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A Deal with the Daredevil (Completed) (Editing) by chocolatemuncher
A Deal with the Daredevil (Complet...by Dana
Casey Stratford and Ryder Cavanaugh are not friends. They're barely even acquaintances. But when Casey gets dumped and she's resigned herself to do everything in her pow...
To everyone, who is into kink. Here are some dares to you from me. Losers get punishments. hehe.
Marked By A Fallen Angel by DarkRoyallty
Marked By A Fallen Angelby DarkRoyalty Books™
During spring break at a lake, Raynare was dared by her friends to walk all the way to the lake and back on her own with no source or light. Being teased by the girlfrie...
Ask Or Dare Karushuu by Clover543isBored
Ask Or Dare Karushuuby xXCLOVERXx
Karma and Gakushū are here to answer Karushuu fans' questions for them! And do the dares given to them, no backing out of it either because they are competitive as hell
PAYBACK (Bucky X Reader Y/n) by DaisyyJamess
PAYBACK (Bucky X Reader Y/n)by DAISY JAMES
"I didn't do it, it was your mistake!" "Yea so go!" "I will!" "What the hell! Now I'm soaking wet!" "It's called payback, ho...
Ninjago  TRUTH OR DARE by gramaye
Ninjago TRUTH OR DAREby Gra-MayeDIY
Hello Ninjago fangirls or boys!!! Have you wanted to asked or dare the six ninja's? Well this is the book for you!!! There will also be special guest such as Misako, Sky...
Cookie Run- Dare The Cookies in Cookie Run by CupcakeGoodra
Cookie Run- Dare The Cookies in Co...by 🧁Cupcake Goodra🧁
You dare the cookies in Cookie Run to do something and they will do it in the next chapter!! What will the cookies do? What will they dare each other? Comment and the da...
𝙘𝙖𝙣'𝙩 𝙨𝙖𝙮 𝙣𝙤 • nomin by Mirajane_And_Juvia
𝙘𝙖𝙣'𝙩 𝙨𝙖𝙮 𝙣𝙤 • nominby call me koneko
[ c o m p l e t e d ] christmas break and jeno and jaemin need to work on something to keep their boredom away. hardcore fluff ⚠ nct nomin fanfiction 2018. Σ>―(〃°ω°〃)...
Rich Boy  by vsofiabp1
Rich Boy by vsofiaz_
Love and y/n are not friends, but one boy can change everything
My Life With Him by Jackie_Moore
My Life With Himby Jackie
"How about we do something crazy?" "Like what?" "Anything, as long as it's crazy." "Why should we?" "Because it's called liv...
Ask'n Dare the Pj masks  by PiperJistic
Ask'n Dare the Pj masks by Mad Lad :p
Have you ever had questions for the Pj masks? Well, your in luck, you can now! Just ask them anything and they'll answer back! Oh, did I hear you also wanna dare them to...
Give Us Truth Or Dare Questions!: Dork Diaries!!! (Completed) by calmthepalm
Give Us Truth Or Dare Questions!:...by calmthepalm
Give dork diaries characters truth or dare questions!!! (Including story twists from Dork Diaries.) STORY IS VERY VERY OLD. NO LONGER ACCEPTING TRUTHS OR DARES, SO PLEAS...
TomBoo oneshot (that was on my Ao3) by faatty8897
TomBoo oneshot (that was on my Ao3)by idkwhyimhere:]
hey i thought i'd post this here because people seemed to like the other two :) just to clarify this is not smut, i don't want to write smut and have no plans to.
Pokespe Truth or Dare by 13thLegend
Pokespe Truth or Dareby Legend
Once upon a time, a girl named Legend became bored. Organized chaos ensued. Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon Special, the cover, or any pictures.
Ask or Dare Annabeth Chase by marvelleous_
Ask or Dare Annabeth Chaseby elle
Ask or Dare Annabeth Chase anything and she will do it with no hesitation! Annabeth Chase: I never said anything about the no hesita - Admin: Silence, puny mortal. _____...
Ask Starscream ( Book 1) by Isa_Angel_Spirit
Ask Starscream ( Book 1)by Spirit
you can ask Starscream questions and you can even....dare him😅😅😅😆😆😆 Starscream: isa no-_- Me: Isa yes!^^ Starscream: *faceplam* Me : Thank me later High heels!^^ S...
Eeveelution Squad: Truth or Dare by -bxby_veve-
Eeveelution Squad: Truth or Dareby shipeon
Hiya, everyone! If you read the Eeveelutions Squad comics by PKM-150, then this is the place for you! Your favorite ships in the series will be included, as well as...
Ask Nico di Angelo | √ by Nico_Solace
Ask Nico di Angelo | √by Nico di Angelo
This is an ask book where you can comment different question/challenges to me, the lovely little Italian Death Angel. Send me questions on anything you would like to kno...
Harry Potter Characters React To Ships by RachelleRavenclaw66
Harry Potter Characters React To S...by Rachelle Ravenclaw
This books is about the Harry Potter characters (and me) reacting to some Harry Potter ships. Please don't judge, this is my first book i've ever made. Ok this was a di...
Demigod Hour by uncrxwned
Demigod Hourby no longer active
Hey you... Do you have a watch? What time is it? No, no, not your normal watch. Your FABULOUS one. Oh my, look at the time, it's the hour of demigods. DISCLAIMER: Rick...