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Huntress Against The Bloodsucker by redsforever13
Huntress Against The Bloodsuckerby sensitive.
MUST READ BOOK 1 "Beauty and the Bloodsucker" FIRST!!! BOOK 2 "You ruined my life, I'm just going to return the favor." "I killed the old me wit...
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Enemy Mate by TheJudgeOfAll
Enemy Mateby The Black Rose
"When we were kids, vampires and werewolves were scary...but now, everyone wants to date them..." Buttercup Antony was a very beautiful princess that loves adv...
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'Love' Camp {Edited}  by hm_aiko
'Love' Camp {Edited} by Aiko Hitsuma
Karen, Karuya, Kanami and Kaname; Daughters of the president of Tokyo and the best of friends and sisters.(If you actually ignore all the petty fightings that they have...
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PPGXRRB One Shots by redsforever13
PPGXRRB One Shotsby sensitive.
This is for when my updates get slow and you have something completed to read! (:
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Butchercup Kitty Butch by Buttersweet
Butchercup Kitty Butchby Buttersweet
Butch is turned into a black kitten thanks to mojo and who do you think is the luck raven haired girl. Will he help buttercup or make her fall deeper into her own insani...
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Trapped [Slow Updates] by VanniSong
Trapped [Slow Updates]by Ms. Writer
It's been five years now since Boomer and his brother were arrested. Five years of pent up anger towards three heroines. When the day has come the girls can't find a way...
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The Good Girls and The Bad Boys by Eman1314
The Good Girls and The Bad Boysby Em
Life for the girls is good, that is until some old friends come back into the picture. Back from prison and having their powers back the Ruff's decide to stir up some tr...
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PPG Stories by windattributes
PPG Storiesby Zoelle K.
Title explains all Book will include; -Blossom x Brick -Bubbles x Boomer -Buttercup x Butch Book will (possibly) include; -Blossom x Boomer -Bubbles x Butch -Buttercup x...
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Afterlife • Blossick by saccharinewriter_
Afterlife • Blossickby Sacchan
"The mind may have forgotten what's important but the HEART can never forget. It always remembers." A mysterious disease came out of nowhere and without findi...
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PPG Vampire Love  by fanfiction-lover
PPG Vampire Love by Violet
It was a normal day Just like any other day But that's when it all went wrong They came in large amounts For months they killed on our streets and were never caught We...
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{E.I.P} PPGZ Chat (New one -.-') by msblossom101
{E.I.P} PPGZ Chat (New one -.-')by FöręvėrBrökëń
*~{EDITING IN PROGRESS}~* This is the new updated version of my old one -.-' sorry it took so long.... This is about how the Ppgz reveal a huge secret. Started: November...
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Ask the Puffs! Show by saccharinewriter_
Ask the Puffs! Showby Sacchan
A Talent Agent slash Journalist named Shammy Writers had tracked down the Powerpuff Girls Z ever since they first saved New Townsville from villains. Now that she had fo...
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Summer Time Love?[Rewrite] by VanniSong
Summer Time Love?[Rewrite]by Ms. Writer
[Will be written during the summer] Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup are the daughters of Professor Utonium. Brick, Butch, and Boomer, are the sons of Mojo Jojo and HIM. Summ...
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Anxiety (Blossick AU) by MaryJoeycoco
Anxiety (Blossick AU)by × Mary Jo ×
"When I'm in a crowded room, I feel so little, so useless, I feel like nothing and start to panic out of fear, but whenever I'm with you, I light up and loved and n...
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Buttercup X Butch - Dont go by Buttersweet
Buttercup X Butch - Dont goby Buttersweet
This is a story about buttercup and butch but to find out you must read . I dont own the ppg or rrb just my ocs and the story plot . AND SORRY IF IT IS HORRIBLE !!!!!!!
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Problem Children by LyssFigueroa
Problem Childrenby Quarters Samantha Figueroa
"I was trouble and my girlfriend and her family is trying to help me and our children" Can they be saved from causing trouble for the world. From Problem Child...
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Paired up with a Thief by hm_aiko
Paired up with a Thiefby Aiko Hitsuma
Blossom Flowers, Buttercup Stars and Bubbles Waters. The 3 princesses to the 3 kingdoms, The Flowers, The Stars and The Waters. When each of their Kingdom comes crushin...
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Butch Lust's You? by FairyTailShipper328
Butch Lust's You?by Gay Is Yay! ❤
Butch is accused of sleeping with Buttercup, Boomer liking Bubbles, and Brick accused of loving Blossom. Everything is all wrong and in the midst of trying to clear thei...
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Same People...Different Lives by blackdragonslayer14
Same People...Different Livesby Sarah
Ok. So the professor is missing. Before he disappeared he gave the girls a choice. They could erase their memories and powers and grow up like normal little girls, Bloss...
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One shot (ppgz x rrbz) by moichi_sarah
One shot (ppgz x rrbz)by moichi_sarah
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