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cursed evil love	° ppg & rrb by powerpuffgirlstories
cursed evil love ° ppg & rrbby powerpuffgirlstories
the powerpuffs matured a lot since they last seen the rowdyruff boys. they've been improving their powers, attacks and things that kept them occupied for the last few ye...
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Don't leave me now (PPG X RRB / powerpuffgirls x rowdyruffboys) by squishiipeeps
Don't leave me now (PPG X RRB / IG @itsspicydoodles
-2 in 1 Story- BOOK 1 After 8 years of the sudden disappearance of the boys, the girls have finally decided that they are over them. But what will happen, when they re-e...
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Diabolik Love by Kanchet_Cel-sama
Diabolik Loveby QueenzieBee
Momoko Akatsutsumi, Kaoru Matsubara, Miyako Gotokuji, and Kazumi Watanabe. Four 18-year olds Living normal lives until... one day the girls were sent to a mansion far f...
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Blossick One Shots (Slow Updates) by undead_queen_rose
Blossick One Shots (Slow Updates)by always.and.forever
Because I want to try writing some one shots and i find it fun to write powerpuff girls stuff especially blossick No star , blaze butterfly or bolt in this book , I...
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Loving a Bad Guy by sailorjupiter1
Loving a Bad Guyby Blossick_lover123
The PowerPuffs just turned 15 and are off to High School! They finally defeated HIM which somehow made the RowdyRuff Boys to disappear! Blossom misses fighting with the...
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I can't love a bad boy, can I? by idieh17
I can't love a bad boy, can I?by Bookworm
Momoko/Blossom, Miyako/Bubbles and Kaoru/Buttercup goes to New Townsville High. They didn't have any problems until THEY came. THEY are Brick, Boomer and Butch, and whe...
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Accidental one night stand by mlatorraca
Accidental one night standby Marvel101
Blossom Utonium, a 20 year old lady whose dream came true of being in a famous band with her sisters called the Powerpuff girls. Brick Jojo, a 20 year old man whose drea...
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PPGZxRRBZ Love Story by YuumaSenpai
PPGZxRRBZ Love Storyby Yuu
Ever since the RRBZ have left Townsville,everyday has been peaceful and fun.The PPGZ have been saving lives for the past few months like killing, robbing, and prison esc...
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Cloud 9 by b_brizzle04
Cloud 9by ilovechocolate
10 years, when you hear that you probably think wow that's a long time, not really. 10 years since the rights and punks came back to our world after being gone for 3 yea...
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The new Mayor (RRB x PPG) /Completed/ by RRBxPPGships
The new Mayor (RRB x PPG) / RRBxPPGships
(Read description) A story of the girls having to deal with the new mayor no one knows how the RRB came the new mayor but everyone just suggested that they had the most...
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Blossick (BlossomxBrick) by blossick4life
Blossick (BlossomxBrick)by blossick4life
My first time publishing! I hope it isn't terrible..
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Naughty Truth Or Dare (Blossom x Brick)  by Sour_Puff
Naughty Truth Or Dare (Blossom x Sour Puff
Brick and Blossom were hanging out at the Jojo's house. Boomer and Butch are out with Bubbles and Buttercup, leaving the two red lovers alone. So Blossom suggests they p...
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Me and You (Blossick) by MaryJoeycoco
Me and You (Blossick)by × Mary Jo ×
Blossom is a normal girl. She has two best friends Bubbles and Buttercup. Yet theres a twist, they are popstars. Called Ppgz. They played in New Townsville. They rock a...
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Paired up with a Thief by hm_aiko
Paired up with a Thiefby Aiko Hitsuma
Blossom Flowers, Buttercup Stars and Bubbles Waters. The 3 princesses to the 3 kingdoms, The Flowers, The Stars and The Waters. When each of their Kingdom comes crushin...
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Accidental love by pandapunk47
Accidental loveby Manda
" hey brick... " butch said walking up to us while looking at where the green eyed girl walked off too " yes butch? " " ask the DJ to put in...
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RRB X PPG by Lolbit14
RRB X PPGby Lolbit14
Drake meets the past and than see he's mum and dad still enemies but he's asking them to help them go to the future but non of them are still have no idea how to make hi...
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Pregnant at 16 by bluedevils12
Pregnant at 16by bluedevils12
Blossick ,boomubbles , butchuttercup , and blitzunny go through this in high school and the one night at the at a party and someone spiked the punch and got brick ,boome...
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Rival In LOVE [Book 2]  by Hazel_KYJ
Rival In LOVE [Book 2] by Zel_25
Book 2 of PPGZxRRBZ and PPGxRRB Collide After the epic collision of the PPGZ and RRBZ to their original Counterparts PPG and RRB. They are doing well, now that they are...
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Unexpected couples by NiakoMirinashvili
Unexpected couplesby Lucy
This is powerpuff girls and rowdyruff boys love story as you might have already realized by tags first part and second part's half is written from roleplay but other par...
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Brick X Blossom by WendyxRomeo
Brick X Blossomby Taylor Cohen
It's seems that blossom has fallen for brick! See what happens when she gets a knock at her door
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