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Ethan Redmace, A Clone Wars story. by JoikPear
Ethan Redmace, A Clone Wars Ethan Redmace
Ethan Redmace is a recently born clone. He is part of a special project of a few different clones who are able to wield the Force. Ethan Redmace and these other special...
Rwby: The might of the CIS ( Rwby X Star Wars the Clone Wars) by TheGreatSummoner
Rwby: The might of the CIS ( Summonerzilla
Ok this is a remake of the old one so here it is. Somewhere far in Renmant Y/n Schnee is the elder brother of weiss and winter. Y/n was a rich man but he hates the famil...
Unusual Troubles: A Separatist Commander (STBlackST x Star Wars: The Clone Wars) by BattleDroid1106
Unusual Troubles: A Separatist BattleDroid-Ork1106
Everyone knows the Clones War right? And everyone knows TF2 for its humorous jokes, like videos from STBlackSt and those Gmod videos. Now imagine, Richard Smith, a fan b...
Star wars Harem x  CIS male reader by ironbloodangel
Star wars Harem x CIS male readerby barabtos
Dooku had a padawan who followed him from the jedi order.
earth in star wars (on hold) by blankpage307
earth in star wars (on hold)by blankpage307
inspired by boofire191 I've taken some ideas from him while adding my own
The Ark's Clankers by JoeyKirkpatrickJr
The Ark's Clankersby Joey Kirkpatrick Jr
what would happen if the entire Droid Army received the Shut Down Command but didn't follow it and evacuate to a new Galaxy with the Separatist Council? join the Droid A...
When you get a Dragon Ball fan and Star Wars fan for the CIS then he's suddenly reincarnated and isekaid into the Star Wars Galaxy, what do you get? A reincarnated Frost...
The Guide to CIS Droids by JumboKat
The Guide to CIS Droidsby JumboKat
(Credits to @-grievousharm for the cover) This book will tell you about all the droids of the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS), or more commonly known as the Sep...
General Tartarus by BattleDroid1106
General Tartarusby BattleDroid-Ork1106
Summary Destiny... ...destiny works in mysterious ways... ...some believe in destiny... ...some defied destiny... ...some are destined to be something great for the bett...
Tiva short stories by cotedeweatherly
Tiva short storiesby cotedeweatherly
short tiva stories #ziva #david #zivadavid #tonydinozzo #tony #dinozzo #teamgibbs #ncis #teamtiva #tiva #motedeweatherly #cote #de #pablo #cotedepablo #michealweatherly...
You know, it is forbidden... by TheAlmighty10
You know, it is You know, the one who writes...
This is a story based on Star Wars, the Clone Wars (If you haven't watched yet, you should! + spoilers are expected). Your name is Newton, you got into the jedi order at...
Star Wars Episode 9: Return of the Conferacy by JoeyKirkpatrickJr
Star Wars Episode 9: Return of Joey Kirkpatrick Jr
after the Resistance escapes from the First Order: they find the most unexpected mercy from the time of the Clone Wars
Papa Emeritus Terzo iii x Omega oneshots!❤️🖤🤍 by Ace_IsaTFPfAn_77
Papa Emeritus Terzo iii x Omega Eddie
some may be sexual, inappropriate, gay, angsty, a lot or cursing, ECT. please enjoy and request if you'd like! ^^ ( ps: I do not own any of these characters, I am not th...
Gate: Thus the Droid Army Marched There (Gate X Star Wars) by pengualicious27
Gate: Thus the Droid Army pengualicious27
After the successful secession of the CIS, the Separatist Alliance took to a celebration on their capital planet, Raxus. People from all species gathered together on the...
Outer separatist by Plister29
Outer separatistby Plister29
this is my second series of separatist series about a droid commander who decided to run away to safety since the clone wars end and seeing the horror how the empire des...
RWBY: The Great Clone Wars (RWBY X Star Wars The Clone Wars) by TheGreatSummoner
RWBY: The Great Clone Wars (RWBY Summonerzilla
This is an alternative RWBY/Story of characters that has change and will be part of the CIS. A long time ago in the galaxy far far away. Y/n was the member of the Schnee...
Union Academy: Revenge Of The Betrayed  by Negotiator_1-1
Union Academy: Revenge Of The Negotiator
this book is inspired by Darkdecade97. And Kingrenetti Jaune, Izuku, Issei and Y/N were betrayed by Union because Union believed they we're the traitors and masterminds...
Revan Between Worlds by Hawkebat
Revan Between Worldsby Sara Hawke
Star Wars: Who says the World between Worlds is just for looking. Revan, the real Revan is placed in a medical stasis after being critically wounded by Malak's betrayal...
Star Wars: An Icon's Lament by TheRagFromTheCrag
Star Wars: An Icon's Lamentby NonYaFuckingBusiness
A direct Descendant of Revan lives on.... This Story is unique because aside from his heritage and Sith Training, the MC is also a cultist and a nobleman
RWBY: Glynda Goodwitch x Count Dooku Reader by ColonelX2
RWBY: Glynda Goodwitch x Count Colonel X
[Hiatus] This will probably be my final story, forgive me for slow updates. I am more active on my YT channel now, link on my page. For a long time Glynda had been wit...