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Scarlett Scars (Stray Kids FF)  by ALovingStranger
Scarlett Scars (Stray Kids FF) by ALovingStranger
"Why is it that only you need bodyguards? Why none of the other members? " "Let's just say.. I was at the wrong place, at the wrong time." Chu Scarl...
Divine. | Countryhumans rusame by Junoisnotok
Divine. | Countryhumans rusameby Juno
Soviet Collapsed, Soviet's kids kept his death a secret until the organizations accidentally found out. After a few days everything is calmed down and the new counties h...
Perilously Devoted (MORGAN SERIES 2) by WizofRyah_
Perilously Devoted (MORGAN Wiz of Ryah
Relcy Escabella Suarez is one of the toughest woman alive. She doesn't fear anything, not even death. She wanted to live a peaceful life, but it seems peaceful life does...
Choosing Wrong by humanitis
Choosing Wrongby Human
***** My words were cut off and I was suddenly backed up into a wall, facing a very angry Logan. He looked me down in fury, making my size shrink even more with the way...
The Schoolgirl is a secret agent by HuangbieyueHuang
The Schoolgirl is a secret agentby Huang bieyue Huang
Machine Translated For offline reading purposes only...  Translator:EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor:EndlessFantasy Translation Status in COO: 2803 Chapters (Completed) ...
Nikolai by Ruellecharlotte
Nikolaiby Audrey Dismuke
Head of the Russia Mafia : Nikolai Ivanov found his love, his wife by force. This is their story. Their journey. ' I wake up seeing my love beautifully sleeping. I take...
Destroying Love by MlleAb
Destroying Loveby MlleAb ☙
No emotions. Do your mission. Don't look back. After the sudden death of her partner and boyfriend, Sophia Montgomery makes the promise to never put work and love in th...
Z.E.R.O (Wattys 2016) by KateeSmurfette
Z.E.R.O (Wattys 2016)by Katlego 'Katee' Moncho
"Xander, you can't sit here and tell us that this doesn't look the least bit suspicious to you," Mordecai told me. "I'm pretty sure I know my own girlfrie...
She's My Badass Girl | BADASS DUOLOGY #2 by riyazyn
She's My Badass Girl | BADASS riya
[ONGOING] Badass #2 Thanalia Alvino also known as "Nally '' is part of an organization. She joined an organization to help other peopleㅡmore like weak people who ca...
Fifth High: mission  by GuardianDevil09
Fifth High: mission by Angel Casipe
‡ Zielleangel Sky Mercader, a girl who will do everything just to get the justice she deserves. Justice for her grandparents, family and herself. "Don't be happy...
Guide To Becoming A Business Tycoon In Ancient Times by Ray_W5
Guide To Becoming A Business
[CURRENTLY BEING EDITED] [ORIGINAL STORY] Guide To Becoming A Business Tycoon In Ancient times: Step 1: Have a powerful mysterious space Step 2: Transmigrate to ancient...
Home: Book 1 by AhnAera
Home: Book 1by Aera Ahn
I am Ciara, abandoned by the man I trusted most, Noah, and 'killed' by his maniac girlfriend, Julia. I work as an Agent for HOME, an organization made to stop the world...
Unknown Oddities by XABITE
Unknown Odditiesby XABITE
Geto Tengoku, was just like anyone else in a mundane society, a former student, recently a graduate of 21, and working hard for the unknown future, however, that very fe...
The Girl I Loved [UNDER REVISION] by teriyaki5
The Girl I Loved [UNDER REVISION]by KASIEntahan ni mikha
Luna Celestia Sanchez Talia Flavia Lewis Professor x Student Status: under revision date posted: September 28, 2022
BLACK PANTHER  by aluminum_guy
BLACK PANTHER by Bookworm_Aria
Aljie, a man selected by an enigmatic Organization to undertake missions on their behalf. He is among the chosen individuals recruited by the Organization, which compris...
Secret Intention by Gemenia_Cryst
Secret Intentionby Gemma
Iris Maureen Zavala, a young girl who survived the war, she was raised by a man. As Iris enrolls in her new school on an undercover mission, she had an unexpected encoun...
Chaos Eyes Book 2 by Moe_Cyan_Pile
Chaos Eyes Book 2by moecyanpile
Continuation of Chaos Eyes
It's been too long (Alucard x reader) by BandGeek2263
It's been too long (Alucard x Megan Stevens
While Alucard was on a mission he met this 'human' girl. Or he thought the girl was human anyway. He was proven wrong. The girl was accepted into the Hellsing organizati...
One-Shot (R18) by maskguide55
One-Shot (R18)by Maskguide55
Warning: Explicit scenes that are NOT suitable for young readers ✓First One-shot Story Her husband is destined to depart tomorrow morning, so what might happen later tha...
The Queen of Trouble (Season III) by _EchoesInMyMind_
The Queen of Trouble (Season III)by EchoesInMyMind
[ COMPLETED / OLD VERSION ] They thought the game has already ended. They thought they will finally gonna have a normal life like other people. They thought there will b...