( I'm no longer here!
What would happen if the Skulduggery Pleasant characters had chat? Lots of bad things. *The cover art does not belong to me* *The Skulduggery Pleasant characters belong...
Skullduggery pleasant  by SoAstrophile
Skullduggery pleasant by Moonchild
Tanith swallowed. "How?" Tanith asked, feeling uneasy. "Because i tracked her phone." Tanith was nodding slowly, still staring at him. "Five...
I thought I knew you Valduggery by Summer_not_Winter
I thought I knew you Valduggeryby summer
What happens if Valkyrie and Skulduggery Pleasant fell for each other after the defeat of Darquesse?
The War Begins by RubyChloe
The War Beginsby Ruby&Chloe
'"Do you have any idea what they did to me! Do you have any idea of the way they treated me when I was their puppet!"' A killer from the war, hidden for years...
Imogen Rose by Lizzie1745
Imogen Roseby Lizzie1745
This is a fan-fiction based on Melancholia St Clair from the book series Skulduggery Pleasant. BTW i am a huge fan of Derek Landy!!!!!
Skulduggery Pleasant Drabbles by leoraphthalo
Skulduggery Pleasant Drabblesby Is It Time To Get A Life Yet?
Drabbles of all genres, of all pairings and of all sizes concerning the Skully P series shall feature here! I know there are many of these, but here are some more! I dou...
The Roarhaven Institution - Skulduggery Pleasant School AU by Nicasia_Grey
The Roarhaven Institution - CC
School AU for Skulduggery Pleasant inspired by overlord-winter on Tumblr. Seriously, please go check them out. Their headcanons had me laughing for hours. Mostly crack...
Double trouble Valkyrie Cain x female reader by wolf5621
Double trouble Valkyrie Cain x wolf5621
(Hi, I haven't seen many Skulduggery Pleasant fanfics on this app, especially Valkyrie x female reader ones soooo I'm making this. If you haven't read the books pleaseee...
Dead Men Tell No Tales (Skulduggery Pleasant) by BlivArmageddon
Dead Men Tell No Tales ( Bliv x
'Fratres in armis. Lorem ipsum stare usque in finem.' Brothers in arms. We will stand until the end. From the world of Skulduggery Pleasant comes a collection of short...
World Jumping by Mrs_Pleasant_13
World Jumpingby Mrs_Pleasant_13
When the chance arrives that Skulduggery could possibly get skin again what will the crime fighting duo to help eachother out and finally get Skulduggery back to his for...
Skully Fourbery: tome 5 mortal coil (traduction amateur français) by ladynighty
Skully Fourbery: tome 5 mortal ladynighty
Une traduction amateur du tome 5 de Skully Fourbery. Rien ne m'appartient, ni les personnages, ni l'histoire, juste les mots. Rencontrez Skully Fourbery: détective, magi...