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Traffic [Valduggery, Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction] by eyesocketsandsuits
Traffic [Valduggery, Skulduggery eyesocketsandsuits
"We've saved the world." Skulduggery's head moved a centimeter in her direction. "I'm sorry?" Valkyrie continued to gaze out of the car window, watch...
Fight For Me ::: Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction by Prysm-Emery
Fight For Me ::: Skulduggery Prys
Fight For Me ::: Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction There has always been a mystery to solve. A mystery that if left the world will end. That's were Skulduggery Pleasant...
Skulduggery Pleasant gets Facebook by nowblackarc
Skulduggery Pleasant gets Facebookby love yourself
This is just a funny story about what would happen if the Skulduggery Pleasant characters got facebook. All the characters belong to Derek Landy (the God of writing) It'...
Skulduggery Pleasant: HELP by amateur-at-life
Skulduggery Pleasant: HELPby amateur-at-life
After finding a nearly dead Valkyrie in her own home, stabbed by her reflection and her subconcious, Darquesse, Skulduggery and Valkyrie are on a quest to stop them both...
SP characters in quarintine by BlueberryMuffinBooks
SP characters in quarintineby BlueberryMuffinBooks
what if the Skulduggery Pleasent world had to go into quarintine too
Valduggery One-Shots by spn_stole_my_life
Valduggery One-Shotsby Panic! Everywhere
[No longer updating] A collection of Valduggery One-shots that I originally started writing on an old account. But I'm now uploading them on here because I'm not using t...
Valduggery  by sparrowskye
Valduggery by sparrowskye
Is it possible for Skul to get Val pregnant???!!
Drifting by DestielandValduggery
Driftingby DestielandValduggery
Val and Skulduggery start to drift apart, and no one knows why, except for Valkyrie..
The Love of a Dead Man  by ValkyrieCain1998
The Love of a Dead Man by Phoebe Pleasant
Old enemies. New enemies. Old friends. New friends. Grudges and plots. What happens when tensions between certain men become unbearable? What happens when they find they...
Rise of Darquesse (Darquesse Series Book 1) by leighttlemix
Rise of Darquesse (Darquesse Jane
*******THIS STORY IS SET AFTER DEATH BRINGER. CONTAINS SPOILERS!******* Skulduggery and Valkyrie face their most challenging mission yet... Kill Darquesse... aka Valkyri...
Until the end. by Pleasant_Cain04
Until the Pleasant_Cain04
This is a Skulduggery Pleasant fan fic. This is set after Resurrection (Valkyrie has ran away and has been missing for 5 years but the ending to Resurrection did not hap...
Skulduggery Pleasent: Reversed by Mistical52
Skulduggery Pleasent: Reversedby Mistical52
Secrets of Magic Sense  by Kiwi_melody31
Secrets of Magic Sense by Kyra
In the subdistrict of Canokyo, hidden from the world with only a few special minds aware of its existence, a community of incredibly talented and different people thrive...
Ask Skulduggery Pleasant by SkulduggeryP
Ask Skulduggery Pleasantby Skulduggery
This is the opportunity for you all to ask your favourite skeleton all the questions you have always wanted answered. Except the ones I don't want to answer. Send me que...
I Cut My Hand In A Piece Of Glass And I Hope The Scar Last by sleeponrooftops
I Cut My Hand In A Piece Of Nath.
Valkyrie never expected happily ever after but she thought it'd be easier, she thought America could fix her. She was wrong. Skulduggery tries to do everything right but...
A Lost Cause  by GooseyGirl7
A Lost Cause by Anarchy Willows.
Almost no one remembers that during the war, Skulduggery Pleasant had a twin sister, Delilah Empress, who was one of the most feared sorcerers of all time, known for ma...
I thought I knew you Valduggery by Summer_not_Winter
I thought I knew you Valduggeryby summer
What happens if Valkyrie and Skulduggery Pleasant fell for each other after the defeat of Darquesse?
Skulduggery Pleasant: Darkness Inside (Fanfiction Story) by ValduggeryTillTheEnd
Skulduggery Pleasant: Darkness Megan Louise
**DON'T READ IF YO HAVE NOT READ DEATH BRINGER** Darquesse is back, strong. Somone has Lord Vile's armour. Tanith Low is back. It's all happening now...
A Witch's Mantra [Twilight fanfiction] by BrookeHenderson6
A Witch's Mantra [Twilight Brooke Henderson
A witch and a vampire have to be a bad combination but they touched each other's world and changed it. Maybe even for the better.
In Between by ravenwings52
In Betweenby ravenwings52
Drabbles about anything and everything. (Skulduggery Pleasant) Rated PG-13 because of some mature themes (death, mostly, and Darquesse) and mild swearing.