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The Funeral Style by PaperMars
The Funeral Styleby This profile kills me
"If they aren't pretty when they are dead, then why bother keeping the bodies in my cemetery? Just burn them. Burn all of them, and give me the charming ones."...
Tomura Shigaraki sister (Bakugou X Oc)  by xeroxi666
Tomura Shigaraki sister (Bakugou Xeroxi666._.
Growing up with a villain master your expected to become a villain too. Well for for Shizuki Shigaraki it was different, after being left behind, pro hero's rescued her...
No More Freshness by ItzOopaMaBoiz
No More Freshnessby ItzOopaMaBoiz
What happens when the skeleton with no emotions finally gets an emotion? What if that one emotion is bad? This takes place after Geno is put in the hospital. Error has...
Ask Fresh and Deccy!! by d0kld0kl
Ask Fresh and Deccy!!by I M L S B N
Ask questions, make dares, get creative with it. cover is not mine
My Hero Academia: Prisoners by dragonkatty
My Hero Academia: Prisonersby Katharyn Draconis
"I may be a villain now, but I am capable of change. I am my own person, I refuse to stand in your shadow, or follow your path." -Pyrrha ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
Momma CQ: Yin and Yang (Sister insert) by Virus_Night
Momma CQ: Yin and Yang (Sister Mel Night
The CQs, ah yes, who doesn't know them, Geno, the brave SWAT Policemen, he is known to face danger head on, he is a hero figure as with the department, he fights even wi...
Don't Piss on Me, I'm Already Dead by KarmaPoliceIamLost
Don't Piss on Me, I'm Already Deadby Karma Police
🚫Trigger warning🚫 What is poetic and what is tragic..? sadness which engulfs me. Tell me, what is about conveying this melancholic life that gives a feeling of escape...
T̶e̶n̶k̶o̶ ̶S̶h̶i̶m̶u̶r̶a̶ ̶ | Tomura Shigaraki  by Heartless_shit
T̶e̶n̶k̶o̶ ̶S̶h̶i̶m̶u̶r̶a̶ ̶ | IWannaDie
This story is basically about Shigaraki's childhood and how he became one of the strongest villains. I changed some things so it will not be exactly like the original Sh...
Shinso's sister *Shigaraki x depressed reader* by trashpotato402
Shinso's sister *Shigaraki x trashpotato402
Your Shisous twin sister who got into class 1-A your depressed bullied and could hurt someine very badly but what happens when you join the league of villains. And it tu...
The Momma CQ House by JackytheSkeleton
The Momma CQ Houseby ❀GhostlyFlower❀
Soooooooooo it's about Decay move to the momma CQ house. So yeah! Really just random stuff that come into my mind.
RUN [✓] by bjorghalla
RUN [✓]by Bjorg Halla
Christine is a young girl that has to run for her life and run she shall.
Decay by Thranduil_Thorin
Decayby Em
A bitter, aging lord, forever lamenting his lost youth, finds a young woman and holds her captive. However, he finds himself drawn to her and over time, they form a rela...
How to survive the Zombie Apocalypse: All you need to know by supernatural_witch
How to survive the Zombie me
Have you ever imagined what it would be like during a zombie apocalypse, perhaps you've read about it, or watched a show, but really, are you truly prepared for the wors...
Shigaraki's Insta by XBlood-GodX
Shigaraki's Instaby 👑🐷TECHNOBLADE🐷👑
I was forced to make this book...😑😑
freshcans Momma CQ by DigiOnline
freshcans Momma CQby Digi Online
two bestfriends who became lovers one's sick one's emotionless let's see how this goes!
Toys in the Attic by MarCafeWrites
Toys in the Atticby Mar Café
An assault leaving her with no memories, the girl dubbed by the police as "Thai Place" attempts to reassemble her past. As she begins to come in contact with t...
Runaway Bride by ForeverDreaming236
Runaway Brideby Liz
This story, is about a girl who has been in love with her boyfriend since she was 12. Her mother forced her to marry her best friend, even though they both love someone...
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The Symbol of Fear Male (Shigaraki reader x Rwby) by ChibiDoomGuy
The Symbol of Fear Male ( ChibiDoomGuy
You are Y/N Shigaraki and you will decay the Hunter dream... That's all for the description see you later.
A Date with Decay (BoyxBoy)(#Wattys2016) by SeaOfHazel
A Date with Decay (BoyxBoy)( SeaOfHazel
Have you ever had dinner with the dead, with the decaying, with the... undead? Well, now Asher can honestly say that yes, yes he has. And decay looks absolutely adorable...
Half-Life oneshots/headcannons/imagines. by Kraft-Punk
Half-Life oneshots/headcannons/ Ya boi,
I'm starting up another book! Why? Because my last one is on my other account. ;-; Feel free to me a request!