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Boys Attached to Girls by Shiroyuee
Boys Attached to Girlsby Just another writer🖋
Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are best friends since birth. They can always be seen together no matter where they go. Blossom; the genius bookworm, Bubbles; the beautif...
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Butchercup One-shots by TheDuckDuckDuck
Butchercup One-shotsby - TheMintyDuck -
If butch is a girl in the relationship most of the time don't hate me please QwQ
Butchercup Oneshots!!💚💚💚 by powerpuffangel102
Butchercup Oneshots!!💚💚💚by powerpuffangel102
Butchercup oneshots!!💚💚 Want Blossick or Boomubbles or other ships too?! Then search for another oneshot book. Might contain the following: Violence Abuse Swearing Sex...
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BloodLust (Blossick AU) by CherryBlaze23
BloodLust (Blossick AU)by Great :)
"Will it kill you be nice?" She smirked, taking another sip of her drink. "I don't do nice. Never been. Never will." I rolled my eyes. "Well, yo...
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Don't leave me now (PPG X RRB / powerpuffgirls x rowdyruffboys) by squishiipeeps
Don't leave me now (PPG X RRB / po...by squishiipeeps
-2 in 1 Story- BOOK 1 After 8 years of the sudden disappearance of the boys, the girls have finally decided that they are over them. But what will happen, when they re-e...
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Butchercup One-Shots by EDM_POWERPUFF
Butchercup One-Shotsby 🔥TMNT FOR LIFE🔥
BUTCHERCUP!!!! ALL BUTCHERCUP ONE-SHOTS! Please read the story! And enjoy!
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One-shot by LittleLM5
One-shotby LittleLM5
So this is a one shot of the puffs and ruff It's not like any one-shot you've ever read ( hopefully )
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Butchercup one shots and lemons by RRBxPPGships
Butchercup one shots and lemonsby RRBxPPGships
-A book about 'butchercup' short for 'butch x buttercup' this book will contain lemons, and some normal chapters and sucide/sadness, and some fictional things, like /vam...
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Hidden love || ppg x rrb by pupperwolf22
Hidden love || ppg x rrbby JalPai1234
Blossom and Brick fall in love But know that they will be judged by everyone and by everyone they mean everyone. So they run away. Leaving their siblings in awe as they...
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The One With All The One Shots ~ PPG & RRB by cuteandthugpotatoe
The One With All The One Shots ~ P...by .
Lovey Dovey one shots of them favorite couples! Blossom&Brick Bubbles&Boomer Buttercup&Butch Will soon be taking requests 💚 ⚠️ May contain mature content further ahead...
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College Roommates ✔️ (To Be Edited) by Angelwithfeelings
College Roommates ✔️ (To Be Edited)by Crappy Writer
[𝐏𝐏𝐆 𝐱 𝐑𝐑𝐁 𝐒𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲] The Powerpuff Girls are heading off to college, but what happens when they are roommates with The Rowdyruff Boys? Will they become Friends...
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/Kupid's Kiss /Butchercup//COMPLETED// by lovesick-murderer
/Kupid's Kiss /Butchercup//COMPLET...by lovesick-murderer
::Remake::2016:: ::Powerpuff Girls:: ::Greens:: Butch Jojo is a lazy fifteen-year-old with a violent temper and a half assed attitude. He's constantly into any stree...
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The Girls Are All Grown Up by NoelW16
The Girls Are All Grown Upby NoelW16
The PowerPuff Girls were the undefeated heroes of the City of Townsville, the sisters had many foes and challenges that they faced together- though they were very young...
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Girls V. Boys: PPG and RRB | complete by NoelW16
Girls V. Boys: PPG and RRB | compl...by NoelW16
The PowerPuff Girls have had it with the RowdyRuff Boys. The girls are now teenagers, the RowdyRuffs dated them for awhile. But then they disappeared, never wrote, call...
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Ppgz x Rrbz Truth or Dare by queen_kaye2078
Ppgz x Rrbz Truth or Dareby queen_kaye2078
The ppgz and rrbz are on a tv show called Alls Fair in Love and Truth or Dare. SEND TRUTHS OR DARES
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At Your Service {The Princess and the Butler} by kanatheshipper
At Your Service {The Princess and...by shipper05
its just a book i decided to make just for fun :) Beautiful faces, fantastic reputation,elegant clothing, designer school bags, and has a private chauffeur to drive your...
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Ppg x Rrb/ The Unforgotten Love by Blueflake40
Ppg x Rrb/ The Unforgotten Loveby Blueflake40
The Rowdyruff Boys disappear without a trace 5 years ago, how will the Powerpuff girls react when they come back but different?
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Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys||Oneshots by BubblesxBoomer4L
Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys...by BubblesxBoomer4L
There are different one shots between the powerpuffs and the rowdyruffs. Says it in the title.
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PpgxRrb : Vampire Masters by Embers-of-a-Phoenix
PpgxRrb : Vampire Mastersby Embers-of-a-Phoenix
The world is now controlled by the demons and monsters of darkness. The humans lost, and now they were sold as slaves to the creatures of the night. Same goes with the U...
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Butchercup (Butch X Buttercup) by TheDuckDuckDuck
Butchercup (Butch X Buttercup)by - TheMintyDuck -
Hello reader! So in this story Butch has a more sensitive personality that's all I have to say! Hope you enjoy!