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I'm Fine by SnowRosem
I'm Fineby 햇빛
Mason (Dipper) Pines family betrayed him when he was seven years old. His parents found out that he's an elemental demon, and tried to perform many exorcisms on him. The...
Isolation ♡ Larry ✔ by Stylinson_Larryxx
Isolation ♡ Larry ✔by ×͜× LARRY ×͜×
Where Louis and Harry have been best friends for years but that changes when they decide to isolate through Covid together. ⚣ Boyxboy, Larry Stylinson ✎ Original story b...
Nomad by WolvesandMoons
Nomadby Madelynn Tudor
To his family, he was a traitor, to his people he was a threat and to himself a monster. Charlie never had a chance to prove otherwise. For the last twelve years, Char...
Camping Trip by LilyAnnaLace
Camping Tripby LilyAnna
Aiden's summer of quiet isolation is sabotaged by Lucas and his circle of jocks; the exact people Aiden took a job in the woods to avoid. Pestered by stupid jokes and ne...
Behind Drawn Curtains by CAKerst
Behind Drawn Curtainsby C.A. Kerst
For most of his life E.J tries to hide behind drawn curtains, to afraid that the world will find out about his abnormal situation. The one where he needs to please his s...
The Trapped Lover by insanely_infectious
The Trapped Loverby Rashi Talesara
Here, Love is lunacy. "You are in those chains because I love you!" Rhea is an average girl with a normal life, a normal job and a loving fiancé. Though her pr...
Yandere! Oh Sangwoo/Reader by mirkomilk
Yandere! Oh Sangwoo/Readerby mirkomilk
(Y/n) had never once been down in her captors basement, hopefully it'd never happen, especially not after what he had told her.
The Man Who Never Speaks by falicewins
The Man Who Never Speaksby nouk
When Alice 'Ice Queen' Smith moves to Riverdale to become the new Mayor, she unexpectedly meets someone at the sides of the woods when her tire flattens. The only thing...
Naruto: The Lost Phoenix by Vexitus
Naruto: The Lost Phoenixby Kaleb Keeton
When Kai Nazaru suddenly finds himself alone in an unfamiliar mountain range and aged back to his seven-year-old self, he's surprised to say the least. But what's even m...
Karma's Hitman by mestrin
Karma's Hitmanby Michael Estrin
Gavin kills people with his thoughts. It's a good business, but a lonely life. Until that is, Gavin meets the beguiling Divia, a woman he can't stop thinking about. Coul...
He Was My Master by ReinaStarnight
He Was My Masterby ꜱᴛᴀʀᴅᴜꜱᴛ
Where Ahsoka time travels and Anakin is brought along for the joyride. Ahsoka Tano had done many things in her lifetime; Time Travel was just added to the list. After h...
Isolation (modified) by maynardhigh
Isolation (modified)by maynardhigh
**an improved version of Isolation - the same story but rewritten to be more mature, and a better read** Megan Hayes and Logan Brooks are your typical, rebellious teenag...
Full Of Mistakes (ManxBoy+) by UnknowDawn
Full Of Mistakes (ManxBoy+)by Dawn
#Book 1 Trouble Maker's Series These boy's are trouble. Don't fall for thier tricks. They can be nice and they can be mean. But that's only cause the want attention. Der...
~ Locked up ~ (A Crazy DeKu Story) by CaptainThief
~ Locked up ~ (A Crazy DeKu Story)by DrThief
This story will contain an evil, crazy, Plaguedoctor Deku, who has quirks that are too dangerous to be kept free. Most of his class is kept in the same facility as him...
Older Sister Of The Kiryu Twins (Vampire Knight Fan-Fiction) BOOK 1 by Yami757
Older Sister Of The Kiryu Twins ( Yami ⁷ ♡
Mitsuki Kiryu, the older sister of Zero and Ichiru was told to attend Cross Academy and become a perfect with Zero and Yuki. Follow Mitsuki's adventures and struggles. ...
Silent But Deadly by Inspired-By-Many
Silent But Deadlyby You
Kaori Kurosawa is not an ordinary girl. Being abandoned at an early age, she never knew what Family was nor love. What will it take for Kaori to see the world in a diff...
Sweetly Isolated (The Swallow Barn Cottage Series, Book 1) by kkolmakov
Sweetly Isolated (The Swallow Katya Kolmakov
Two weeks before Christmas, Clementine Popplewell finds a man in her bed! To think of it, a random stranger would be almost better than John Holyoake, whose guts she hat...
WHAT SHE HID by danicapcosta
WHAT SHE HIDby Danica P Costa
Leila is being watched. Days after moving to Ludford, Leila finds a creepy drawing of herself sitting on her porch. Is this unknown watcher someone from her past, or is...
quarantine - ruel by fleurruel
quarantine - ruelby maia
in which paige has to quarantine with ruel
What can I be? (Solangelo) by clawer70
What can I be? (Solangelo)by clawer70
Leaves off after the end of the last war. Nico did it. The camps did it. Gaea is asleep again. The world's been saved. Words call out to him. The world is spinning. Bla...