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Madam's Identities Shock The Whole City Again! by Lucathy4life
Madam's Identities Shock The Aoi Asteria
STORY NOT MINE!! FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY!! Author: Brother ling Source: Alternative: 夫人她马甲又轰动全城了 Description in the prologue. This is an Chinese novel wi...
Genius Summoner Turning the World Upside Down by justmeowing
Genius Summoner Turning the Kate not Keith
A rare plant base phantom summoner? Can practice both martial arts and magic? Can master six elements? The recognized master of the mysterious sacred book that holds eve...
President Daddy Super Awesome by Jaimelyn_1995
President Daddy Super Awesomeby Jaimelyn♥
(Not Mine) In order to take away her father's shares, her husband colluded with her bestfriend to set her up. A divorce was thrown at her face and she was forced out of...
Chinese  Novel Recommendations by Aijae_03
Chinese Novel Recommendationsby * No need for you to know 😉 *
This is a compilation of complete Chinese novels I have read on Wattpad. It includes original works and translated Chinese novels. This list will comprise of both histo...
Rebirth of the Strongest Empress by yvayne
Rebirth of the Strongest Empressby relle
//This story belongs to North Night 夜北 and was published here for personal offline reading use.// Past life, her spirit root was dug out from her body. She had wholehear...
Chinese Novels Recommendations  by chow_stories
Chinese Novels Recommendations by chow_stories
A list of novels that i have already read or currently reading
Bark!? (Completed) by CoffeeRin
Bark!? (Completed)by CoffeeRin
Description When Su Cheng woke up, he found that he had become the male god's pet toy poodle... His original body was slumped over the computer desk, in deep sleep. Su C...
Chinese Novels Recommendations  by Ivylicious_
Chinese Novels Recommendations by 🅸🆅🆈
Contain both translated and raw stories. Hope you find the perfect story for you ❤ P/s: Most of it are BL Cover by: @JUSTCLOWN ( ̄▽ ̄)~■□~( ̄▽ ̄)
One path. by Graphionica
One Graphionica
Wuxian is possessed by a demon from Mount Luan Zan, that is, the first Yiling Laozu. Or the story of how a smart demon helps Wei Ying save his friends and loved ones fro...
Making Clichés With System Goku by MariaKendly
Making Clichés With System Gokuby Lazy Bum-Chick-Bum
Roses are Red Violets are Blue This is a story about Ying Yue On a Sarcastic adventure with System Goku oh, and there is even an additional supervisor...
▪This Lifetime ▪ by ReadyGetSetStar
▪This Lifetime ▪by ◇ papercrane ◇
《▪▪》 Jin Guangming is a God of Light and Color. He is currently a High Immortal who can control the fates of mortals. Exactly 400 years ago, he had fallen for a cursed...
Chinese/Japanese/Korean Stories I've Read With Reviews by Deadpool1931
Chinese/Japanese/Korean Stories I' Lazy_Panda
Like many people, I love reading Asian stories and Translations. Here I'll list the few novels I've read and I'll also mention the things I like and don't like about eve...
Farming Life BL that's awesome by mGeo1995
Farming Life BL that's awesomeby Mae G
Everything is there in the title.. I'm writing down those which I found really interesting and fun...
Not Good! The Villainess Is Muddled (Old Version) by melo_marl
Not Good! The Villainess Is Melo
[NGVM ©2019] First Place for Romance/Slice of Life Genre in Light Novie Awards 2019 by @lightnovelsociety -------This is the Old Version------ Yin Hua Lei was supposed t...
Chinese BL Recommendations by -SHIZUNLOVEME
Chinese BL Recommendationsby I fucking love women 💗
Hey there! Looking for some new Chinese bl's to read? Well, You're in luck! Here are some personal recommendations I'm giving out. I hope you find something of interest!
My Recommendations: Chinese Novels by Iwonit
My Recommendations: Chinese Novelsby Seera Nohara
You're looking for new Novels? Why not try the long-ass yet very enjoyable Chinese novels available online? Here, I'm feeling generous so I'll let you have a peek at my...
Being Rich In The 60s: A Rural Woman Guide To Wealth by Calla_Zender
Being Rich In The 60s: A Rural Calla_lily
●●● Jiang Ying Yue, a free-spirited soul and a travel blogger got transmigrated into a Novel set in Before-Reform Era i.e 1960s. Suddenly, she a single woman became a w...
The Entertainment Circle is Mine【Rebirth】 by nuffian
The Entertainment Circle is Mine【 nuffian
The entertainment circle is Mine, ...... I am Yours. Xu Zhaixing's idol,Cen Feng,was a new star slowly rising in the entertainment circle. She firmly believed that he...
Light Novie Awards 2019 [CLOSED] | The Light Novel Society by lightnovelsociety
Light Novie Awards 2019 [CLOSED] | Light Novel Society
Sign Ups [CLOSED] Judging [FINISHED] Contest [CLOSED] Come One, Come ALL! Are you an anime fan? A light novel fan? Do you write such stories? Looking to gain more views...