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Demy x Wilsin by Luke1shot
Demy x Wilsinby Gamer1shot
My first watt pad lol idk how to do this but basically a story about wilsin and demy
Dear Demy , by elngiann
Dear Demy ,by Ellen ftw<3
After 2 years of being your bestie and including that its Christmas , I decide to write you a letter. I know that you may not see it and it may not have viewers. But fro...
Kingdom Hearts One-Shot: What a Strange Tune by Elithanium
Kingdom Hearts One-Shot: What a Elithanium
|| One-shot of Somebody!Demyx || He always had a strong heart, poor Demy. Washed up in Tortuga straight off a pirate ship through unfortunate consequence, he could only...
Let me tell you a poem by kvnzch
Let me tell you a poemby sayo lang kakandong
dedicated to you. made for you. especially for you.
the opportunity by Unicornszendz2017
the opportunityby 방탄소년단
Αν σου δεινωταν μια μεγάλη ευκερια να γίνεις ένα από τα μεγαλύτερα Kpop idol και να εισαι το τερι του ultimate bias σου θα την Πράγματοποιουσες τα κορίτσια είναι από τη...
Kyhyun ff (depression) by IlaydaGumus3
Kyhyun ff (depression)by Jeonhyun8
An ff about kihyun from monsta x You just got to a new school you want to be a stylist because you mom siad that you would be an great stylist but she's died in a car ac...
Φιλησε Με by lovingdreming
Φιλησε Μεby Nick Theo
Μια ερωτικη ιστορια ,αλλα δεν θα λυπουνε οι τσακωμοι , ο χορος και μουσικη Read and Like
Circles by DemyFuentes
Circlesby Demy Fuentes{Kellic}
A PTV and SWS love story Circles ~ Mike... Little did he know that love exists? What will happen next If Justin & Mike meet and fall in love with the same person with...
desleep/receit one shots by just-a-patd-stan
desleep/receit one shotsby evan
because seve is a emotional child- hopefully they upload this??
sander sides one-shots by abby-me
sander sides one-shotsby abby-me
the title explains all, p.s. this is my first story, so please no harsh stuff. But you are welcome to correct any grammar or spelling mistakes.