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An Unfortunate Love (A PPGZ and RRBZ Fanfic) by JessicaBerard16
An Unfortunate Love (A PPGZ and RR...by Jessica Berard
The powerpuff girls z are back once again, but once the rowdyruff boys z transfer to the same school, things are going to be different for the girls. What will happen if...
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I Want To Be Free (Powerpuff Girls Fanfiction) by Fandom_Alphys
I Want To Be Free (Powerpuff Girls...by Fandom_Alphys
Boomer has had it with his brothers' crime doing and wants out of the Rowdyruff Boys. When he tries running away, he runs into what he thinks is an angle and she complet...
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Boy? Maybe. Roudy? Hell yeah [A Buttercup and Butch love story] by i_love_Marshall-lee1
Boy? Maybe. Roudy? Hell yeah [A Bu...by Kitten
"Butch, I really love you" 17 year old Buttercup said. "But I don't want to be a secret any more." "Buttercup, it was never my intention to hurt...
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My Wish ( Anime Crossover ) by GenkiNinja21
My Wish ( Anime Crossover )by Genki_Ninja
What will you do to pursue the dream? Working as tight as possible? Just keep quiet? Or will you do something unusual? Why do you chase after them and have you ever thou...
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Five Nights At Freddy's by TheJudgeOfAll
Five Nights At Freddy'sby The Black Rose
A New Comedy Romantic Story From Me, LoveagentSusan2002! Yeah, wohoo! Just see it!
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*Butch×ButterCup* Keep It A Secret by duhitzkasey7
*Butch×ButterCup* Keep It A Secretby kasey
ButterCup is riding her bike and she seen someone move in. It is a boy. Will she meet him? Will they be friends? Will they go to high school together? Read more and fi...
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One Kiss by LyssFigueroa
One Kissby Quarters Samantha Figueroa
It only takes one kiss for these two to know how there true love is and that is what Brick & Blossom is going to find out Now All you have to do is read to find out HOW...
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Stuck Together a PPG and RRB love story<3 by LexiChloe119
Stuck Together a PPG and RRB love...by Alexis
A love story of two enemies coming together and finding love. Just wait, you'll see.
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PowerPuff Girls Z Evil Love by ChiEatsPancakes
PowerPuff Girls Z Evil Loveby Chihara
The Rowdyruff boys and Powerpuff girls obviously aren't close, but what happens when the leader falls for the heroine leader. Brick doesn't know how his crush Momoko is...
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made with sugar by puffofsugar
made with sugarby ' harmony bunny '
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An Uninvited  Romance by kake16
An Uninvited Romanceby kake16
So obviously I don't own any of the characters. I started writing out of pure love for my favorite childhood tv show and for all those days my shipping senses were overw...
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Moleman's Epic Rap Battles SPECIAL: Panty and Stocking Vs. The Powerpuff Girls REMAKE by Moleman9000
Moleman's Epic Rap Battles SPECIAL...by MolemanNineThousand
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbI5vjFhIRY A from-scratch remake of an old matchup that I have never been satisfied with... until now!
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PPGZ and RRBZ Love Story Chapter 1 by QueenOfKawaii1
PPGZ and RRBZ Love Story Chapter 1by Jessie
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Butch Z's Journal by LyssFigueroa
Butch Z's Journalby Quarters Samantha Figueroa
Butch keeps writing in his Joural that Guideness at school told him to write it all down.But something else comes along with his deepest darkest secrect that not even hi...
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Ask the Puffs! Show by saccharinewriter_
Ask the Puffs! Showby Sacchan
A Talent Agent slash Journalist named Shammy Writers had tracked down the Powerpuff Girls Z ever since they first saved New Townsville from villains. Now that she had fo...
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Love Of 6 by LyssFigueroa
Love Of 6by Quarters Samantha Figueroa
"Why have you, guy be came good?" Us girls yell"Because we are in love" The boys replied at once. The girls don't know who, but the RRBZ have become...
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Destiny Spark by IcantRememberZ
Destiny Sparkby IcantRememberZ
The powerpuff girls are defeated and died at the hands of the powerpunk girls. Or so the world thought. At the nick of time Miyako/Bubbles somehow manage to save them fr...
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Living With The Ruffs by TheJudgeOfAll
Living With The Ruffsby The Black Rose
This was my best friend's book and I'm taking care of it! And please follow her too!: _Fanfic__Writer_ Because she has amazing books! So to the description: The PowerP...
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PPGZ WANTS RRBZ by AnimeFreakedaj
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