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Across The Stars by Jedi1616
Across The Starsby Jedi1616
Twelve years after the events of ROTS <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><...
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the young padawan| o. kenobi by whistlingisforlosers
the young padawan| o. kenobiby madison
in which a young padawan falls for her master and vice versa. - "you've much to learn my young padawan." "your favourite young padawan, right master obi...
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Skywalker: Twin Suns | Canonverse AU | ONC III by dream-is-reality
Skywalker: Twin Suns | Canonverse...by Jenny Raylen
What if Darth Vader discovered his children were alive? Vader is on a mission for the Emperor when his hyperdrive is damaged and he's forced to land on Alderaan to seek...
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Join Me, (Y/N) (Anakin Skywalker X Reader)  by Sincerely_Yours_Stan
Join Me, (Y/N) (Anakin Skywalker X...by B I T C H
"I want to give you a better life, here, with me. I want to give you the life you deserve, a life that your brother would want for you-the life that I want for you...
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Desolation ↠ Kylo Ren by JaysAnatomy
Desolation ↠ Kylo Renby t.
"I won't leave you." Sonoma spat the blood from out her mouth. "So go ahead and do it." "Kill me." ©|Kylo Ren 2019
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Return of the Apprentice (Darth Vader x Reader) by TheBlueBassoon
Return of the Apprentice (Darth Va...by Attracted to Lamps
This this story there was no Ahsoka. You were Anakin's first and only padawan. But you left the Jedi because you saw the error in their ways. You became a grey Jedi. You...
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Star Wars Imagines  (Requests Closed) by Onceuponxwars
Star Wars Imagines (Requests Clos...by Onceuponxwars
In this book you can find Star Wars Imagines as the title says! -Requests are closed- 11/08/18 - #5 in hux 29/09/18 - #2 in hux ~Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars or it...
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Midnight by -skywalkerxs
Midnightby 💫𝓢𝓴𝔂💫
The most notorious Assassin Midnight became known around 6 years ago. No one knows where the hunter came from, but that he came from somewhere. Beneath the mask is a 17...
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Star Wars: One Shots/Preferences by Jedi_Exile
Star Wars: One Shots/Preferencesby Just_Some_Jedi
RANKINGS: 1# BobaFett; 1# Vader; 1# in Revan, 1# in Carth; Hello, this is my first attempt at a story so if you have any advice, please tell. I will be always open to re...
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Sure Thing, Commander by traveling_wanderlust
Sure Thing, Commanderby 𓆉𝔼𝕝𝕝𝕚𝕖𓆉
~Rexsoka Fanfic~ Order 66 has just been ordered and clones everywhere are turning on the Jedi killing them for crimes against the republic. Ashoka and Rex have escaped f...
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Anakin Imagines  by anakinsthighgap
Anakin Imagines by Christina Marie
Scenarios involving Anakin Skywalker that are heavy on my brain.
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Reunited♛[Star Wars] {Book 1} {Completed} by MinJiminnies
Reunited♛[Star Wars] {Book 1} {Com...by ⋆𝙏 ⋆
"Do you have any family?" "I had a mother, but I was taken from her to be put as a slave. Oh and I have a brother, but he's been gone for a while." I...
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Skywalker Rises by monstertam3r
Skywalker Risesby Monster Tam3r
A post-TROS fix fic. Ben & Rey's story after Episode IX. This story contains plenty of spoilers from Episode IX, and some from the Mandalorian. These are not my charact...
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Always ( An Anakin Skywalker & O.C Fanfic) by Ashe_Hime
Always ( An Anakin Skywalker & O.C...by Ashley S. Reynolds
Readers Note; This fanfic started as a Anakin Skywalker love story but became so much more. It will follow varied events within the saga but with new plots and such. I h...
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Rey Destroys the Glass by Catsmeow148
Rey Destroys the Glassby Catsmeow148
Sequel to Kylo Destroys the Sand. Kylo and Rey, newly married, are expecting a baby Skywalker-Organa-Solo and everyone is excited (especially Poe)
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WALK AWAY || a.s. by unfriendlyghost
WALK AWAY || a.s.by unfriendlyghost
"it's difficult to trust people that hold no real trust for people like us." "people like us?" "people that question their perception of what is...
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The Fallen Princess (Kylo Ren x Reader) by kylorens_queen02
The Fallen Princess (Kylo Ren x Re...by Brianna
You are the only daughter of the Supreme Leader Snoke (Or so you thought). But from the Past and Reality, You are Obi Wan Kenobi's Grand-Daughter. You are Raised by Sno...
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Irenic ― Anakin Skywalker by Cat_Archer
Irenic ― Anakin Skywalkerby cat archer
A story in which Octavia Naberrie meets the love of her life and has to save him from himself. ━━━━━━━━━━━━ "Luke and Leia asked about him." "What did you...
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Balance ~ Kylo Ren / Ben Solo by FandomQueens
Balance ~ Kylo Ren / Ben Soloby FandomQueens💙🦋
Athena has trained under General Rae Sloane of The First Order. When her home planet of Naboo is threaten she is forced to flee, leaving her family behind to die. She is...
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Come Back Home by Jedi1616
Come Back Homeby Jedi1616
AU 2 years after Revenge of the Sith... On Mustafar, two heroes battle on the fiery shores. We all kno...
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