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Letters to and from by TheaKing
Letters to and fromby Thea King
Short story/letter of a soldier in ww1 to his family who resides in another country. It talks of his pain an the conditions he has to survive with whilst battling the Ge...
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Open when... by Zoe1019
Open when...by Zoe Henney
This is a series of letters that I actually wrote to my boyfriend for our anniversaries, birthday, etc. He enjoys them very much and I bet there are more girls out ther...
Walls by ciara_calhoon
Wallsby Ciara
Alexandria was high on life and in love with her boyfriend Niall. When Niall broke her heart, she was as shattered as the pieces of her heart. She thought if she left En...
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Wounded Hearts Will Conquer by SimplyxJess
Wounded Hearts Will Conquerby Jess
Can two wounded hearts come together to mend the pain? Bailey Keys never expected to lose her older sister, Lanie. The doctors said that she had time, that the odds were...
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No Place Like Home by JustAnotherWriter15
No Place Like Homeby JustAnotherWriter15
Short story. I would love to hear your feedback and constructive criticism on improving my short story. Thank you :)
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LETTER FROM A WELL-WISHER by aniksahaonline
A letter to a dead friend..... It is a letter type short story written and dedicated for a dead friend who died under a drink and drive mishap. This letter is writte...
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Love, +jjk+ [EDITED] by myoongs
Love, +jjk+ [EDITED]by taeguccii
Where one writes letters but doesn't send it.
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My Story by DevineeChristy
My Storyby Devinee Christy
"A story about a time. A story about a place but above all things as story about love."
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Gunther and Laufeia (a Harry Potter Fan-Fiction) by Cocomomonkey
Gunther and Laufeia (a Harry Potte...by Cocomomonkey
Gunther thought he was perfectly normal. He went to a normal school and had a normal life. That is untill his parents tell him that he was actually adopted. It gets even...
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Dark Chocolates [One-Shot / Self-Published] by jinxmagnet
Dark Chocolates [One-Shot / Self-P...by Ysa Enna
"You're just like a dark chocolate, because deep inside your bitter-self, you are sweet." This story will be self published under the project of Stories - Most...
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l o v e  b o t t l e s by coeurs
l o v e b o t t l e sby ᵐºʳᵖʰ'ⁿᵉ զᵘᵉᵉⁿ
dedicated to a special someone; l o v e l y c u p i d s s e r v i c e
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Short Stories♥ by nozomikizumi
Short Stories♥by NozomiKizumi
Compilation of different Short Stories^^♥ I don't own this stories^^.. Thank you for reading^^ readers^^
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Dear Emma, by Kira0351
Dear Emma,by Kira
A short story about a high-schooler who wrote a letter to his crush... on the day of his death.
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Letter To My 13 Year Old Self by TheFunnyGirl_
Letter To My 13 Year Old Selfby TheFunnyGirl_
Dear my 13 year old self, please stop being so stubborn in your ways and read this letter, it'll save you a lot of embarrassment and tears. From your more educated self.
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The Love Letters Of Senoia (Sequal To DFH) by lana_writes
The Love Letters Of Senoia (Sequal...by Lana
After just six months of living in Senoia, Georgia, Nicole still isn't used to the small town feel. She was so accustomed to the fast life in Manhattan, going from city...
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Since you've left. by Twincalumskies
Since you've left.by Twincalumskies
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It's too late now... by llonewolf
It's too late now...by llonewolf
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letter for mom by elfitra
letter for momby elfitra
mom.. i know you want to give me the best... but its not like this..
Poems and Other Stuff {including plot bunnies} by ursa-maj0r
Poems and Other Stuff {including p...by Emilie
Some poems I wrote a while back. A few stories that I started but later didn't really like. Though I didn't want to get rid of them, for later use. And some other stuff...
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