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Cassandra's Breakup by ScottGrisham
Cassandra's Breakupby Scott Grisham
Cassandra's rival comes to her house to teach her a lesson Artistic talent: TULIOMX19 Beautiful profile pic
Helpless by M5B4_SEDLYR99
Helplessby M5B4_SEDLYR99
She's in control of me now. And she is going to tickle the crap out of me...
Left Behind (A Dramione Romance) by MarissaWalkerWriter
Left Behind (A Dramione Romance)by Marissa F. Walker
When the Chandelier crashes down at the Malfoy Mansion Dobby Apparates without one member of the group: Hermione. Stuck inside a house with the Dark Lord Draco finds him...
The Human in the Wolf's Den by oooookaaaay
The Human in the Wolf's Denby oooookaaaay
Formerly known by his slave number, forty-two, Cassian is snatched up and named by the alpha of the pack who is also his mate. Will Cassian ever gain Xanders trust? Or w...
Bonded By Blood by CrazyAnimeLife1
Bonded By Bloodby CrazyAnimeLife1
Naruto and Gaara are close friends. And gaara wants to try something he once heard about. Blood Binding. Supposedly is deepens any bond. But there was a bit of a catch...
Bound (Harry Styles FanFic) PUBLISHED -- SAMPLE ONLY by SumNawaz
Bound (Harry Styles FanFic) summer
IMPORTANT: As of November 1, 2018, the last 15 chapters of the story have been taken down due to this book has been PUBLISHED. Link to purchase your copy of Bound is on...
Double Take [Sequel to Bound] by SumNawaz
Double Take [Sequel to Bound]by summer
"Love is like drinking beer. Once you get too much of it, you start acting stupid." -Klara Styles. "Love is the only thing in this world that covers up al...
Duty-Bound [ Lore of Penrua: Book II ] by MinaParkes
Duty-Bound [ Lore of Penrua: ♡ M i n a (she/her) ♡
The war has ended and the reign of stars and roses has crumbled. Return to the Holy City in the sequel to Blood-Bound! **Warning** Spoilers follow for those who have not...
〚« Føund the place »〛|| Tsukasa Yugi x Reader: Hiatus by MissChillPill
〚« Føund the place »〛|| Tsukasa The 134/381 Storymaker
"143/381 Book series" || V o l u m e 1 || With her stubbornness in the way, L/n Y/n doesn't trust anyone in the world. No one. Her past was the one to blame...
Something Else || Toilet-Bound/Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun x Reader: Requests Open by MissChillPill
Something Else || Toilet-Bound/ The 134/381 Storymaker
Credits: I don't really have to say anything. I mean, Iteazwititeaz. Start Date: February 29, 2020 [SAT] End Date: [ONGOING]
Bound by IrenaaZar
Boundby Irenaa Zar
Highest Ranking #62 in Werewolf as of March 17, 2017 The Canine Series. (You don't need to read any other book to read this one) Sierra Jacobs was the only human is...
• Toilet bound Hanako Kun •  - Scenarios + One Shots - by derpydork_
• Toilet bound Hanako Kun • - Vivid_
Hiya~ These are TBHK scenarios and one shots! Characters ~〽️ Hanako Kou Minamoto Mitsuba Tsukasa -REQUESTS ARE OPEN- If you want more characters just request them :...
Rock-bottom by Yoonworks
Rock-bottomby lumpia
From a simple message... To a big deception... ----- Book 4 of Bound Series
The Blood Bracelets #1: Blood Bound by SJ_Holder
The Blood Bracelets #1: Blood Boundby Stephanie Holder
Taryn Nyte has always walked the streets without a worry, and she has always slept through the worst of nightmares - until now. Kidnapped in the City of Melbourne by d...
Abused By My Stepfather And Soon By My Step Brother by skyelove24
Abused By My Stepfather And Soon Sky Love
Olivia Benson is being abuse by her stepfather and he been doing this since she was 10 years old. Later on her step brother abuse her when they live in their apartment a...
Bound by Elvishreader
Boundby evil_elf_child
"You will beg for my hands to be the ones that soothe your wounds. That is a vow I will never break." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Will I ever escape this livin...
Bound to Submission by Riyenntw
Bound to Submissionby Riyenn
High intensity of feelings being in harmony... Undoubtedly, the result of the frequency of your energy... [[source of pictures: pinterest]]
Gleina na Agar: LOTR story (Reader) by Aranel-en-aino
Gleina na Agar: LOTR story (Reader)by Aranel-en-aino
You are sucked into the Realm of Middle Earth accidentally, and are bound to the ring! If you don't find a way to unbind yourself from it, you will perish within the fir...
Tethered by Snoozyn
Tetheredby Snoozyn
-A crown of stars book I- Gilryn Locklore, a highborn Lady of the Elvin Court, is an unfathomable beauty that prefers to spend her days wandering around the dark and dan...