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Being Suga's Long Lost Sister And Jungkook's Lover [BTS FanFiction] by WhalienInDisguise
Being Suga's Long Lost Sister And...by Vkook's Daughter
Min Yoreum, also known as, Jeon Mari, has been living in Daegu for her whole life, went to the city life of Seoul, only finding out that Suga( Also known as Min YoonGi )...
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Good Girl Becomes Bad Girl | Jeon Jungkook by sonderinghearts
Good Girl Becomes Bad Girl | Jeon...by ℳ
"Jeon Jungkook I-I like y-you." "Sorry, I don't date girls who look like trash. Now get away from me. _____________________________________ Kim Areum is...
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Taming Yoongi by bangtanfiction
Taming Yoongiby Min & Yoon
Yoongi hates school life. All he cares about is his music, sleep and getting into fights at, of course, school. But once the principal decides Yoongi's been in too many...
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SUMMER CAMP ♔ tk by Vlattae
SUMMER CAMP ♔ tkby zan
Taehyung has this summer crush on the new instructor; Jungkook. But was it wrong for him not to consider the chances of falling in love? "Summer just turned a hund...
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繪製 ' D R A W S by TXXIV-
繪製 ' D R A W Sby كِيِم!.
روٌسِمًآتٌيَ آلَتٌيَ آحًبً آنِ آشُآرکْهّآ مًعٌکْمً يَآ آصّدٍقُآئيَ ♡~ تابعونى على الانستا : @draw_me__1
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my dirty stepbrother | k.th ✔️ by lcvinglaurie
my dirty stepbrother | k.th ✔️by laurie <3
your mom recently fell in love with "the man of her dreams" and finally decided to move in with him. as soon as you moved, things started to change. there's an...
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letters | yoongi by chaehiro
letters | yoongiby hoe
"those letters were supposed to be kept. until my mom sent it to him." © chaehiro 2015
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365: Wedlocked || BTS Jeon Jungkook a.u.  by antsycrackbrain
365: Wedlocked || BTS Jeon Jungkoo...by Han (王涵孙)
What happens in a year of wedlock with a person whom you've only met recently-that being Jeon Jungkook, himself? -(Y/N), the protagonist of the story, finds herself caug...
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Met Your Match ~ KTH by TaeTaes_TaTa
Met Your Match ~ KTHby TaeTaes_TaTa
Pristine white heels clacked against smooth marble floors as sleek, tan legs carry the curved figure through the front lobby of the prestigious building. Uniquely colour...
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My Photographer | Yoonmin by slylevaille
My Photographer | Yoonminby S L Y
"Min Yoongi, never thought that you'd be my photographer AND roommate." -Park Jimin. "Life never fails to surprise me." -Min Yoongi. Date started: D...
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BTS Smuts and Imagines //ONGOING\\ by BangtanWifeuKyeopta
BTS Smuts and Imagines //ONGOING\\by Autumn🍁
You heard me😏 SMUT💦 and Imagines💭
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Hospital Bed ¦ J.JK FF by VanessaLOL3
Hospital Bed ¦ J.JK FFby •tae•
In which he brought flowers, not knowing the bed would be empty that day... -
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~Vkook Smuts~ •BTS• by peachbootae
~Vkook Smuts~ •BTS•by Łøvë¿
Just a collection of vkook smuts. ///SLOW UPDATES// Top! Kook Bottom! Tae Rank: #45 - jk [03-01-19] #6 - vkooksmut [17-11-18] #2 - bulletproofboys [27-11-18] #6 - taekoo...
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Reset✔ by randomarmy
Reset✔by Random army
{Complete} (A rewrite from my old account) A world where there's various ability holder.They were called 'Subject' by the government and 'mutant' by human. They were af...
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Angels / p.jm by Kurdish_story
Angels / p.jmby Sakura_Miho
جیهانێکی جیاواز پڕ لە جوانی، خۆشی و ناخۆشی، جەنگ و خۆشەویستی شوێنێکی خەیاڵی و کەسانێک کە هێزی جیاواز بەکاردێنن ۷ فریشتە بوونیان لەگەڵ ۷ شازادە هەوڵی ڕزگار بوونیان دەدە...
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Altered Carbon | BTS  by JothicJeon
Altered Carbon | BTS by ♒︎
"When you live in a world where you are fed lies, telling the truth isn't just a rebellion. It's a revolution." Five hundred years into the future, the world h...
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V (A BTS Fanfiction) by beaYOUtiful143
V (A BTS Fanfiction)by beaYOUtiful143
She clutch the plush doll tightly to her chest and fell asleep under the night sky, letting go of whatever will she have left to hang on. Either she is found dead tomorr...
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Idols In Luv || Jungkook X Reader  by Rafia97
Idols In Luv || Jungkook X Reader by Rafia:)
"You're mine, I don't care what any idols or companies say... you're my girl, You got that..?!"
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🌌| |BTS boyfriend scenarios/Imagines/One-shots/AU(x Reader) | |🌌 by Unbreakable_Friends
🌌| |BTS boyfriend scenarios/Imagi...by Unbreakable_Friends
One-shots, Scenarios, AU, Imagines with our amazing boys!!! Enjoy!!!
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8th Member is a Girl ; BTS Jimin x OCReader by notmyaccountcom
8th Member is a Girl ; BTS Jimin x...by •Cameron•
❝I don't care what you say! I'm taking you under my wing!❞ ~•°•°•~ From when she was born, Tachii Kai had always got her hair cut short. Her family runs a kendo business...
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