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Total Drama Mike x reader  by Mari-universes
Total Drama Mike x reader by Mari-chan
You are competing in Total Drama Revenge of the Island! You meet the campers and get a shot to win the million! Will you win the million or win a better prize? Or go ho...
total drama, reunites by totaldramamama
total drama, reunitesby :)
what happens when the kids of total drama reunite four years later, all through a simple groupchat.
Home by totaldrama_freak
Homeby hmmmm
It was the perfect love story, new girl moves next door, boy falls in love with her, happily ever after right? Too bad it wasn't her story though.
📣📣📣 The Ridonculous Race: Cheer the Cheer 📣📣📣 by elgaia489
📣📣📣 The Ridonculous Race: TGRickel
Best friends Sarah and Sammy have been maintaining their friendship since their first meeting in Pahkitew Island, despite living in separate cities. After seeing a comme...
Total Drama Island-In My Eyes by Pandorani
Total Drama Island-In My Eyesby Pandorani
23 contestants, 1 million dollars, and endless drama. Welcome to Total Drama Island! Meet April, a tomboy with manners. She's been into classical theatre and drama perf...
total drama all stars 2.0 by ultracortez
total drama all stars 2.0by ultracortez
Chris Mclean is back with a new season. Total drama All Stars 2.0 is filled with heart-warming, funny and crazy moments. What will the campers think? Find out by reading...
Total Drama Island: When the Irish Girl Came by stephanieobrien_
Total Drama Island: When the Stephanie Ní Bhriain
Stephanie is your typical Irish girl, ginger hair, pale skin, and of course, freckles. When Stephanie hears about 'Total Drama Island', a reality TV game show being aire...
The Mini Geniuses; Total Drama Ridiculous Race by OffColorOasis
The Mini Geniuses; Total Drama Asugi
Scarlett and Ariel reunited for the chance to participate on The Ridonculous Race. Ariel's still happy to see her and still likes her, despite what happened on Pahkitew...
The Halls of The Mountain King by BeckDaylee
The Halls of The Mountain Kingby BeckDaylee
Total Drama fanfic. Set pre-TD and pre-Juvie. Mal/MikexOC. Still a work in progress but here we go. Beck was simply a pawn in Mal's grand scheme of things. Until she...
TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND WARS by horny bisexual
Welcome Back to another season of Total drama! This season brings more drama, more secrets, and more relationships!! Find out what happens this season on Total Drama Isl...
Inner Demons by ErenConstantine
Inner Demonsby Eren Constantine
What if during a challenge in world tour team Amazon Let's Cody to die but he meets a girl that helps him embrace his inner demons
Total Drama World Tour [Alejandro X OC] by herewerock
Total Drama World Tour [ Herewerock
I get that this idea has been done time and time again, but I'm sticking to it. Victoria McLean, daughter of the infamous Chris McLean. Host of the Total Drama series. T...
Total Drama Duncan x reader (SLOW UPDATES) by JocelynKnight
Total Drama Duncan x reader ( Luna Darkwolf
(Y/n) is a average 16 girl who is trying to fit-in in life..............pfffft hahaha nope she is a delinquent like Duncan and looks like a female version of him but muc...
Don't Be So Dramatic by jetelios
Don't Be So Dramaticby jet
Your typical Total Drama high school AU. Gwen and Trent used to be the perfect couple. Emphasis on used to. After their break up, a whole new onslaught of drama is headi...
In Your Shoes by tdduncney
In Your Shoesby tdduncney
Courtney and Gwen swapped bodies, literally. Will they survive living as each other? [I don't own Total Drama characters and all that stuff this is a fanfic so ya]
Total Drama Island Book 1: Male reader x Gwen by AndrewWarner4
Total Drama Island Book 1: Male Andrew Warner
When you heard there was a show looking for people your age to join you decided to sign up. It was going to be awesome and you were going to win the $100,000 prize and m...
Love and war (TDROTI FF) by Tmntgirl118
Love and war (TDROTI FF)by Tmntgirl118
When Bailey Mcarther gets on total drama she has no idea what's in store
Total Drama Island Erin's Story by LongingForYesterday
Total Drama Island Erin's Storyby Venus
A chance to win one hundred thousand dollars? Sign me up. That's what Erin did, just spontaneously, because she thought why not. She had no idea that would change everyt...
Total Texting by dxc1fan
Total Textingby Mocha
texting with your favorite characters in total drama!!!