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The Return of The Captain(on hold) by SoulEater_6706
The Return of The Captain(on hold)by Soul Eater 6706
Steve Rodgers aka Captain America sacrifices his life in order to defeat the titan Thanos once and for all and reunite with his one true love Peggy Carter and have his d...
The Guardians (Rise of the brave tangled dragons) Avengers AU. by LORDRGB1704
The Guardians (Rise of the brave LORDRGB1704
This six people are reunited by destiny to replace the old age of heroes The Viking The Winter guy The blonde princess The archer princess. The genius kid The mad s...
my issues. |one shots| by harryxsebstan
my issues. |one shots|by M i l a
Desde Marvel hasta boy bands, tengo a tu chico escrito en mis fantasías. Alto contenido adulto. Lee bajo tu responsabilidad.
Her last mission by CartoonUniverse24
Her last missionby Cartoon Universe
Natasha Romanoff is acting weird. And Steve Rogers observes.When he interferes in her mission and doubt divides the team, that could lend to one thing. Will this be her...
ASSEMBLE || Avengers by Asterie_
ASSEMBLE || Avengersby Sofia 💫
Ellos solo eran un grupo de seres dispuestos a darlo todo por aquellas cosas en las que creían. || Historias aleatorias del presente, pasado y futuro de los Vengadores.
**-Shots del Universo Marvel-** by AzitaAlfaro
**-Shots del Universo Marvel-**by Pepita_Stark_Howlett_Laufeyson
Algunos shots e imaginas con los personajes de Marvel, tanto Vengadores, como X-Men; situaciones románticas, graciosas, tristes y cotidianas que les puede suceder a esto...
Marvel - Preferencias e imaginas by LostInNetflix
Marvel - Preferencias e imaginasby Fangirl2.0
Preferencias e imaginas de nuestros personajes favoritos del universo Marvel. Todos los derechos de autor reservados. Espero que os guste.
La Misión by solo_otro_escritor
La Misiónby solo_otro_escritor
que hubiera pasado si las misiones fueran distintas... y si Steve y Natasha fueran a buscar el Teseracto a 1945 acompáñame en esta reversión de la película "avenge...
Avengers Parents Preferences by Soffiloo77
Avengers Parents Preferencesby Sofia 🐿️
¿Nunca se han preguntado como seria su vida si fueran la hija de algun Vengador?
Avengers: Bullet of time (MCU x Kurumi OC) by GaritoVeskante
Avengers: Bullet of time (MCU x Garito Redlily
This is a story I create in my free time. This is the Avengers storyline, but with the addition of my characters. P.S. I'm not the owner of any music or pictures that ap...
Since we're 8 by PaulinaIibarra
Since we're 8by Pau.ibarra
"Since when?" "Since we're 8" "Doy clase los jueves no cobro mucho (I give classes on Thursdays I don't charge much)" Levi Brown has been b...
Hydra's Agent by CartoonUniverse24
Hydra's Agentby Cartoon Universe
From the author of "Trying to have peace".(me) After one year of the Red Room downfall, Hydra shows up from the shadows Together with Hydra, old friends and f...
daughter of capitan america and Black Widow One Shots  by Avengers_st0ry
daughter of capitan america and Avengers_st0ry
It will be like Alena Sarah Romanoff Rogers gets punished with an old school spanking . When Natasha and Steve were little they also got that way Like most Avengers inc...
[1] AGE OF ULTRON » Marvel & DC by -itspidey
[1] AGE OF ULTRON » Marvel & DCby 𝐢, 𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐲
❛ Ya no hay hilos en mi. ❜ copyright © -itspidey
These are the moments I remember by MeimiCaro
These are the moments I rememberby MeimiCaro
¿Alguna vez has tenido la sensación de poseer recuerdos que no son tuyos? Imágenes que te vienen de repente a la cabeza, pero no sabes de dónde han salido. Él sí, y corr...
Guide me through the darkness [FINISHED] by DreamingTheWriter
Guide me through the darkness [ DreamingTheWriter
Furry has a daughter who is the SHIELD leading psychologist she also works sometimes with different departments but never worked in field. Her life wasn't very happy. Al...
MEJORES AMIGOS by NanamiKyubysan
universo alterno Nosotros somos este tipo de amigos juntos en las buenas, en las malas, en las aventuras, las desventuras, somos amigos de lo que ya no hay estamos junto...
Universos Paralelos| MARVEL by shania189
Universos Paralelos| MARVELby Shania Rosse
Ella no tuvo que escapar de H.Y.D.R.A. ¿Para qué? Era una tonta organización que no sabían hacer bien su trabajo. Ella no es un experimento. Nació con aquellos poderes...
Visitas | Stony by TYJamie
Visitas | Stonyby TY Jamie
| Oneshot | Tony Stark recibirá varias visitas durante su estadía en el hospital. Advertencia: Fanfic con temática un poco oscura. Stony | MCU | AU
Till time tear us apart by KiyoNek17
Till time tear us apartby KiyoNek17
One day, Antonia Stark wakes up in the body of Steve Rogers on the 40s. Meanwhile, in the present, a Steve Rogers has to learn how to cope with his new body and try not...