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The Unexpected Love  by 22Romero
The Unexpected Love by 앙엘아 로에로💚
Buttercup and the Rowdyruff boys story (Buttercup x Brick) (Blossom x Butch) (Bubbles x Boomer) I hope you guys like it. Thank you. 😊 ~slow updates~ **Please Don't Copy...
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Mixed Colours, Ppgxrrb BOOK1 by planetseeking
Mixed Colours, Ppgxrrb BOOK1by planet
New school, new life, new romance? Mixed couples? Drama? All happening in this series! The ppg and Rrbs never saw each other for years! Until they went to a new school...
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Family Reunion by TraversethePortal
Family Reunionby TraversethePortal
After finding out she's pregnant at 16, Buttercup runs away, now wanting to face the reactions of her friends and family. Five years later, she returned to Townsville on...
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Broken (buttercup x RRBZ) by 1478860ani
Broken (buttercup x RRBZ)by Ani
Buttercup is a foster child that has been to several different foster homes but when a incident happens that forces Buttercup to live on the street she runs into some ol...
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Puffs and Ruffs Collide ( Powerpuff Girls Z Love Story ) by aqureshi1
Puffs and Ruffs Collide ( Powerpuf...by Flarea
Two years. For two years the Powerpuff Girls Z, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have protected their fair city of New Townsville.They're in 8th grade and a lot has chang...
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Broken, Gone, and Back Again by Helloworld1024
Broken, Gone, and Back Againby Sam S
After stress and pressure put on her by herself and others, Buttercup runs away. 3 years later, the ppgz and rrbz without Buttercup are working together and have a missi...
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Butchercup one shots and lemons by RRBxPPGships
Butchercup one shots and lemonsby RRBxPPGships
-A book about 'butchercup' short for 'butch x buttercup' this book will contain lemons, and some normal chapters and sucide/sadness, and some fictional things, like /vam...
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fake love | smii7y x reader by starkissedbxby
fake love | smii7y x readerby 𝙡𝙞𝙯𝙖
"do you believe in love?"
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Finding Asher  by Tgunter22
Finding Asher by Tina Louise
Highest ranking #13 in Chicklit Formerly called His Buttercup Book #2 in Our Roots Series, but can be read as a stand alone. He was a criminal trying to start over. She...
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Ppgz x Rrbz Truth or Dare by queen_kaye2078
Ppgz x Rrbz Truth or Dareby queen_kaye2078
The ppgz and rrbz are on a tv show called Alls Fair in Love and Truth or Dare. SEND TRUTHS OR DARES
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Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys||Oneshots by BubblesxBoomer4L
Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys...by BubblesxBoomer4L
There are different one shots between the powerpuffs and the rowdyruffs. Says it in the title.
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Runaway from Love by SecretsHappens
Runaway from Loveby SecretsHappen
The RRBZ have taken over the world and the PPGZ are in hiding. Everyone thinks that the PPGZ are dead but what happens if they came back with a plan to overthrow the RRB...
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Don't leave me now (PPG X RRB / powerpuffgirls x rowdyruffboys) by squishiipeeps
Don't leave me now (PPG X RRB / po...by squishiipeeps
-2 in 1 Story- BOOK 1 After 8 years of the sudden disappearance of the boys, the girls have finally decided that they are over them. But what will happen, when they re-e...
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Too Bad So Sad by AvenirCrystal
Too Bad So Sadby Avenir
[PPGZ x RRBZ Fanfic] Blossick. Book 1 The ppgz has disappeared for 4 years and has a dark secret reason behind it. The rrbz take over the new townsville, the rich take...
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PowerPuff + RowdyRuff | complete by NoelW16
PowerPuff + RowdyRuff | completeby NoelW16
The PowerPuff Girls and RowdyRuff Boys are now adults and married. While still superheroes- they also have kids to deal with.
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Why Did you change (butchercup) by Strong-ghoul
Why Did you change (butchercup)by Strong-ghoul
Butch and buttercup were dating and had the best relationship until butch broke up with buttercup and left her for five years What happens if butch returns and wants to...
Save Me From You by XxPRGBxX
Save Me From Youby abbie
After having their hearts broken by the RowdyRuffs' disappearance, how will the girls handle it when the boys come back 5 years later?
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❤"...one day, you'll knew..." [PpgxRrb]❤ by WriterGURL133
❤"...one day, you'll knew..." [Ppg...by X×O_V29×X
The girls's heart cried when they saw the boys, but they just meet and they feel like they known each other before...Their heart screaming to be held again by the boys b...
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New PowerPuff (RowdyRuff Boys X Reader) by ImJuztWeird
New PowerPuff (RowdyRuff Boys X Re...by Weird
She was just minding her own business when a shiny bright light hit her, but she felt as if nothing happened, but little did she know, that light changed her life, and n...
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Breaking Inside by Green_Badass
Breaking Insideby Don't_Hate_Appreciate!!
Buttercup has become quiet and sad but why? Butch is her counterpart and love to fight out his rage on her till she screams out in pain as her blood pours out from her b...
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